March 29, 2020
Divi 3 Using The New Column Layouts Feature

Divi 3 Using The New Column Layouts Feature

hi guys and welcome to another Divi
WordPress theme tutorial this is Jamie from system 22 and web design and tech
tips calm well if you’ve been following any of my
visit videos you know if I’ve got a a WordPress project and I get a lot of
them the Divi theme is my go-to theme it just
keeps getting better and better yesterday we just demonstrated how to
extend your styles throughout the page and change things very quickly well
today they’ve done it again they’ve made a new upgrade and it just keeps getting
better and better if I go to a site that I have not upgraded to the latest
version of Divi yet I’ve got a visual bill that enabled
if I click on the new section button here this little purple button
I hit regular section here’s the column layout so you can add
it it’s the easier ones it’s full-width you know 50/50 thirds quarters
two-thirds third etc etc really useful really good but if we look at our site
now I’ve upgraded it today or updated it I should say to the newest version I’ll
enable the visual builder on this one you
I’ll scroll down and we’ll add a new column again here new section and
regular section now look at that we got over twice the
number of options here of what we can do and they’ve added some really useful
ones I mean some non-standard we’ve got fifths we’ve got six again you’ve got thirds or half of
thirds that do 5050 column they got some really useful ones I mean
let’s just just put one in there let’s do this it’s so easy to build with this it’s
ridiculous let’s give this a title as well course
you can do normal drag and drop okay this will be a pretty short video I just
wanted to show you these new features here let’s make that heading to so you get
let’s copy it ooh this one over here well that’s maybe put an image in here Haymitch I’m just using the defaults I’m
not going to go too far on this one again to copy it let’s move this one
over here just want to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to build with this
thing it’s ridiculous certainly that abut oops went past it you people over here
you you you and we’ll copy that one and we’ll move this one over here like
his haircut nothing really in mind for this but purely demonstration fifths used to be a
pain that’s for the circle countering because you have to split one of your
columns up and I have a habit you know it’s non-standard so this is really easy
which is great let’s just save that there it is you’ve now got your five
columns now let’s do what we did yesterday let’s extend the image styles here we’ve got
an image here let’s extend the style so it got that same box shadow and gap you there we go that did that to that let’s
do the same with the text module you there we go that’s restyled that and
let’s do the same with this but staying button start here we go how easy was that five
minutes and we got a a nice-looking row going on there so I say I just wanted to show you that
new feature I think it’s great there we go there’s a new column layouts
that Divi is just water all you need to do if you’re using it already is upgrade
to the latest version or update I should say in your updater and these will be
available instantly short and sweet video there I hope you found it useful
this has been jamie from system 22 and web designer tech tips comm if you’ve
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you’re interested in web development take a look below we’ve got some great
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for our youtube subscribers so once again thanks for watching have a great

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