April 2, 2020
Divi Theme – Remove Elegant Themes bottom bar from the Divi theme

Divi Theme – Remove Elegant Themes bottom bar from the Divi theme

Hi Guys this is Jamie from http://www.system22.net and http://www.great-webdesign.com/ continuing our series of Divi theme videos what we’re
going to do in this one is a very quick one we’ll show you how to remove the
bottom bar here from your Divi theme when you first install your theme and
get up and running elegant themes like to advertise themselves by having this
bottom bar up here here you can go in and you can hack this code you can use
JavaScript to change it to your own but the easiest way to do is just go into
the custom CSS and add a couple of lines of code so if we go to our dashboard and
down to Divi 2 theme options scroll down to our custom code tab custom.css and we’ll add another line
after CSS we’ve been doing before give it a title you and all we have to do so our hashtag fordham open curly
brackets close curly brackets and give it CSS command display man save our changes up to our site if we refresh the page
you can see that bottom foot is gone now and it’s very easy to create your own
I’ll just quickly create my own 30 years to go to your page edit standard section
I’m just going to do a very quick one so I’ll put in thirds module open in a text
module on the left here right right if you wish to add the
copyright symbol before it go into your text tab and simply right ampersand copy
semi-cool and that is the shortcode for copyright symbol now you have it over here we will just create another
text block and we’ll just import some social media
icons if you don’t have any you can find them I use a site called icon finder and
you can go on here and search whichever ones you want hitting the free tablet then I’m going
to download the PNG here always check the license with these make sure they’re
free to use and you don’t have an attribute so I’m going to download to
social media icons okay so I’ve got my icon I’m just going to add them to my
media here you go ahead and serve them into the page
and just add your links to your various social media site by left-clicking
selecting the image hitting the little link button and putting your link in
there and if you wish you can hit the little cog go and have it open in a
separate page so your site stays open we’ll save an exit
and keep your little you learn further little background
color that you all we want to do is we want to take the
padding down in general settings you scroll down and we’ll be adding top:0
bottom:0 I’ll make this giving it a dark
background I’m going to make this text light and center that text also say the
Nexus so let’s see what we’ve got now say draft and preview let’s go down see what we got there
okay that’s kind of what we want but could deal with a little more space
between those just check that thing works yeah that’s fine
no more space there it’s like we want to punch that down just a little bit so
let’s go back into our page now simply go in between these from a
bit of space of course you could give them some CSS custom padding to the
right will say that and we want to punch this one down a bit
so let’s have a look see what we actually want to do if we go to the page
and right click on this and hit the inspect button I’m using Google Chrome scroll down on the board as our text module and we just wanna
give us some padding on the top now let’s try 20 picks probably too much a little too much let’s say yeah strike
15 looks about right looks about right so
we’ll give that shifting picks padding on the top if we go back to our page
cozy inspector adds and there’s our text module go to
advanced design settings and padding top 15 picks for those of
you that don’t know this little icon to the right here you can adjust the
padding for various different display sizes desktop monitor a tablet and a
smartphone if you wanted it small on a smartphone fine when it’s smaller on a
tablet just put your value in there save an exit st. draft and let’s preview there we have it
just build our own little further there and that’s for easy way to do it in the
Divi theme I hope that’s been helpful to you once again this has been Jamie from
system 22 and great web design comm thanks for watching have a great day

7 thoughts on “Divi Theme – Remove Elegant Themes bottom bar from the Divi theme

  1. Hey! I’m trying to customize a wishlist such as put icon heart or text etc on image products but i can’t get it so could i do it with divi or shortcode?

  2. This is great. I had the footer turned off but I couldn't get rid of the spacing between that and the bottom section of the page. Setting the paddings to zero is the answer!

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