April 4, 2020
Digital Marketing Strategy – 7 Ways to Build Your Digital Presence

Digital Marketing Strategy – 7 Ways to Build Your Digital Presence

– Today we’re gonna talk about seven ways to build your digital
presence coming up next. We help small businesses grow with our marketing and
design, talent and technology, through our number one
platform Marketing 360. We call marketing and
design Mad and we love Mad, and hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with Mad too. So make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand. The first thing we’re gonna talk about is developing a
conversion-based web design. Now you may have colors, and logos, and styles that you prefer. They may be different than what I prefer, or what your customers prefer, or what your spouse
prefers, or your partner. Now what you prefer, honestly,
it doesn’t really matter. We’re building a website that needs to focus on your customers,
and at the end of the day, by focusing on your customers,
making the website easy for them deal with, making the brand exude through your design and
through your assets, making it very simple for
them to take the action you wanna take, creates
a convertible web design. Now that’s not to say
that you can’t, you know, inject your own desires
or your own preferences into the design, you should. It’s your brand, it’s your business. But keep in mind, what you like may not be what other people like, and at the end of the day, by having a conversion-based web design, you increase your opportunity to grow your business and increase your sales. The second step is to invest
in your SEO and your PPC. Now, a lot of people will
get worried about this because it’s generally
going to require cash or an infusion of an investment. So, keep in mind, this is
where your marketing pays off. This is something to
really pay attention to. By investing in your SCO long term, you can develop a higher
ranking, a better ranking on Google, and Bing, and
any other search engine. This is very valuable for you because you want to rank highly, and you want to take
that digital real estate. The more real estate you have, the less real estate
your competitors have. Additionally, this builds trust, and trust is key when you’re
trying to develop relationships and increase sales with your customers. Second, focus on your pay per
click advertising, your PPC. This is a pay-to-play game,
but statistically speaking, more people are gonna
interact with the ads on top of a Google search result, or Bing, or really anywhere else that
you’re listing your ads. They’re gonna interact on there, and this is a great way to guarantee that you can be on top
and in front of them when they intend to find you. Invest here, and it will
pay dividends in the future. The next step is retargeting. You’ve driven people to your
website, it’s conversion-based. You’ve been investing in
your SCO and your PPC. Now, you need to focus on making sure that these people are
coming back to your site. Statistically, 97% of
people that visit your site for a first time are not
going to take the action that you desire for them to take. They’re not gonna buy, they’re
not gonna fill out a form, they’re not gonna interact
with your business. On average, it takes about
seven times for a consumer to see your brand, your logo,
or a business asset of yours, before they trust you enough
to give you their information, or to take the action that you want. By investing in retargeting
and building that list, you can assure that you are bringing people back to your website,
and increasing your value. Next, you’ll wanna focus
on your online reputation. This is key. 87% of people will not
interact with a brand, meaning they won’t purchase from you, they won’t give you their information, if you have no reviews. 87% You built the website, you’ve been investing in your marketing, you’ve been investing in
driving them back to your site, but if you don’t have reviews
and a great online reputation, all of that is a waste. Make sure that you’re focusing on having a great online reputation. Making sure you have reviews all across different review platforms like Google My Business and Facebook. Another great opportunity
is TopRatedLocal.com. This allows you a free
profile and a great way to generate reviews,
plus aggregate reviews, from all of the other platforms. Fantastic way for customers to understand who you are, what you do, and
why they should trust you. Next, invest in your content. Specifically, invest in videos. Videos are your 24/7 salesperson. You can take as much time as you need to develop your perfect sales pitch. You can have as many time and time again of reading the script, and
starting from the beginning, and trying new things,
and trying new locations, until you nail it. Once you’ve nailed it,
you put that video up on your social platforms,
up on your website, up on your conversion pages,
and you have a 24-hour salesman that is using the exact
pitch that you want to drive customers
through the sales process. Now, additionally, this is a great way to get people to interact with your brand, especially if it’s you
in front of the camera. They’re able to see who you
are, what you stand for, what you’re trying to accomplish,
and how you can help them. Videos also rank highly
on Google and YouTube. So, if you’re building up
your content base of videos, and you’re building up this content or this foundation of information that you can provide to your customers, your building trust,
you’re building SCO value, and really, at the end of the day, you’re providing a
service to your customers that will make them trust you and wanna work with you in the future. Next, focus on your social media. These are free platforms for you to set up and all they do is expand your digital real estate and your presence. 57% of consumers say that social media influences their shopping behaviors. Now you don’t just have
to be an e-commerce or online business owner to
take advantage of social media. Because of the opportunity to reach people and communicate with people on a platform that they’re familiar with, that they already have trust with, this is your chance to extend and expand your marketing reach without really investing an awful lot of money. Now, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t invest financially into your social media, but primarily, especially
in the beginning, you wanna be investing in your content by producing videos, by
interacting with people, by providing information
for them be it statistics, or pictures of projects that you’ve done, information on your e-commerce
products, anything like that. By investing in your social media, this gives you an
extension of your website and really allows you to kind
of get in front of people while they’re not really looking for you, but their behaviors, their intentions, their socio-economic status, anything else you can learn about your customers, you use that information to make sure that you’re in front of
them when they need you. Next, stay ahead of the
competition by utilizing a CRM. Now if you’re a business
that’s just starting out, using a CRM, or a Customer
Relationship Manager, is a really, really powerful
way to avoid needing to stock up on all
those yellow legal pads. By avoiding this, and stepping
away from the analog world, you’re able to build automation
into your sales processes. You’re able to really
invest in spending time with your customers instead
of investing all that time working on your customers and
trying to identify your data. By focusing on all of this,
you’re able to really extend your business and grow your brand without spending a lot of time on things that don’t really mean a lot. Now, if you’re an existing business and you’re needing to move to a CRM, there can be a couple
of complications there. You have to retrain your staff, you have to learn how a CRM works. But I implore you, look into this as a fantastic opportunity
to grow your business. Everybody is working towards a CRM. This is the movement that
marketing is headed towards. If you are not getting on the ball, and moving along with this technology, you are gonna be left behind, and your competition will outstrip you. Get involved, get a CRM first, and get ahead of everybody else. Now, we do have a free CRM that we built for small businesses, and you can check that out at marketing360.com. It’s free, it’s free for life,
and you should sign up today. Finally, stay educated. We’ve created a webinar
specifically on this series and on these tips, and you
can view that a m360.us/67a. Again, m360.us/67a. It’s about a 30-40 minute long webinar. We go really into detail and in depth on these different tips and strategies, as well as some others. Take a chance, view
that, educate yourself, and your business will flourish. I wanna thank you guys
so much for watching. If you have other ideas
or anything else that you’d like us to work on, more
videos that we can produce, please let us know. Like, share, comment, and
if there’s anything else we can help you with, we’re here for you. I wanna thank you so much for watching, and happy marketing. (upbeat music)

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