March 29, 2020
Divi 3 Theme Review: What is Divi 3.0 Like after 6 months? Best Website Builder for WordPress?

Divi 3 Theme Review: What is Divi 3.0 Like after 6 months? Best Website Builder for WordPress?

it’s been about six months since the release of Divi 3 and my initial review of the Divi 3.0 theme so what do I think of it now? Better worse or about the same and this video i’ll let you know and i’ll give you a little tour of what the Divi theme is all about I’m Tim from real website hints dot-com and it’s my mission to help you find the best and easiest ways of building high quality website. I purchase and test website building tools and create tutorials that help you get an easy start building your website. I support the reviews that I do and the free tutorials that I offer on my youtube channel and on my website by using affiliate links, so if you like the products that I talk about in my videos or if you want to learn more about them use the links in the description below. These links cost you nothing extra and they provide me with a little bit of a commission that helps me to create these tutorials and these free tests so I thank you for your support this idea and find out more about Divi 3 I think that my number one takeaway after using the Divi theme to past few months is that it has spoiled me once you get past the initial learning curve of using the Divi builder which I have a free tutorial and I walk you through exactly how to get started using given only to that in the description below as well as at the end of this video but once you get past that using the Divi builder starts to feel like second nature it feels like how you supposed to work on and design pages. Here are a few pages that I designed with the Divi theme in the last few months, so you can see you can create some really nice-looking pages with Divi. One of the big features that i miss when im using other page builders that aren’t Divi are keyboard shortcuts you can see all of the available keyboard shortcuts by hitting the ? button when you’re inside the visual builder and the keyboard shortcut that I find that I’m using over and over again time and time again is of course the undo shortcut or command Z on Mac or control the on pc I’m constantly undoing things is what I’m designing and I’m just moving so fast in my mind is just you know trying to get my design out and someone that you know I make a mistake or I you know just setting I don’t like the way it looks and it’s so nice and so quick to be able to just hit the undo button or ctrl z and then have everything back to exactly the way it was not have to figure out exactly what the setting was I did or even figure out you know what changed that i may just hit ctrl Z and and you’re done so I really love that about it. I also really like the flow of the page builder and the fact that doesn’t have any side bars or tool trays i really like being able to clearly see my design as I’m working on it. When you want to add a new module row or section you just click on the plus icon and it’s always right there right where you need it there’s no dragging around or adding a new section to the bottom of the page and then dragging it back to where you want it everything just winds up being exactly where you need it where you want to add it i really like that really makes design pages a lot more fun and a lot faster and everything is of course fully responsive so that means that your site will automatically resize to fit any screen. Divi also offers the ability to tailor sections and certain settings specifically for certain size screen so like on a tablet or phone if you want to make sure that it looks just right on those devices you can really tweak those settings to make sure that it looks great on any device get a jumpstart on building and designing pages is another great strength of the Divi theme one of the features that the Divi theme offers is what they call portable pages so which means that it allows you to work on a page design on a development site and then move that page design easily your live site and this makes doing page redesigns so easy because you can do it on a separate site and then when you’re ready to launch it you just loaded up your live site and then activate it and you’re ready to go but with portable pages which is also means is that you can share and get page templates from other people so that those three pages that i created and you can download them for free as a page template for giving a link to that in the description below but there’s also a ton of other free page templates available for giving got the entire blog post where i share a bunch of other free page templates that you can get and download and then you can modify those templates to really get a quick jump start on building your site and again i’ll link to that post in the description below this video when I complained to my last review give me three was that you had to be really careful about saving your pages it’s just a little Save button at the bottom and you have to remember to save before you left the visual builder. Well developers behind Divi not only fixed that but they took it like 10 steps further with a recent update. Now with the Divi theme while you’re working on pages and adding new elements and making changes Divi is saving a log of all those changes as you go. So if you ever lose your internet connection or accidentally closed the browser all the changes even making are saved and when we open the page back up and start reading again they will ask you when we store the last changes that you make this is huge i don’t know of any other wordpress page builder that allows you to do this and maybe there are some other out there but I haven’t seen them yet and this is such a time saver when building and designing websites because so often when I’m building designing a page in Divi I just get lost in the flow i should be thinking about saving but i’m not i’m thinking about the design and just like letting the design creativity