April 10, 2020
Divi theme eCommerce tutorial Add Section Dividers

Divi theme eCommerce tutorial Add Section Dividers

or hi guys and welcome to another Divi
theme ecommerce site build this is Jamie from system 22 and web design and tech
tips comm in our last video we saved some custom modules and put them in our
library so we could reuse them in this video should be fairly short I’m just
gonna add a few dividers to our sections here just to make them a little more
interesting looking so I’m going to enable on the visual
builder now once in a will let’s start on this
section I don’t think I’ll put anything on the top but I think I put something
on the bottom here so let’s select this section hit the little cog anger design
you’re gonna dividers I want it on the bottom
and see which one we walked think I prefer something kind of curvy
only like that perhaps yeah that’ll work fine what else we got since anything else you you no I’m happy with that that’ll work for
that particular one so I’m going to save their case that curves that out one will
do perhaps put something on the top of this one that works with that I don’t
want the exact same thing not that that matters it’s good at design down to our
dividers this time I want it on the top of the element which is up here
and some point he’s not gonna work and I put that there mmm I don’t like that and we want something curved try that that’s actually not bad
perhaps lose that stripe what else we’ve got here so when we’ve got it always highlights
the one that you’ve got in the darker color there what about this yeah I like
the line better on that one well work ok so let’s say that
now I had similar down the bottom so she’s
like a little in cased in a little wave there so I guess I want this section
again this time we’ll add it to the bottom I’ll reuse this exact same one as I used
there well it’ll be the inverse will be this
one yep that’s good that color segues into this
blue section here nicely do something similar between the blue
and white here see what we can do sign when I put it on the bottom
dividers scroll this up a bit so we can see
what’s going on see all I use again I’m gonna stick with
Curly’s what a mixer sort of pointy ones with the curly ones Shradha again actually that’s pretty
good that’s not bad
– Shayne cuts off the top of her head there so what if we do the opposite let’s take
that back to none close that out let’s put it on this one at the top design divider top he’s exact same one but the opposite so
I guess it will be that yeah
I think that’s gonna work out better that way it sort of it blends in with
ahead but there’s no white gap at the top there might make that even a little
bit higher hundred pics just remember that cuz I
might walk with it back that takes over that title there but we
can change your spacing I like that curve though we can change
it back if we don’t like it let’s say that it’s just adjust our padding here
last section bring that down so we can still see our title was that like yeah I think that’s gonna work so let’s
exit the visual builder save our changes it’s great the way it prompts you if
you’ve unsaved changes as I need all the prompting I can get so
let’s take a look that kind of segues into that section
okay and again that works their course this
is all up to your individual tastes yeah I think that works okay
so you do it however you want to if you don’t want those just don’t put them in
there so that was pretty quick and painless
adding dividers and it does make it a lot more eye-catching it’s another great
feature of the Divi theme to split things up and everything’s not
quite as linear I mean I could put one here but I really don’t see the point to
be honest with you with a slider there I think it’s doing the job that it needs
to do great
okay well that will do for this short video I divided this to your section to
make them just a little more interesting and it’s really easy to do used to have
to do this thing with CSS or create photos and do it with the background
Divi has made it very easy for us and these shapes although they’re not
wonderful they’re pretty good I mean they do add a certain something to the
site so there you have it there’s how to add dividers to your sections to make
them look a little more interesting I hope you found that useful if you have
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and web design and tech tips calm thanks for watching have a great day

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  1. Problem with the dividers is that you need to tweak them for mobile and tablet, as the default settings can look a little strange otherwise.

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