April 7, 2020
Discover Greatness – UF College of Pharmacy Graduate Program

Discover Greatness – UF College of Pharmacy Graduate Program

What does greatness mean to you? Is it discovering new treatments for diseases? Is it taking science to the molecular level? Analyzing big data to make drugs safer? Whatever it may means, one thing’s for sure: You’re going to be working at the forefront
of creating new knowledge, new medicines and new approaches to therapy. You’re going to be asking important questions
and you are going to push until you have found the answer. You’re just wired that way. We know it because we are too. That’s why we have, not one, not two, but
five unique concentrations, all running the gamut of the drug cycle from bench to bedside. Here, you’re going to discover new drugs
and improve existing ones. And you’re going to go to great depths to
do so. You’re going to see how medication can be
prescribed based on DNA. You will experience the power of team-based
science at UF and UF Health. You’re going to have access to research
grants, so you can work side by side with a research rock star. And you’re going to do it at a place considered
one of the nation’s finest. Here, you’re going to make the biggest discovery
of all: that there’s greatness inside of you. And we’ll help you pursue it.

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