flow out and so now with Divi you don’t have to worry quite as much about saving because Divi is doing it for you as you go and as you’re building a page this is really huge and a big time saver when the awesome things that I’ve discovered about Divi the last few months is there is an amazing and friendly community of users around the Divi theme there’s this one facebook group that I’m a part of the Divi theme users group where people share ideas for designs they ask for help and share the sites they’re working on it’s a great mixture of people it seems that most of them are actually professional web designers but some of them are new to building websites and a great place to look for new ideas or find out what the latest is with building and designing with Divi and in fact that there are so many professional designers using Divi to me says a lot about the power of the Divi theme not only has to be easy enough for someone new to building websites to use but it’s also powerful enough for professional web designers it’s truly a theme that will grow with you as you learn more about building and designing web pages and one of the exciting power features of the Divi theme is the ability to do in page split testing this allows you to test anything on your site and you can find out what’s working and what isn’t working and was getting your audience to take action with this feature and the ability to quickly design pages i think the Divi theme could be really great for creating sales funnels if you have to have a perfect combination of tools and features for creating great sales pages and great sales funnels and it can cost a lot less than some of the professional sales funnel tools. It might not be quite as powerful as those tools but it’s a great way to get started with sales funnels with the license of the Divi theme you get a lot more than just the Divi theme you also get access to the plugins made by elegant themes who are the developers behind the Divi theme and they’ve got two stand out plugins that are designed to help you grow your site and build your audience there’s a bloom email opt-in plug-in and it works with a ton of different email marketing solutions like MailChimp Aweber Constant Contact and a bunch more the plugin allows you to easily create and design email opt-in forms and one takes it a step further by giving you many different options at how those often forms will show up you can have them in line with your content you have a form fly-in pop up and you can set all sorts of different triggers for those like a time trigger that shows up after viewer has been on the page for certain amount of time we can even have them show up when a viewer reaches the bottom of a page and you can also set up different forms to show up on different pages or categories of your site there’s just a ton of options for helping you build your email list and then the other plug-in that I really like is the Monarch plugin which is designed to help your audience share and like your content on social media here again you get a bunch of different options on how the share button will display can have it as a floating sidebar on the side of your pages at an automatic pop-up or as a automatic fly in and there’s a ton of other options settings and features to help get your viewers to share your content on social media and with lessons of the Divi theme not only get access to Divi you also get access to another theme called the Extra theme and Extra is like Divi but it’s designed for creating more of a newspaper or magazine style website so we’ve got a lot of content and with different categories Extra might be a great way for you to go and of course you get access to the plugins that i mentioned earlier and license allows you to build as many sites as you want to so if you’re thinking it might be interested in building sites for other people the Divi theme will allow you to do that there are two tiers of pricing for the Divi plan on the first pricing plan gives you access to all the themes and all the plugins and you get one year of technical support and one year of updates to the themes and plugins and now you have to worry about those the theme or plugin to that is going to stop working after one year it means that you won’t have access to new updates or technical report but your website and your things in the plug-in and everything will just keep working the second here is a lifetime plan and this is the one i wish that i had signed up for when I first found out about the Divi theme it gives you access to all of the themes plugins plus lifetime support and lifetime updates i look at this is paying a small one time fee for web development team that keeps working in the background to make my website better and over the years the developers behind me have shown awesome improvement to the theme and plugins over and over again and I think that makes the lefthand plants are really great value I think that’s my favorite part about the Divi theme is a commitment to constant improvement definitely doesn’t just keep up but they continue to innovate and continue to push to make the theme better and better so you can see I still really like to do anything it just keeps getting better and I expected to keep on getting better in the future if you’re interested in getting the Divi Theme check out my affiliate links below and if you choose to get the Divi theme with my affiliate links it will cost you nothing extra and it will actually help support this channel by giving me a small commission so thanks again for your support and if you want to learn how to make a website with the Divi theme I’ve got a free tutorial series that you can find either on my website or look at the end card for this video and click on that and the whole tutorial series they will walk you through every step of getting started building websites using anything thanks again for watching and for more reviews and tutorials be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and I’ll see you around!

