March 30, 2020
Divi theme eCommerce tutorial Export and Import Products

Divi theme eCommerce tutorial Export and Import Products

hi guys and welcome to another Divi
ecommerce store website bill this is Jamie from system 22 and web design and
tech tips calm in this series of videos we’re going to
be building an online store with the Divi theme by elegant themes if you
don’t have it you can download it from our link below it is a premium theme so
you do have to pay for it you can get it from my affiliate link down there or
just go to la elegant themes comm and get it that way but if you’re building
sites it’s got so many features is just absolutely awesome so let’s continue
yesterday we are there a few products just to show how to add a simple product
what I’m gonna do today is I’ve got another site that’s not built with a
Divi it’s an e-commerce store and I want to import some products I want to export
the products from this site and import them into my Divi theme site so if
you’ve got an existing site that you might want to update to Divi you can do
this it’s just gonna save me a lot of time adding products so I’m gonna go
over to get this little free plugin it’s called product import/export for
WooCommerce you’ll only let you allow allow you to export and import simple
products unless you get the premium version but that’s okay because I’m
gonna do variable products in a different video so we won’t be uploading
those so I’ve hit the download button is downloaded here now let’s go back to our Divi theme
here’s our plugins page the dashboard on add new I’m going to upload a plugin
I’m gonna drag this plugin right beside that button there just like we did with
the other ones and install it hit the Install Now button now I also want to go over to this other
site and install the plug-in on this one so I can export it so if we go to the dashboard you I’m going to go down to the plugins add a new plugin
you upload plug-in same as we did before
drag it over left click on it and drag it and install it that’s installed I’m going to activate
it you you you so here it’s gonna give us all the
things that we want to export here I’m just gonna leave those
all check just like that you can go through and uncheck things that you
don’t want but I’m gonna go ahead and export and what it’s done it’s built this CSV
file here so let’s go back to our Divi site I uploaded that plug-in but I haven’t
activated it so I’ll activate it here you I’m going to go over to the product
import tab and I’m going to choose a file let’s see
if we can drag this one up here yep sure so we’ve done that obtain a product if you exist see the import mapping you you okay says imports completes got the
thumbnails and we’re all successful with our products here let’s go over to our
products that’s all so there we have it and it’s
imported all of those products for us we’ve got two pages worth so that has
saved me a lot of time and it’s also not only is it imported
the products here it’s got the the categories on sale
pants shoes shoes we already had shirts belts bags great so it’s done our categories for us
as well it’s just double check those you fantastic that’s got our category that’s
got our categories are organized as well okay let’s check that this is work let’s
go back to our page fact let’s do this with the visual builder hit the visit
site what I’m going to do is I’m going to
clone this unit and change the products that we’ve got in it so let’s enable the
visual builder you now let’s actually clone this one so we
hit the little clone the two oblongs there and i’m going to clone it one more
time and it’s still on time again I can’t
remember but I think I’ve got several different categories so there’s the top
one let’s do second one edit the module to change what it is now let’s change this from shoes to
shirts you yeah that’s worked fine
fantastic say that move on down let’s change this one use defense pants and
belt Wow there seems to be lots of pain
there when we do that that’s okay or just leave it like that you can mix
match categories let’s change this one up to what we’ve
got less dressy you and check shoes now let’s just copy this one again let’s
just make a few changes on this one let’s say twelve product count 12 we’ll make this one three columns so
it’ll be four hi 3y and let’s put bags belts on sale item I don’t if I got 12 of those in there
and shirts I suppose she I should have 12 of those
and a quicksave now as you can see it’s automatically
made this into columns of three we’ve got all our sale items we’ve got bags we
got belts we got shoes so that’s how easy it is to use that
module in there and that’s how easy it is to import and export products from
another site if you have one or if you’re updating your existing site so
let’s save our changes quick say you once we got the checkmark let’s exit the
visual builder and there you have it we’ve just added a
whole bunch of products in about 15 minutes
you and let’s just click on one make sure
it’s working yeah that’s fine what we’ve got we’ve
actually got related products and upsells we haven’t covered this I’ll
cover this on a later video but that’s cool it’s imported that as well but this
is pretty generic page right here will cover Hatter
make this a little more interesting in later videos too so there you have it that’s how easy it
is to import and export products from another site get them into your site
quickly and use that little Divi Shop module to easily customize your site now
I’m gonna be changing this or later on I’m just doing this for demonstration
purposes so we’ll get this front page looking a lot nicer than this but that
works for a quick simple fix so there you go I hope you’ve enjoyed that if you
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again this is Ben Jamie from system 22 and web designer tech tips comm thanks
for watching have a great day

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