April 8, 2020
Direct Fresh – GBG Stories Search 2014

Direct Fresh – GBG Stories Search 2014

SAM BRETZFIELD: I’ve been living
in Bangladesh for 10 years, and you have no idea
how incredibly difficult it is to find a fresh salad. That was the impetus
to start Direct Fresh. MISHAL KARIM: Sam and I have
known each other forever. We first met at age 7. Our moms always used
to talk about how they’d like us to do business
together in the future. And funny enough, that
ended up happening. EDDIE BEARNOT: I met
my partners, actually, when I was presenting at the
first Google Business Group event here in Dhaka. We sat down and
talked and hit it off. Direct Fresh is an
online grocery store for residents of Dhak as
well as for institutions like hospitals,
hotels, and schools. We deliver fresh and safe
to eat fruits, vegetables, and fish, as well as food
from all over the world. SAM BRETZFIELD: It’s incredibly
important to my family and I to ensure that our
children are eating safe, fresh, and clean
fruits and vegetables. Bangladesh has a
food safety issue in terms of the use of
[INAUDIBLE],, DDT, formalin, and pesticides. We are working
directly with farmers to ensure the quality
of our produce is as clean and fresh
and healthy for users and our customers as possible. MISHAL KARIM: We
also went and set up a farmers’ shop where we started
supplying seeds, fertilizer, bio pesticide– anything and
everything the farmers needed. So we really had to try and
integrate within the community. SAM BRETZFIELD: I use
Google on a daily basis. I literally have Google
Analytics pinned to my browser, constantly looking at it,
constantly tinkering with it, constantly trying to figure
out what people are doing and how they’re
interacting with our site. MISHAL KARIM: For
essential perishables, we use the Google
Maps service to track the journey our ADO takes
every day visiting the farms. EDDIE BEARNOT: It’s my plan
to be starting businesses like this for the
rest of my life. And it’s wonderful to know
that a company like Google is there to support young
entrepreneurs every step of the way.

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  1.  @Sam Bretzfield and his family have a history of bringing positive changes in the course of global events. Sam, @Mishal Karim and the talented geniuses on their teams have done what no one else has. I want Direct Fresh with THAT natural, pure, chemical-free food here in Los Angeles… CONGRATULATIONS on your continued success!

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