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  1. Quick question! For API, do we have to create a different API key for each website that we create? Or can we just share an API key among different websites that we create? Is there a limit to api keys?Thank you!

  2. I really thank you for taking the time to make this video… I still have a couple of questions before I make my decision on buying the license… 1.- If I sign up for the 89 monthly plan can I upgrade a few months later to the lifetime plan? 2.- I have a lot of javascript, jquery and PHP / MySql code on my current site… Can Divi 3 support embedding code into my projects while I create or update my sites? Thanks

  3. Fantastic video, with comprehensive explanations.

    I like what you noted about starting a page using the backend builder and then using the frontend builder for tweaks. That's what I've found to be most effective as I get the hang of Divi.

  4. Wow! New sub here. Thanks so much. This is exactly what I came to YouTube to find–an in-depth Divi demonstration. Question: is it not possible to upgrade from the one-year option to lifetime after trying Divi out for a while? I'd like to test it for a few weeks or months before investing the cash.

  5. I have used the Divi theme for the past 6 months as well and like you said, editing is easy. Thank you for your time on making this ready.

    I do have one question, my website gives a lower than normal score on Google' site speed test.

    Here is the cause:

    Should Fix:
    Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
    Your page has 2 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page.

    Any thoughts?

  6. Does DIVI themes use Responsive Slider???
    I dint found anything that relates to slider, can you please let me know as how can I create a slider on my homepage.

  7. My advice too would be to just go ahead and get the lifetime plan. I signed up for the annual plan, then did it again and realized I spent more than half of the lifetime plan. Fortunately Elegant Themes will prorate the cost of an upgrade if you already joined an annual plan.

  8. I'm largely disappointed with divi. It is very limited in terms of module settings. Almost everything has to be CSS'ed and that wouldn't be the ond of the world if there wasn't hundreds upon hundreds od !important's in the original code (WTF?!). Divi builder looks nice and is the best for editing text block, but that's it. It's really terrible, especially if you decide to play with position:absolute for some elements. No 15 miniute review will ever expose that, but limitations and compromises build up very quickly as you get deeper in developing your website. It's good for some landing pages, at best.

  9. Hi, great video, many tx
    I have one question, what is the difference between divi theme and divi builder(plugin).
    Also you mention another theme, for building magazine styles? I´m planning a soccer magazine style site, what do you think will be a good path, the divi theme or the other one?

    Thx for taking the time to read my comment, I´m planning to get the plugin wth you referee code 🙂

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    You made me a web designer and im really grateful for that…

  12. Really loved this video, got me all hyped. definitely gonna buy it through your affiliate link. Thx man !

  13. Being able to save page designs as a template library, to upload into existing sites, is exactly what I needed to know about! Thank you! I have 5 sites that all need a major redesign, and have started with Divi. But I wasn't sure what method to use. It's a whole new world! Divi will speed the process wonderfully. Thank you for this great overview!

  14. Great comments but I still have issues about control for the footer —and— the sidebar.

    I would love to also have a coherent path to control the blog page and individual blog post looks, a bit like in the Extra theme.

  15. Thanks for sharing. Question I'm looking into purchasing Divi for an my artist website? I was looking at Themeforest themes but even though there are so many themes I still couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. If money is not a problem would Divi be overkill?

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  18. I'm barely getting into web design, so divi has been a huge help. This video is really good at making you aware of what the theme has to offer! Thank you!

  19. Hi there,

    First of all, I want to thank you for this nice video! I have a question; What about the sitespeed? Does DIVI slowdown your pagespeed? I am looking for a websitebuilder for a longterm project where I will launch several websites. There are 3 important things what I expect from a builder. 1. Support 2. Speed 3. Flexibility (inside the builder). Do you recommend me to use DIVI? I hope to hear from you soon.

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    plz suggest me related themes…

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    I am Mandeep from India. I want to buy a WordPress Plug in as per my requirements. So pls help me out in that I am little bit confused.

    Requirements :-
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  23. I'm testing out divi so these reviews are much needed. I started to use weebly as it as fast design. But I was losing me revenue as had to use their hosting. Seems divi is same wysiwyg but allows me to control my hosting.

  24. I absolutely love it – great company, great community and support – I used to find webdesign a real chore – it's a joy now – worth every penny.

  25. Hi rEAL wEBSITE Hints, i just have a question. Im building a design for a friend on wordpress but he wants the design done using his own wordpress acc s othat he can access it e.t.c I am guess that me buying the DIVI 3.0 for my self would not work in this case? Thanks in advance

  26. Great review! Smart and clear, and most of all, honest. I was just looking to Divi, and found your video a real support to my needs!

  27. Hi Tim

    I just subscribe to Divi today directly as a result of watching your YourTube presentation. I tried to use your affiliate link but it wouldn't give me the 10% discount pop-up, so had to buy direct. I did request that you get the credit this sale and they said you would. See LiveChat below:

    On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 01:01 PM, <david.roberts> wrote:
    Sorry, one more thing – I picked up on Divi 3 through Tim at Real Website Hints on YouTube will you honour the 10% if I buy through his affiliate link?

    On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 01:03 PM, "Vlad" <[email protected]> wrote:
    I'm not entirely certain about that, however, I believe he will still get the sale if you signup through the discount page.

