April 6, 2020

Diversification: Leveraging your Skills into Ecommerce | AWasia 2017

Alright, hello everyone or what’s left
of everyone, so I’m closing the stage as well as opening it, awesome, so
basically, the goal of today’s presentation is pretty much to show you
how was I able to leverage my skills and as an affiliate marketer, to use them for
e-commerce, now I was hanging around here and that was pretty much the number
one question, so I’m an affiliate, can I start Shopify and that’s pretty much
this presentation, so first things first, I want to tell you a little story on how
to get here, from when I was a baby, I guess till the last part, so I started
this whole ecomm journey in 2006, I started doing SEO back in the days, there
was stuff called SEO connects and SEO was amazing you just have to
put the link in the software and boom, you’re ranked number one on Google, money was super easy back in the days and it was running services for SEO and I
was making so much money and then Google introduced that Panda and Penguin and
every God known black-and-white animal, I guess the next one will be zebra, in 2008
I kinda wanted to take control and I’m all about control, if you know me I love
taking control over things, I love to have control over what I’m doing,
so I thought okay I don’t want to be at the mercy of Google, let me try
to kinda control my budget and spend my money on media buys, so in 2008 I bought
my first ad, my first media buy as an affiliate and back in the days we were
promoting some cool stuff, nutra and skin and all that stuff, I was promoting
on native and Google, then in 2012, I kind of – that Facebook was all over the place and
people were making crazy money with Facebook and I was like yeah, let’s jump
to Facebook, so I bought my first Facebook ad as an affiliate in 2012, and
it was fun in 2012, basically, you can do whatever the hell you want,
no one cares, you can sell whatever you want, you can write whatever you want,
whatever it is they really don’t care, but the part that sucked back then is
the Facebook that you know today was not all that tracking, the
pixel, the targeting, re-targeting and all that did not exist, so basically we were
doing we spent 500 to make 1000, money in, money out, so it was as simple
and as easy as that in 2013, I put my first ad for my own
product, that was the first time I actually owned the product and I will
tell you later what those products were, are actually, they are their t-shirts so
2013 was this big bubble about print-on-demand and that way was when I
put my first ad for my own product and then in 2014, you know this story, the first
Shopify store and here we are today, speaking on stage on behalf of the big
guys, thank you, so the skills that I learned as an affiliate and as an
affiliate that pushes media buyers, honestly you have to learn a lot of
stuff and they are really, really, really valuable skills that you have to learn,
so number one is writing copy, you have to write your ads, you have to write your
pre-sales etc. the only thing that you cannot write for is
the offer page, because you don’t own that thing, so you can write for your
pre-sale and you can write for your ads, you can write for your emails, if you own
them and obviously I don’t know who was here in the morning, we talked about the
different angles and coming up with different angles and that’s why it’s so
easy for me to come up with different angles for e-commerce products because I
was trained as an affiliate to come up with the angles for other people,
products that I was promoting and then you have obviously the generating
traffic part as a media buyer affiliate, basically you’re don’t buy traffic you
don’t make money, so I learned how to acquire customers at the minimum level,
like the minimum cost possible, so I can make more money because at the end of
the day, the guy owns the offer, he’s only paying me a commission and he basically
make money as well, so it’s pay me only a percentage and out of that percentage, I
have to pay my own traffic, I acquire my customer or
acquire a customer for him or her and then keep the rest for me, obviously
tracking if you are a direct response marketer, you really want to know each
product, each dollar that you spend, where it’s it going and how much it’s bringing in
so you kind of become like a super Jedi when it comes to traffic and you follow
every cent spent on there for the most part and I think my clicker stopped
working, here, good, the customer acquisition as I mentioned with the
paid traffic and you have campaigns that you want to scale, so basically as an
affiliate I used to test offers, I used to ask my
brother my affiliate manager, hey what’s hot right now, I remember I
was looking at my chat messages earlier, I was like, oh I’m gonna talk about affiliates, so let me check with my AM’s, I love those dudes,
so I’m like what’s hot and they’re like yeah this is hot and this is hot and
this is hot and it was pretty much jumping from one oven to another, looking
for what’s hot, something that I stopped doing later and then by the way, that’s
not the back of me, just so we are clear, honestly I was making
a very, very good income as an affiliate but there is always something
missing, I always wanted to be an advertiser and thinking about it, I knew
for each offer that I was promoting, there were like 70 other people, hundred
other people promoting the same offer, so there is this one guy here, he has an
army of affiliates that they wanted like they will promote his
offer and if they can, if he can or she can afford to pay them a commission, he’s
making more money in the back end, and that’s what it started bugging me, I
wanted to be at the top of the chain, so in 2012 I made my first and I
laugh at this now, every time I see it, I made my first attempt to be an
advertiser and because I’m a very, very, very smart guy, I chose a very simple
niche, the hardest possible, probably it was nutrient skin, the level of
competition there, you don’t want to even know, like a good man, I opened my browser,
private label skincare and I found those guys in 2000, you can see the email
