April 1, 2020
DO THIS BEFORE YOU START YOUR SHOPIFY STORE: Top Shopify Dropshipping Mistakes for Shopify 2020

DO THIS BEFORE YOU START YOUR SHOPIFY STORE: Top Shopify Dropshipping Mistakes for Shopify 2020

Shopify Dropshipping Store – These are the main things you need to focus on before starting your Shopify store If you do these I can guarantee you you’re gonna increase your chance of success on Shopify. Let’s find out Hey, it’s Rafael Cintron on here. I teach people just like you how to grow a successful Shopify drop shipping business online in 2020 and beyond if you want to find out how you can grow or scale your Shopify business Make sure to subscribe hit that notification melt and if you’re interested in a free course from zero all the way up to five Thousand dollars per day. I’m giving it away to one lucky winner today. Make sure to comment automate Automate to participate in the giveaway subscribe hit that notification about and I’ll pick one winner from this video the first thing you need to Focus on before starting on Shopify is to pick a niche or an audience that you’re going to sell to Generally dropshipping stores selling any types of products do work They are profitable and it’s the best type of store for somebody that’s the first business. They don’t really know what to sell but if you want to be profitable long term and be able to scale properly on Facebook ads and you just be Competition and saturation. It’s important to pick a niche or at least some type of audience For example this particular store called secure Live.com they are kind of a general store But they more dedicated to an audience of hunting of campers of people that are interested in the outdoor niche or outdoor products For example their best sellers here are all like camouflage hunting Gear for camping and outdoors. So they’re really focusing on that audience. It’s still secure life It’s kind of they just have a shop on the top So you can’t really tell that it’s an only outdoor shop apart from the picture and apart from the products So they’re a little bit general, but they’re only focusing on this audience And if you look at sales source And you click analyze store This particular one is making a hundred and eleven Thousand to two hundred twenty two thousand per month and the best product that they’re selling is this clear mission camp right here So what you can do is just like secure life did which is kind of keep your store Open to new products that you can find Let’s say you only want to focus on the camping niche or the travel maybe the baby niche whatever it is keep yourself or your store open to other products that you may find out there and Then it’s going to be a lot more easier to Research into that niche and prove into that niche brand yourself better like the name they pick secure life It’s also has to do a little bit about security about being safe Maybe being safe from attacks from somebody else and so on so it matches that audience that niche and the pages all match that kind of description those types of people that are hunters or They’re a little bit skeptical about going outside about the outdoors, etc. So picking a particular audience So let’s say and that can be as broad as saying I just want to sell to men 20 to 40 years old or 25 to 40 years old that are married and are successful So that would mean people that own a business. They’re married sort of likely have a house They like they have kids so you can sell multiple kinds of products but if you focus only on that audience You’re going to get better and better and your ads are also going to get a lot more targeted There’s something that pretty much nobody talks about out there. It’s not just a great app copy. It’s not just a great video. It’s also Understanding the psychology behind the particular person looking at your ad look at your product page for example If I’m somebody that likes to hunt and I like to go outdoors and I like to go with my buddies out hunting this particular clear vision scope Which was one of the winning products from last month can fit my Particular lifestyle is really really well And I can buy it for a hundred forty bucks because I see the value in it if you don’t understand the audience that is Buying this and you just copy off an ad copy put it in an ad on Facebook It’s not really going to work because you don’t understand that particular audience. So this is what I would recommend is at least pick an Audience of people that are going to sell to not necessarily a niche but like them you’re picking an audience and then going with them now the second thing once you start getting sales or a sale here and there make sure you have Multiple suppliers or multiple shipping options that you can use for your business because you’ll get burned here or there sometime in your Dropshipping and building a brand there are some suppliers that are not they don’t act in good faith They scam you I had one particular student He went to his main supplier and the main supplier ended up saying hey We don’t have that product Good thing that that student had like three other options that you could go with to then ship those products and send them over What I would recommend is getting for example of service like CJ job tripping getting a service as well like you drop the piper steel EPro low I recommend at least having a contact to these keeping them in the back of your mind Maybe you pick one of them alone. Maybe you pick up Rolo It’s one of the best ones you can import Straight to your Shopify store just like uber low and then you have the other three in the backend Just in case a pro low doesn’t actually can app can’t actually ship your products, or maybe there’s a mistake Maybe your product is super expensive disease things will happen and most people are not prepared for that Let’s say that you start getting like a hundred sales day. You start scaling up. This happened to one of my students He start scaling up to maybe $1000 day at thousand five hundred they really hard scaling and there was like Hey my supplier ran out of the product that I’m supposed to ship to all these people and I was