    On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 01:04 PM, <david.roberts> wrote:
    Great – only fair.

    Thanks for your help Vlad. I am pretty excited to get going.

  28. Hi. I am not able to get the response that I am looking for after going to the elegantthemes help website so maybe you could help me. When I click my logo (address link is it will take me to results not found webpage. However, when I change the URL to, it will take me to where I need it to be. How can I get to be my main link/page as I see when I click If you don't know the answer, I'd appreciate it if you could direct me to someone or something that could help me figure it out. Thank you so much and great tutorials.

  29. Hi, I am planning to create an Amazon affiliate website with Divi theme, Is it a right choice for Amazon affiliate website? Is Divi 3 work well with Woozone amazon plugin? Please help me to take decision.

  30. Any thoughts on plugin compatibility? It's my understand Divi isn't compatibile with BuddyPress and just curious
    if anyone has found issues with any other plugins. Since this is a builder and not just a Theme, this is my main

  31. I've heard of this theme for the past year now, but this is the first time I've gotten a more in depth look at it then what a 30 or 60 second ad can show. I'm definitely considering Divi as a strong candidate for future websites and sales funnels I develop for my clients.

  32. I have read a few reviews about divi 3.0 not being able to be SEO friendly due to the front end designing which adds extra code. What is your take on this?

  33. Check out some of the free Divi web page layouts

  34. I have added a few divi theme examples on my site, please take your time to review those, i will be adding more examples soon

  35. Very silly question. When you purchase a theme, is it yours for life, or does it expire and then disappear? Thanks

  36. Hey Tim those page that you built at the beginning of this video are some of the best pages I have ever seen. I love the one on music. Seems like no one ever makes any tutorials about a Divi Artist/Musician Theme! That would be nice especially if it had a music player in the footer. Can you do that with Divi? I would love to see your work close up. How can I make a theme like that? Nice work man! Peace

  37. Wonderful review! Quick, informational, and filled with amazing examples. I’ve been looking to use a new builder for a new (personal) website, and Divi looks to be perfect for me. Thank you for the video; I’ll be sure to purchase directly from this YouTube page.

  38. Hi you smart DIVI lovers: How to fix if I got strange signs/figures when launching my DIVI site?
    plse help saspo. I will support right away !thanks

  39. Great overview, thanks! I've been a Weebly guy since 2009 and considering WordPress via Divi because of all the great plugins and features.

  40. I currently have a Squarespace website which l hate trying to use/change, is Divi easier to use? I’m not a website builder and it’s not something I want to spend a lot of time doing, interested in your opinion as I’m looking to change. TIA

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    it will change the look of your entire website i personally used it its great try it –

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  43. In this video you mentioned a specific Facebook group you follow… Can you please let me know which group? I'd like to join and follow it as well. Thanks for the great video! ☺️

  44. Thank you for this excellent review.

    I am a start up one and facing difficulties in re-designing my landing pages again and again. So, I am thinking of Divi now. But Also there is Wix.

    What do you think is better?

    Also, in Divi Can I integrate our own responsive pages, which I have created earlier?
    your suggestions matter a lot. Thank you

  45. Yea, but it FAILS all the Google SCHEMA tests and lacks any semantic data for modern SEO. Run ANY "divi" theme through the following tests:
    Optional: 3 months of MOZ pro
    Not good. DIVI just "looks" like it works, it does not actually work. Like a "flint-stone car" with a nice body

  46. Hi! Awesome video and content!! I'm a new website creator, could you please tell me if there is a feature to add a plug in for ecommerce store.

  47. I unfortunately agree with many people here. Calling it a review is misleading. It is a promotional video. I am also dissapointed (because you seamed genuine) to see on the Divi website that you can upgrade at anytime making your comment that you wished you had signed-up for lifetime a very low way to get us to get the lifetime account thus increasing your commission. I did not give you a dislike because I know how hard it can be to be out there but honesty is a sure bet for your next tutorials (and do not call them reviews please. They are promo or tutorials). I understand you have to make a living but also saying that your affiliate link helps to pay for your next videos. It does not cost much (except time) to do videos on Youtube. Best of luck but I will look into other "reviews".

  48. Hi there . First very cool video and very useful presentation.
    I have a question, do you have a video for example ,how to create a multilingual website using Divi ? What tools are needed ? Etc … Thank you in advance for your reply

  49. I just had to do a redesign / changes for a client who had Divi on his website it was scary at first, (he's a famous doctor) but I managed to figure it out and not deface his site lol. I still need to learn it better but this sure beats hand typing code 🙂

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