April 9, 2020
Divi theme eCommerce tutorial – Theme and WooCommerce Setup

Divi theme eCommerce tutorial – Theme and WooCommerce Setup

hi guys and welcome to this Divi theme
ecommerce tutorial this is Jamie from system 22 and web design and tech tips
comm in this series of videos we’re going to be building an e-commerce
website using the fantastic Divi theme when I say e-commerce website of course
I mean an online store or a web store whatever you want to call it Divi theme
by elegant themes is absolutely awesome it is a premium theme but it’s just so
easy to work with and has such fantastic features
we’re going to use it in this series of videos so let’s get started I’m
presuming you’ve got a wordpress site up already and you’ve got WordPress tints
installed here’s a generic install of WordPress
right here and we’ve got the 2017 theme in vault
installed by default here so what we want to do we want to go over and get
our Divi theme from elegant theme so if you go over to elegant themes here
I’ll put the link below this video and if you want to download it from my
affiliate link that’s great won’t make any difference to you but it will help
me out otherwise just go to elegant themes com you’ll probably have to start
an account which is free just you know usual thing put in your email and
password and once you’re in there you go down the
download section and here’s our Divi theme and of course they’ve got some
other great themes here too and they’ve also got some fantastic plugins but
we’ll be dealing with those later on Divi Builder gonna have to have that
bloom I’ll be using that and monarch as well these are sort of social media
shared social media sharing and email opt-in plugins which are great for getting your site out there and
getting email addresses so you can keep people informed
so let’s get the divi theme first we’re back to our members area here and let’s
go ahead and hit the download button and it will start to download and we also
want to get the Divi builder plugin so once dillies downloaded we want to go
and get a plugin the Divi Builder the download button
with that one I’ll come back and get these other ones later on
now you want to save your downloads into a folder where you can find them
obviously and then let’s go to the dashboard of
our site you now the first thing I’m going to want to
do is install the theme the Divi theme so we go to appearance and themes add new
and we’ll hit the upload theme button here and I’ve got my downloads in this little
folder right here there’s the Divi theme there’s the Builder and in a moment
we’re gonna download and install the WooCommerce and all we do is I’m gonna
left click on that and drag it to the choose file area over here so I’m left
clicking on it and I’m dragging it and just dropping it right beside that
button I’m gonna go ahead and install now theme installed successfully let’s go
ahead and install our Divi builder plugin we’ll go to the plugins section you may find when you install your
wordpress at first it puts a few plugins here like jet pack or hallo dolly
something like that I would recommend you just click on them and uninstall
them or delete them because they’re just taking up space for you unless you
particularly want to use them I personally don’t now let’s add our Divi
builder plug-in here and again we’re gonna go to upload plug-in and same
thing I’m gonna left click on my Divi builder zip file and just drop it beside
that but and once its installed I’m going to go
ahead and activate the plug-in all right now because our Divi is a premium theme we will have
to activate it there is a divvy and says the new versions available
already I’ve just downloaded it from the site but I’m gonna go ahead and update
it anyway you that’s updated now I want to activate it
to make it a theme that we’re using okay now it’s like then I’m gonna go
ahead and delete this one so I’ve just clicked on the image and
then in the bottom right hand side you’ll see a little delete button there
yo have to delete it but it just means there’s less files on your server it’s
taking up less space less it’s better always less time to load less time for
the server to crawl through your site and find stuff okay I’ve got to activate
my theme now because like I said it is a premium theme so you do have to pay for
it I just go to Divi theme option and putting my username and my API key
I’ll just go ahead and do that now they’re in there I just need to save
the changes little green checkmark means we’re all good to go so we’ve got our theme installed now the
next thing we want to do because we’re using an online store
we want to use the WooCommerce plugin there are other plugins available out
there but if you go to wordpress.org plugins WooCommerce you’ll
find it here this is a free download and I’ll put this link below the video also
just hit the noun but download button same as before it’ll download it your
browser here once downloaded it’s exactly the same thing as we use for the
Divi builder so if we go to our dashboard and plug in here’s my little folder is my
WooCommerce plugin again I’m just gonna left-click and drag it I’ve hit the add
new button upload plug-in left click and drag drop it by that little button there and hit the install now but it’s installed that’s great let’s go
ahead and hit the activate button and we’ll quickly run through the setup
case we’re in the United States you you actually in Tennessee not Alabama you I’m not gonna put my address in here you
may want to put this address in for you for shipping purposes later on u.s.
dollars that’s fine I plan to plan to sell both physical and
digital products or digital products or things like ebooks or music and stuff
like that so I’ll leave that is
I’m not going to check that because I’m not going to be selling services I’m gonna uncheck that because I don’t
particularly want Luke almost to him be tracking me while I’m doing this so I’m
gonna hit let’s go oh one two three Rainey Street Hank Hills address for
anybody that didn’t know that of a king and the hill of Fame that’s pretty cool
I don’t know I don’t know is it goofy feel or fighting for me there we go so I’ve just put in some
round details there you do want to put in your physical address here though
because if you’re shipping it will calculate shipping for you so let’s hit
that Let Go button payment options I always select PayPal
hit stripe if you want to if you have a stripe account PayPal allows people to
use by credit credit cards and it really is a great option so I’m going
to hit that one I’m going to uncheck the stripe and we’ll continue you can set WooCommerce up later but me
as well just get it done now and here’s the shipping calculations I
was talking about you can put in a weight and the address of ways shipping
it to it’ll automatically calculate it or you can do a flat rate if you prefer you
and we’re gonna use ounces and inches if you’re in Europe probably want to use
kilograms and centimeters you taxes that’s up to you if you’re in the
UK you’re gonna want to use that over here it’s state tax so it’s really up to
you you’re gonna have to pay tax one way or the other but I’m going to just gonna
go and hit the continue button I’m building this site offline so
probably won’t let me connect with the jetpack I hit the skip this step button below
and we’re already if you want product updates put your email address in there and if you want to go ahead and create
your first product obviously hit that one or if you want to import products
from another site you can do it with a CSV file I might
actually do that in a while because I’ve got another site but we’ll do that later
on cuz I’ll show you how to set up a product and what have you
so we’re good to go so I’m going to return to the dashboard so back at the dashboard you can see
we’ve got WooCommerce here this is where we’re going to be adding products a bit
later on here’s our Divi theme we’ve got install if we go to the plugins we’ve now got
the Divi builder we’ve got that jetpack we’ve come us and WooCommerce PayPal
it’s done this all for us so we’re ready to get started so I’ll leave it here
with this video in the next video we’ll start customizing our site putting in
putting in our logo and a slider after that we’ll start adding some products
so I hope you’ve enjoyed that if you have please like and share the video and
do subscribe to our channel if you’re interested in web development we’ve got
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our YouTube subscribers there’s also some great free courses down there so
once again this has been jamie from system 22 and web design in tech tips
comm thanks for watching have a great day

5 thoughts on “Divi theme eCommerce tutorial – Theme and WooCommerce Setup

  1. Hi I started watching this out of curiosity as I've got Divi. Question why do you need the builder plugin as Divi comes with that.

  2. I see Divi now has CPT support including WooCommerce products – very exciting – I hope Elegant do a tutorial soon.

  3. The settings are different now in WComm. No "live shipping rates" setting either. seems its an extra $80 for that feature..

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