April 2, 2020
Digital Marketing Strategy: How to Create a Comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy For 2020

Digital Marketing Strategy: How to Create a Comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy For 2020

So today, you’re going to learn exactly how
to create a growth strategy from scratch. Whole bunch of reasons why you’d want to do
this. Obviously, if you’ve set massive goals for
your business and you don’t really have a plan in place to hit those goals, this is
the video for you. So stay for the whole thing because we’re
going to walk through the step by step process that you need to create a growth strategy
from the ground up. I’m Tommy Griffith from Clickminded.com, let’s
get going. Okay, so how to create your growth strategy
from scratch. So, really high level overview of what the
sales funnel is first. A lot of you already know this, but if you
don’t know this, we’re just going to breeze through this really first. You actually have to understand what a sales
funnel is in order to create a growth strategy. In general, funnels look a little bit different
based on the business and a lot of people kind of size them up in different ways, but
in general, most people look at this the same way. There’s a top of funnel, middle funnel, bottom
funnel, and a retention piece of the funnel. In general, the top is called the awareness
part of the funnel. The middle is called consideration, the bottom
is called conversion, and the very bottom kind of the converted user piece is usually
called the retention. It’s usually how a funnel looks. So let’s think a little bit about each phase
of the funnel and the metrics that we’ll be monitoring and trying to optimize for as we
move down the funnel. So first is the top of funnel, the very, very
kind of high-level stuff you do to initially grab traffic. The goals for the top of funnel are going
to be things like increasing traffic, moving users down the funnel to the next step, and
decreasing bounce rate. And the metrics that we would monitor to hit
those goals would be clicks, bounce rate, time on site, and maybe pages per session. Okay, these are kind of the high-level, top
of funnel goals and metrics. For the middle funnel. Right, so let’s talk a little bit about the
middle funnel goals and metrics. That might be things like lead generation,
email list growth, tripwire sales or low dollar product sales are the goals and the metrics
might be the opt-in percentage, the tripwire conversion percentage, or maybe just the total
absolute number of leads that are being grown on your business. The bottom funnel, let’s talk a little bit
about the bottom funnel. The goals here are going to be things like
conversions, or maybe things like lowering your cart abandoning rate, things like that. Metrics might be the average order value,
revenue per visit, number of SKUs sold, or maybe your abandon cart percentage rate are
the metrics to track there. And finally, monetization, retention, and
love. After you’ve converted users, what do you
do with them? Well, the goals with these are going to be
repeat buyers, growing the lifetime value of those users, maybe reducing churn, or maybe
the total number of user invites, or can they get some of their friends into your service
or product. The metrics you might monitor for this, something
like retention reports, customer lifetime value, or maybe net promoter score, effectively
how happy each user is. Okay, so that’s a high-level overview of the
funnel and the metrics that we optimize for in that funnel and kind of what the goals
are for each stage of that funnel. Now, I want to go through how we actually
set the growth strategy. So we’ve created a growth strategy template
for you. Go ahead and click that link down below to
Clickminded.com to grab this template for free. You can make a copy for yourself and the basic
idea here is with what we talked about in mind, kind of each stage of the funnel, the
goals and metrics of that funnel, we can take this growth strategy template, list out all
the possible ideas that we have for growth, list the area of impact that they’re in, and
then give them an impact and an ease rating. So let’s go ahead and dive into some of these
here. So we’ve listed a couple samples for you and
you can grab this template at Clickminded.com, click the link down below and go up to File
and click Make a Copy if you want a copy. So we listed out a couple of different things
that users can do in order to grow their business. So first one is launch dynamic product ads
on Facebook. Let’s say we’re an e-commerce company and,
like, okay, shoot. We haven’t done dynamic product ads on Facebook
yet. What is that worth, right? What is the impact to the business? And we see over here the area of impact is
going to be the bottom funnel. We’re an e-commerce company, the bottom of
the funnel probably makes the most sense. The impact rating, let’s say it’s about a
4, like this would be a very impactful type of thing. And let’s say we just hired and paid a lot
of money for this amazing Facebook ads. Well, then, she’s great and so we look at
the total score here is an 8, so this would be an impacted- A total score of 8 on the
bottom of the funnel. Next, we have, okay, create a content upgrade
on the blog, give people our marketing guide in exchange for an email. Area of impact here would be the middle funnel,
kind of a middle funnel tactic. The impact rating might be a 3, right. Okay. Getting a few more email addresses, how impactful
to the business would that be? About a 3 and an ease might be 4, that’s if
we already have a really good plan in place to do this. That would be a 7, right. So we would put creating a content upgrade
on the blog is actually lower priority than launching dynamic product ads on Facebook. Advertise on industry podcast and build awareness. We top of funnel. Let’s say that actually we weren’t that excited
about this one because our industry wasn’t that good, so actually down here, that’s a
2. And in ease, it’s actually pretty hard to
find podcasters now, so maybe we’ll put that down at a 1. All right, so this can actually be a rating
of 3, so we might want to drop this a little bit further down, right? Okay, launch a giveaway in partnership with
another brand. Top of funnel. Impact rate would be 5, ease would be a 3. Actually, I might put the ease at a 2, depends
on what you’re doing, and that score would be a 7 , right. So, obviously, this is incredibly contextually
specific based on your industry and your business, but the basic idea here is you can take this
template. You can list out every possible growth experiment
that you could conceive of. You can list it on the area of impact, right,
at the top, middle, or bottom funnel, and get an impact and an ease rating and it’ll
actually give you a pretty decent product roadmap. There’s more complicated ways to do this,
but my hunch is that you’re probably going to be just as well-off doing it this way,
as with a really fancy kind of very, very specific and accurate and weighted way to
do this. This is probably the best way to get started. It’s definitely the 80-20 in getting started
for your growth strategy. So I hope that’s useful. If it was helpful and if you learned something
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comment from you. What did you think? Will this be helpful for your growth strategy? Go ahead and leave a comment now. I read every single one. Finally, if you want this exact growth strategy
template along with all the other growth strategy stuff that we have on our site, go ahead and
click that link down below to Clickminded.com right now to get your downloadable template
for free. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Love how simple you made this. Lots of ‘gurus’ would be charging for this haha! Thanks and I look forward to more videos.

  2. I don’t understand the point of it? So I have a score? Then do I only focus on the ones that score the highest? I mean I don’t understand what’s the point of this exercise…what will it do for me.

  3. your videos are always a good learning experience and at the same time, the way you organize them makes them easy to watch. Great stuff, Thank you!

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    Thanks for the lessons.
    i was wondering if you could help us with finding optimal keywords for amazon products. For organic as well as sponsored posts. Thanks once again.

  5. Love this video man, this would have been way more helpful compared to those university classes I took! I love how you score different variables, it reminds of a saying my professor said "What doesn't get measured doesn't get managed"

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