March 29, 2020
Divi theme eCommerce tutorial  Add categories to the menu

Divi theme eCommerce tutorial Add categories to the menu

hi guys and welcome to another WordPress
Divi theme ecommerce site build this is Jamie from system 22 and a web designer
tech tips calm we’ve been putting together this
WooCommerce site this ecommerce site that you can sell your products we’re
using the Divi theme here and a lady sent me a question asking how do you put
categories up in your menu up here good question it’s pretty simple and I’ll go
through that in this little video here so let’s go to our dashboard and what I’m gonna do is I’m going to go
to products and I’m going to go to categories and I’ve got several categories at the
moment but I want to add it I’m gonna add a
couple more something like we got an on sale and I had clearance so you just put your name you category
in there and the slug will give it Kieran’s as
well not got a parent cavalry you could have put this one under one of the other
categories as a parent if you will need to and this description is just if
you’ve got hundreds of categories it will help you see what it is or if
somebody’s going in and editing behind you it’ll show them what it is I’m not
going to put in a thumbnail if you wanted to just add an image from your
media library or or upload a new one now I’m just gonna add
hit that add the new category button there it is there’s our new category
right there now let’s see do I wanna do any more
we’ve got clearing through on sale and I’m gonna add another one just call
it fashion I think now I’ll use the same thing
I’ll just ctrl C to copy ctrl V to paste and add it okay so I think I’ve got all
I need here you
now that we’ve done that let’s go back to our products all products and add a
few of our products to these new categories we’ve got here and to do
these is where I find is to hit the quick edit button and you’ll see your
categories over on the right-hand side here and you can just check any that you
want to add this particular product to hit the Update button
I’m just going to randomly go through see these are got multiples I’m gonna
try and target the one that that ones that don’t have moral force just so
we’ve got something in these category as well
Update not going to spend too much time on this you once lots of categories this one okay
that’s fine I should put it in fashion as well it’s in as you can see you can
have multiple categories no problem at all
okay let’s update that so now we’ve created our categories and we’ve got
various products in those categories let’s go and create a menu that is gonna
contain those so we go down to appearance go down to menus and when it’s loaded we’ll go over to
create a new menu and we’ll call this cats I guess for
categories obviously you can call yours what you
want hit they create many button you there we are
our categories to this so by default we’ve got our pages open here and down
below you’ll see post products custom links categories product categories etc
etc if you don’t see these down here just slide up to the top of your page to
screen options because sometimes they’re not checked by default and check the
products or check the the boxes next to whatever it is you want to have
displayed down here and that can be a little frustrating
I’ve had a couple people say well such-and-such isn’t showing up that’s
the reason they’re usually because it’s not checked in the screen options
all right so we’ve got that let’s go down to our categories here Oh actually the product categories and here we go you see all of our all of
our categories listed here you can check the one you want under it go ahead and
check them all and we’ll have a bit of fun and we’ll make some of these sub
items in our menu here and so clearance fashion yeah that’s fine then I’ve got
them all checked I’m simply gonna hit that Add to menu and let’s have clearance first on sale
then fashion that’s fine um and now with our fashion
I’m gonna put all our other items here as sub items whoops I’m simply dragging
it moving it to the right a little bit and as you can see it’s staggering it
which will put it as a sub item in the menu here and so we’ve just just got three things
in the menu there with a big drop down there what else do we want to add
see if we want to add some pages we’ll keep checking out there we’ve got the
car in the top one it’s add my account
I’m not particularly interested in having home there now that’s just an
accessory obviously I’m just doing this for
demonstration purposes you can do do it however you want to do it
so now we’re gonna have one two three four five six items in the main menu had
a bunch of items underneath let’s say this menu was later on I’ll probably
create a return policies page and contact us page an about Us page which
we can we can put somewhere okay so we saved that many let’s go down and put
this menu somewhere now let’s go down to our Divi theme customizer and if we look
at the site while that’s loading here is this is actually the secondary menu
although it’s on the top with the Divi theme this is called the secondary menu
and this is actually the primary menu so let’s put our new menu here where the
primary menu is so here’s our customizer got a header
let’s go down to menus want to go to menu locations primary menu at the moment it’s just a
test menu secondary menu is our products we’ve got there of course we’ll have
duplicates in our sub menu here when I put this in so in the primary
medievalists just hit the drop-down arrow and select the new menu which is
cats and then we’ll publish it yeah might be going a little over too
far I don’t know about it anyway you can see that there it is and it’s got our
categories clearance on sale the fashions got a big drop down with our
dresses shoes bag shirts and blah blah blah in it
accessories my account in checkout so we’ve published that let’s go back to
the site and refresh there we go
so we now have our categories as I’m a new up the topic I hope that
answered the question that you asked me that’s the way to add your categories to
a menu simple as that it’s just check they’re
gonna work clearance now again that’s all the little items
with clearance on sale there’s a bunch of iron’s there with our
on sale tags as I’m not gonna go through all those
accessories when I can’t check out good so I’m happy with that so I hope that
answers your question and I hope you found that useful if you have please
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web design in tech tips comm thanks for watching have a great day

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