April 6, 2020
Digital Marketing News 12-28-2018: Millennial Shopping Habits, Social Media Marketing & More

Digital Marketing News 12-28-2018: Millennial Shopping Habits, Social Media Marketing & More

welcome to the digital marketing news
I’m Joshua Nite all by myself in the office after everyone has gone home for
a New Year’s Eve party that I can only assume they have lost my invitation to
no I’m kidding I I want to be here and I want to be here with you for the very
last news report of 2018 thank you very much for everyone who has watched all of
these or even some of these or even told somebody about them and if you did all
of those things then you yes you are my very personal favorite but in this
week’s news we have some kind of interesting developments in social media
Instagram can caused a major I think the scientific word is kerfuffle when they
rolled out a tinder style scrolling version of their app it kind of turned
the thing 90 degrees so instead of that soothing vertical scroll we’re used to
it turned into a horizontal thing we had to swipe and tap to interact with things
and marketers will click to go that’s interesting that could change the way
that we interact with ads on the platform
most of instagrams users were quick to go what and they did it very loudly and
very frequently for a couple of hours and then Instagram said that the whole
thing was a bug and that that was not a UI change those in development however
that does kind of smell like a little quiet test of a new scrolling feature
and regardless of how people felt about it if Instagram decides that’s the way
they’re gonna go that’s the way they’re gonna go so I thought that was
interesting especially because another news story found that Instagram is
leading more engagement with real-world advertising so it turns out the ad
returned on something like a billboard or a mural or an installation outside is
not great for just physical interaction with it but if you make something that
is grama ball as the kids call it or snap bubble chattable chaps Ngata ball
perhaps then that can actually be a huge boost in engagement for example Spotify
did a thing where they took a station in the new
underground and they turned it into a mural of David Bowie it was a beautiful
art installation but it was intended to promote their nearby a museum exhibit of
David Bowie memorabilia what they found was they reached 50 million people on
social without any paid amplification so anytime you can do that
that is something worth paying attention to Nielsen actually did a study they
found that one in four of adults have posted a photo on Instagram of an
outdoor add and outdoor advertising is actually the top platform for driving
Instagram posts so that this was interesting this goes back to what we’re
always saying that the make quality content make it share-worthy and people
want to share it and that goes for a billboard just as much as a blog
speaking of billboards blogs and snapchat snapchat did a recent study
about how Millennials and the mysterious creatures known as Gen Z like to shop so
they studied thousand and three people these are folks in between the ages of
18 and 34 or as I call them children but they found that 73% of these folks
prefer to use a debit or credit card when they shop only a 34% carry under
twenty-five dollars in cash which seemed like a high number because I don’t carry
cash anymore do you does anyone I can pay my babysitter with
Apple pay I certainly don’t carry cash but 35 34 percent carry under 25 percent
the rest of them carry a little bit more Apple pay and Google pay use are both on
the rise and the conclusion was that the future is this kind of brick and mobile
experience so gen Z and Millennials are more comfortable with that mobile
commerce but they still love an in-person experience so it speaks to the
way that marketers can interact with them it has to be the whole package you
can’t really neglect any aspect of it and it has to be seamless from the cell
phone into reality now speaking of Millennials something about the end of
the year causes everyone to be very very interested in Millennials I can’t wait
until they’re over 40 and then they can be ignored as deeply and thoroughly as I
am by advertising but there was a great study recently that’s
Winkler commissioned sprinkler the social media platform and it was by the
to Luna group did the survey of 1255 adults the 1256 actually turned out to
be gen Xer in disguise so they had to throw him out but 1255 adults who use
social media and there was an interesting commentary on customer
experience + marketing + social media so 70 % of these millennial twitter users
said that they have used social to comment on the quality of customer
service and 73.7% said they were less likely to buy from a
brand that has negative comments from other consumers on social media
platforms now all this makes a big difference because 67% said they’ve
chosen to buy a product because of a brand interaction on social media and
62% those sort of increase in personalization of responses is the top
way that brands can improve customer care on social so I think all these
results show that social media still matters for marketing and for customer
experience that people are more likely to trust a brand that can interact in a
personalized fashion in real time can be timely can be relevant can make them
feel like there is an authentic reaction and relationship going on there well
that’s all I have for you and for 2018 thanks again for tuning in you can find
us on top ranked on Twitter at top-ranked you can find me at nitrites
that’s an ite WRI tes and please do check out the top ranked blog for all of
the marketing tips trends and techniques that you need for 2019 and beyond thanks
for tuning in we’ll see you next year you

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