April 4, 2020
Digital transformation at SNCF

Digital transformation at SNCF

I am Henri Pidault, I am the chief
performance officer in charge of the
digital transformation at SNCF. I am Magali Dupin, I am in charge of the
continuous improvement within the maintenance center
of Saint-Pierre des Corps. Digital solutions
help us do better, we are all convinced of that. But the question is how to make
them accessible to all employees. The goal of this initiative
is to provide digital tools to the entire company. The idea is make
useful digital tools available to everyone
anytime. With the advent of enterprise
social networks, we deployed Yammer. which quickly took off
throughout the company. So that was really
our first success with our initiative
“Digital for all”. I am Sylvain Martin, I work for the SNCF group. My mission is to promote
agile application development. We digitized the
reporting of incidents that occurred on
the railway network. PowerApps with Flow
and Power BI (Power Platform) truly allow us to digitize
our business processes. In few days, we managed
to create an app which data was stored
in SharePoint. All the real time analysis
is done in Power BI. The incidents are transferred and
are dealt by the relevant teams. When we implemented and
explained the potential of these digital tools. We empowered each employee whether they work at night
or during the day, to innovate and share
their idea on how to improve their work on a daily basis. For instance, for our
maintenance process, we have an app
called “DigiBoogie”. We rebuild bogies
from scratch. we did everything on paper, They might be risks
of errors,etc. 70% of the paired bogies
ended up being unsatisfactory, which forced us to start
over the pairing process. By using the app, we are
sure that our calculation are accurate and
that the pairings are well done. DigiBogies belongs to
those great innovations that allow us to strengthen
our production processes, and make them
more reliable. We build this app, Digital Linguistic
Application (ALN), which creates a dialog
and reduce tensions with drivers that are
under time constraint. Hence, we created an
exchange platform via tablets that allow us to communicate
more easily with each other. These new tools PowerApps,
Flow and Power BI, made different business
units autonomous while using this platform. I am not a developer, but I was able to quickly
learn PowerApps. Thanks to my two
years experience creating many applications
serving local needs, I now joined eSNCF, where I am helping others at
the division and the company level. I am Cassandra Cornilleau, head of the Digital School
within eSNCF. We are proposing a curriculum
with onsite and online classes that meets the
needs of everyone and help them improve
their skills in PowerApps. For us the goal is to bring
to life even more projects by the field for the field. Today, we trained more
than 738 person, since January, on SharePoint, Power BI and
more recently on PowerApps. These classes are
going really well! I am Ludovic Malandra, I am part of the performance and
digital transformation team at SNCF. My role is to create synergy
between various groups including IT, Digital School and
business units to let them work in
a different way. to let them work in
a different way. The fact that we are a
large organization meant that we needed to put in
place governance and monitoring given us a broad view of
the adoption of the Power Platform. We quickly realized
that we needed our own store to
share our experience. In this store, we find all
the apps and theirs features. What’s important here is
to promote the most successful apps. The question that we
should keep in mind to help with this
transformation is what is the role of
the IT department ? So we worked in the
repositioning of IT under specific themes
which are: Providing meaningful
app references, Exposing important information
system via APIs, So that business units
can consume these references and APIs in
a horizontal fashion. We re-positioned IT strategy
around these themes so that it embrace this
platform and does not resist it for fear of losing its prerogative
with the business.

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