there it says 718 or 716 to 2012, so 2012 I met those guys and I’m like yeah,
can I resell your products and they’re like yes no problem, we send you
the bottle for 2 bucks, you can sell for $50, kinda sounds like dropshipping
right, but I did not hear about a thing called the FTC, I did not know when that
was back in the days when I heard about them, so basically there was a problem
with this it was the tech because as I told you in the morning, I am NOT the
tech person, if I send you an email with a file attached to it, consider
yourself very lucky as I knew how to attach a file to an email,
seriously, I didn’t know what to use, I remember how bad I felt
when people were saying cake, cake, cake in the forums and I was like, what are
they talking about everyone was talking about cake and then I discovered it was
software named cake, that’s how bad it was and honestly it was complicated, so I
had to either go with a very expensive software or basically I find a team that
will do it for couple tens of dollars, so going with the media buys, they kept
being an affiliate until 2013 is when the whole t-shirt thing started, so POD,
print-on-demand, and we started doing t-shirts, there was
like Teespring, water style, give this, give that and basically it was fun and all
and it was a good feeling to sell your own product, my own product, that’s
what I always wanted sell, my own product, have full control about about what I’m
doing, but there was always something that is missing, I was pretty much
selling on another platform, I could not optimise, coming from the CPA
world, when we used to run on Teespring basically we used to just
drive traffic and wait for the sales, hope for the best and see if your t-shirt
will sell or not and I couldn’t sell anything besides t-shirts, like if you
sell a woman a t-shirt that says I love my pitbull, I can sell that woman a
necklace, a bracelet, I can sell her a dog collar, a dog leash,
I couldn’t do any of that, so basically I was acquiring customers just for the
sake of that t-shirt that I think you would buy my LTV, my lifetime value, was
pretty much that first transaction, I didn’t even have access to my emails and
obviously, we could not split test because the platform was still new to
all the media buyers and all that, no existing traffic, as I told you basically,
spent five hundred, you make a thousand and then good, you made five hundred
dollar net, no control over the AOV and obviously, I was spending on the
Teespring, so I was spending all that money, making someone else’s business big,
how awesome can that be, and then pretty much in, I think in 2014, I enrolled in
a course about e-commerce arbitrage, I was, by the way, while I was doing
Teespring, I was doing eBay as well, so I had the little experience with the eBay
dropshipping, what I sell on eBay and then my supplier pretty much the same
shipping as we do in Shopify but basically, I was doing it on eBay and in
2014, I enrolled in a course about e-commerce arbitrage, it was by Ben
Atkins if you want to know, back in the days it was called arbitrage magician,
and he was talking about the same arbitration I was doing but he was
talking about mixing it with media buys, so an eBay you have your own
traffic, but when you put your own store, you need to send your own traffic and
guess what, I know how to send the traffic, I know how to pretty much
take control of how much traffic I want to send the AOV, the LTV, and everything
in between, so and that’s why I was introduced to
Shopify and I love this slide, how it comes up, that’s good, so basically that’s
when I was introduced to Shopify and that’s why when people ask me now, which
platform should I go on, Shopify would be the easiest and the best platform to get
you started, pretty much if you can send the email that I told you about with
with the attached file, you can get started on Shopify, I think we did the first
presentation, it was all about how you set up your Shopify store, so it’s super
easy to use, it’s super secure and if you hate
headaches like I do, and you like saving time and all that, honestly it should
be in there, and the CRM, it’s amazing, it’s no secret that I also sell on other
CRM clickfunnels, but you need the whole level of
management of the backend because it was never made for, it’s not a CRM
basically, it was made for informational products and not ecommerce, also
what I loved about Shopify, it integrates with every almost every software that we
use as affiliates, so the tracking like VWO guys, the funnel flux and
volume and all that, Shopify integrates with that, so if you are used to buy media as
an affiliate, it would be super easy for you to buy the media as an ecommerce
store owner, split testing, I guess everyone who runs media buys here
love split testing, because that’s where we make most of our money and they have
the best dang support that you can ever find, they have been online for 10 years,
I have never chatted with the guys that would solve you the problem with your
first message, for everyone who asked me what type of products I sell on Shopify,
honestly, I have sold everything and anything, everything, that you see on the
screen right now, I have probably sold it, I have sold the socks, the t-shirts, the
necklaces, the accessories, the jewellery, that’s how I actually got started and
that little tail there, the mermaid tail, that made me a killing, talking about the
mermaid tail, if I’m not mistaken one of the biggest brands on Shopify, they’re
selling just that, not just mermaids but everything and anything and socks are
super huge on Shopify, sock subscription now, if you guys have liked — some of you
laughing, yes socks, that I do actually make a huge, huge, huge amount of money,
you can tell I love my socks and I have the Shopify socks too, so you can sell
socks, you can sell clothing, you can sell pretty much whatever you want, as long as
within the terms of service, I think you cannot sell alcohol and you cannot sell
tobacco, which you cannot promote on Facebook either, so you’re in good hands,
jewellery, it’s pretty much the easiest thing you can sell, in my experience