like, okay I’m s it’s like five of my contacts I send them to my student and my student was able to get that particular product and Ship it but a lot of people don’t have those contacts so it’s very important to have all those options at least in the back of your mind if there’s any Issues if somebody scams you you can go ahead and go to your options and make sure you should those products This is the main reason why most like people that can actually get sales and profit through drop shipping This is why the business goes up and then goes down and they fail is because they can’t deliver on the products And then the third thing that you need to know on Shopify is that you need to hire staff You need to hire people to help you do the basic mundane tasks of a Shopify store Once you start getting sales that email inbox of yours is going to start piling up Massively and a lot of people start doing all the tasks themselves. They start doing that customer support They start doing the eat the ads they start doing the fulfillment They start doing absolutely everything and then they see okay My business is kind of eating me. Like it just takes up so much of my time and I am the business I can’t outsource this to anybody What I recommend is from the beginning or at least from your first couple of sales start hiring people Especially on up work you can see here We have multiple job posts and we keep posting on out work all of the time if you go to upward comm and you click on a customer service or somebody that does email for Shopify stores you can just type in here on the top customer service Shopify and you’ll find people for a very very Affordable rates and to them it’s not like paying for you know cheap money It is good money for them for the type of job that they’re doing these ones in particular what I recommend is go for somebody in the Philippines so you can go to location type in Philippines here and you’ll see the hourly rates for for example customer service $10 per hour $8 per hour You can even find cheaper than that then $8 an hour to do customer service You can also find other people that can make a product page for Shopify So you start automating and systemising the business from the beginning? once you even start or you start getting some sales you can start to systemize old thing and Creating a company approach not just doing it on all yourself you own the business You don’t want the business to just be another nine-to-five job You want it to be a legitimate business that makes money? Even if you are not there Then that’s the whole point of having a business in the first place the last thing number four that I do want to warn you about as well when you’re selling on Shopify is beware of scams and mainly There’s gonna be scams where you get for example an email that looks like hey dear store owner Or hey beer We want to buy a lot of kinds of products or a very big amount of the product that you’re advertising We’re looking for a kind of a discount or partnership something like that where the person just tells you? Hey
We’re looking to buy like a hundred two hundred or even a thousand of these products we get them Again, and again and again and most of these are scams It’s not like you’re gonna make ten thousand dollars in a day by just selling a bunch of products this person Sometimes that can happen if it’s kind of like a big business or somebody purchasing height to get items but be extremely careful always try to Contact these people that say hey, I want to buy like a hundred of this particular product that you’re selling Make sure to contact them and get them on the phone see if they’re a real person Not just somebody trying to scam you or somebody trying to get into your missense. May you find out what your store? Back-end looks like something like that it’s always a real weird scam as well as supplier scans if you use any of the services that I promote on here that I talked about You won’t really have a lot of trouble but if you use somebody from like a Facebook group or somebody that you know from a contact for drop shipping and shipping your products over to your customers be extremely careful with scams people that might tell you Yeah, we’re gonna ship this product don’t worry and then at the end they stop answering or they tell you Oh, we don’t have the product anymore so make sure like I said to have in the back end have other options so you can use to ship those products and be Extremely careful with any types of scams that you might run into when you’re doing drop shipping when you’re actually running your store Itself, so those are the main key things that you need to do before you start your Shopify journey and also when you start getting some sales What are the things that you need to watch out for if you want to build a profitable Shopify drop shipping business in? 2020 and beyond and you want us to help make sure the schedule and book a strategy session with the second link in the description down below make sure to book a Strategy session for free with us to look at your business Look at everything that you’ve done before See how you can improve it and the exact strategy that you need to scale up start getting profit and get your business running profitably 2020 and beyond make sure to click that right there And the first link is a free Shopify course that you can go and watch right here on my youtube channel complete for free step-by-step Full course subscribe to the channel make that notification about hit that like button If you like this video and if you want to see a case study of a brand that made ninety million dollars 19 million dollars on Shopify make sure to click to that video right there. There’s gonna pop a video right there People are making millions on Shopify and you’re missing out on it. If you’re not action, make sure to check out that case study I talked about it in detail how they did it and how you can replicate it Yourself comment automate done below book is try to use section with a second link and check out the free Shopify course I will see you in the next one

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