April 10, 2020
Digital Marketing News 7-26-2019: What’s the One Thing B2B Buyers Will Pay More For?

Digital Marketing News 7-26-2019: What’s the One Thing B2B Buyers Will Pay More For?

Welcome to the digital marketing news.
I’m Tiffani Allen, and with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite. Hmm, I
like to add just a little bit of gravitas like take up a little more
space really um speaking of things that are going to take up less space soon
Facebook is changing their mobile newsfeed adds
potentially a big deal for marketers this is going to in a positive way let’s
say it’s going to challenge our creativity and encourage us to be more
economical with the the words that we use because and used to show up to seven
lines of text Wow however Facebook is like seven lines of text no one can live
at that speed so now they’re only going to show three yeah so less than half
cutting it down our users can click through to show more it’s not clear
right now whether that’s going to count as an engagement or not for purposes of
charging you money but that’s possibility the other thing that we need
to be aware of is photos and videos are going to be cropped to a four by five
display ratio so that’s a little bit more narrow than what we’re used to
gonna show a little bit less of your image so keep your information in the
middle of your image which you should have been doing anyway and you shouldn’t
have any trouble of that and just make your words make every word count yeah
well we got these changes are scheduled to hit on August 19th we should point
out that Facebook has not officially announced them but to the people who
have been experiencing them and testing them are making that claim so if it
doesn’t happen blame them yeah no there’s nothing wrong with making your
ads more compelling in shorter Emer no one’s gonna be mad about that you
know there’s more social media news in this world there’s more than just
Facebook ok really so Twitter you guys remember that from
last week so they’re redesigning their UI are they dead yeah so if you logged
into Twitter at any point this week you’re probably like where’s all my
stuff it’s on the left basically is what happened so they have more white space
now less gray on the feed on the shortcuts are now on the
left side of your screen instead of the top your compose a tweet is still kind
of in the same area which thank goodness for that
and the explore tab will now include different kinds of content so before was
like hashtags you follow the stuff you might like and now it might be live
video personalized local content so there could be a way to optimize for
sure for sure so you know optimizing for Twitter including relevant hashtags all
that good stuff is still gonna be important but is this gonna make Twitter
more relevant is this going to upset the internet gods and make everyone angry it
already has a little so keep an eye on it maybe it’ll change maybe it won’t but
I encourage you to log in and get to know where everything is so the next
time you open it you’re not lost right and if you’re on mobile then you won’t
notice the difference no this is trying to regain a little more the desktop
market by well making it look like it was designed by cranky toddlers frankly
they’re not but like any UI change its going to look horrible until we’re
totally used to it and then they’ll change it again so the faster we can do
that process the better sure you know what as another good way though to get
people to look at your stuff tell me besides being on the new Twitter
shot influencer marketing oh is it thing turns out when we talk
about influencer marketing I always find it fascinating to see what the b2c world
is doing there because we have a different take and I’ll talk about that
in a second but first I read a lovely report on influencer marketing and they
said that spend on b2c influencers is growing ever so slightly by 83% oh
that’s a little bit year-over-year right brands spent a total of four hundred and
forty two million that’s worth two million dollars in q2 I feel like a
walrus thank you but so these are b2c
influencers they’re primarily on Instagram
people are still fucking money at them regardless of how many op-eds there are
about the other death of influencer marketing so this is despite the fact
that of course there are some troubles in this growing industry there’s fake
followers sometimes as much as 50% of an influencer followers might be bot Jake
be OTS or be ough T ah possibly both there’s also some
with clearly labeling contents of people know that it is sponsored and of course
difficulty measuring ROI for marketers so even though all of those things are
truly influencer market is booming but we at operate marketing we do b2b
influencer marketing we approach it a little differently sure do we think of
it not as paying a celebrity for an endorsement which is basically what
these things are but finding people who are relevant to your audience are
respected by your audience have the ability to move your audience and we
want to find those people and co-create content with them that we’re both going
to want to share and when we do it right everybody wins and we’re not just kind
of checking money people we’re developing relationships that can last
quite a long time for you know if it’s helpful you can chuck money at me okay
if you want just throwing that out there always open to that okay well I didn’t
carry cash so it’d just be like throw the debit card and then come pick it up
what’s your PIN okay great but you know what influencer marketing is really good
for what brand awareness that’s true oh my gosh
so new survey from Marvin software shows that the top priorities for marketers
this year are increasing brand awareness mm-hmm and enhancing customer experience
oh yeah so that makes sense making folks aware of your brand but also in a good
way right okay um so 20% of respondents say they are embracing omni-channel
marketing in social media okay they’re optimizing paid search that’s their top
priority for for the year about 19% said that but when it comes to digital ad
spend paid search was the winner reporting 40% of all ad spend budgets
and comparison with social media paid social is about 20% of that budget oh
and that’s followed by a display YouTube mobile and Amazon which is kind of funny
because display YouTube and mobile could all be run through paid search oh I’ve
been on the internet once um but it’s interesting that Amazon is creeping into
this and it is before other so ecommerce ads are strictly almost Amazon ads there
was no mention of Google shopping in this report but something to think about
as you’re trying to reach your audience paid search is taking up quite a bit of
that budget that space that might make it more competitive you might need to
think about increasing that budget but also thinking about other channels
that maybe aren’t so competitive where people star like Twitter or Instagram if
you happen to be a lifestyle influencer yes but if you are trying to target a
b2b audience oh you know what you really have to do that you may not have thought
you had to do before no personalization yeah at it I should
have said beautifully Allen because then you would feel like I was speaking
directly to you and you would be people tend to like that and it turns out the
people who buy stuff over b2b are people oh yes they don’t blow your mind a
knowledge bomb for all y’all but there was a recent survey of over 1,000 b2b
procurement and purchasing leaders hmm this was conducted by Hannover Research
and folks called pros and that’s the great yeah PR OS all caps so pros okay
found that 64% of the these folks would switch to a vendor that offers real-time
personalized pricing so pricing is important depending on your shopping
history depending on your demographic 60% said personalizing offers gives them
more value from vendors and the big one though is over half would pay higher
prices for tailored product and service recommendations no they people are
seeing the value of being more relevant and that falls directly to marketing I
feel a great 93 percent of these folks that’s a lot yeah that is a lot so they
at least desired personalized pricing and incentives around like 40 percent so
they need it side note to what it’s a it’s right it’s at least one ninety two
percent said that they want personalized recommendations so not just pricing with
racks as well about the same there so they need it one challenge for
personalization is that only 30% are making more than half of their purchases
on digital platforms so it you just don’t do require some humans off skills
if you’re going to be making personalized recommendations really hard
you say it’s hard to personalize a paper catalog versus like a websites and it’s
definitely job here’s your brochure Stan does yours yeah
yeah that’s that’s a little easier online but the number is growing so a
couple years ago was about 15% my folks are making those purchases
online now we’re up to 30 in these two years and then you know within the next
year so two years we might be up to 44 percent even we don’t know I think we’re
heading towards that tipping point yeah would be to be purchased as they’re
gonna be happening online which is great because that’s where we have all the
data and we have all the information to help these people to their purchase
decision very true all right well that is all the digital
marketing news we have for you today we’ll be back with more news next week
except for me I’ll be on vacation on a boat in the Sun oh my gosh um but if you
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that’s a 90 e WRI T yes because I do have a sense of duty and loyalty I will
be here with you next week regardless even if I have to be here by myself and
then afterwards I will be behind Tiffany’s boat with a little harpoon to
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