because they have a high perceived value, and they cost so low to make, that pretty
much my first product, it was a pitbull necklace that I made for 1 dollar, 1.50 and I
was selling it for $24.99, you can imagine the margins on that, most people
would buy like 1, 2, 3 and then I took that pendant and I made it into a
bracelet, I made it into earrings, so ladies here, who love the whole
complementary set a set of jewellery, when you buy the matching earrings and
bracelet and necklace, so that’s how you can increase your AOV, and it was
right in front of me, I’m driving the traffic, let me increase the AOV and
it was pretty much, I did it with a bold upsell, and that’s pretty much
all the skills that you need to become an e-commerce entrepreneur, so for all of
you who ask me, what’s the secret to e-commerce and how I get started and all
that, here is what you need, take a screenshot of that, people are taking
pictures, so that those are the skills that you need and if you are already a
very successful affiliate, or even if you are starting, these are the skills that
took me from nowhere to what I am today, and again for everyone who wants to
start an e-commerce business, it’s not hard, it’s super simple, you just have to
put the work on and to help you, even more as I said in this morning, Shopify
partnered up with Affiliate World and basically they put in the
promotion, which is 20 days, 21 days free trial and 10% for a year and with that, I
think ladies and gentlemen we close this stage, and if you have any questions
please ask them whether, regarding this presentation or the morning presentation,
you can download this, it will be ready, I think in one or two weeks, I believe,
they will email you about that, I am not the one putting them up, it’s the event
and for anyone who wants to join the group, where we actually drop the value
and do the lives, who in here actually is part of the Momentum Facebook group, I
know you are, so everyone who wants to learn more about
the e-commerce and all of that you’re more than welcome to join the group, do
we have any questions, yes? You mentioned clickfunnels what’s your
input about this, what’s the biggest problem. So this biggest problem when doing big click files, so there is a
solution and there is a future solution that I cannot disclose yet, okay but the
solution right now is pretty much you can use clickfunnels as a landing page,
as a pre-sale page and use the buy button, so the checkout will happen on Shopify, so basically, you have all that CRM power
of Shopify and the conversion rate of clickfunnels if that make sense.
Yeah but I think the biggest thing about the clickfunnels is one-click upsells.
You can have one-click upsell on Shopify, third-party apps, as such as Zipify or Carto.
Okay thank you. No problem, do you have any more questions, yes. If I would start
again, which vertical would you not choose. For example, is there facial or dogs, cats. If I would start again, honestly, I would skip all the small niches, there
are niches that I spend a lot of time, and they don’t have big enough of an
audience, so I chose the niches wrong, it’s hard when you find, it’s
actually kind of challenging to find a winning product and it’s kind of bad
when you find a winning product but then you don’t find people, enough people
to scale, so if your niche is like 1 million people, that’s for me, that’s not
enough to you know make a living out of, it so basically, I would skip all the
small niches, I would go in also, I chose niches in the beginning that I was
passionate about but really no one cared about but me, no one will give me money for
what I care about, they always give you money for what they care about,
so that’s what I would do differently, it’s mostly in the niche selection
process and product selection process. Do we have any more? Yes sir, the skills
required, let me take you back to the skills required, if it takes me back,
and I wanted to ask what is the strategy that you are following in order to scale
the fulfillment stage, once you product reach more than 1k order a day, so
how do you scale that, do you find fulfillment center in the US, if yes
how you find them. The fulfillments, yes. Okay so basically with
the fulfillments, as I mentioned in the morning, I do have access to a warehouse
in China, which you can also have access to warehouses in China, if you just ask
your vendor, usually they have a lot of contacts, it’s their market in there
so, they know what they’re doing so, basically how the process goes is
we start with dropshipping, we test the product, we start with dropshipping, we
bring the product, I order one or two, we try that it’s actually working,
it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, because right now on Facebook, if you
sell a product that is not doing what you do, even if it does convert, Facebook
now is running post post purchase survey, so basically after people buys from your
ads, the Facebook post to them and they and Facebook asks people how did you
find the product, was it good, was the customer support good, was the shipping
time good and would you recommend it, so basically if you have any or
one or two of those in the red, people dissatisfied, Facebook will pop up
in your Facebook Ads manager and will tell you right now, because of negative
feedback your ads will reach fewer people, so your CPM will
increase basically, instead of paying like five, six dollar CPM, you will be
paying fifty, sixty etc. so that’s why we we actually order the the products, I
live in Canada, so I order them to Canada, to actually test them, that they are
working and then pretty much we make our own videos and photos, well the product
is in Canada and then we start scaling and in here, it says times up. So yeah, so
basically after that if we’re selling twenty-thirty products a day, we
either ship it all to the US and we use a third-party fulfillment, you can ask me
later which one I use. With that being said, thank you everyone
for joining I appreciate all of you. Thank you.

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