April 9, 2020
Digital Marketing Funnel Tools Compared: Act On vs Infusionsoft

Digital Marketing Funnel Tools Compared: Act On vs Infusionsoft

In this video I am going to do this
marketing software comparison Act On versus Infusionsoft.
Why marketing automation to begin with? And what to expect from the best
automation software the roots of marketing automation can be found in
email marketing it is software that allows the marketer to automate
repetitive tasks exclude human error manage complexity and measure and
optimize all marketing actions it boils down to benefiting from the leverage
technology and Big Data provide when it comes to a/b split testing, campaign
optimization, follow-up messaging via autoresponder, behavioral targeting and
much more. So what is the role of marketing automation systems? A marketing automation system does not only take care of that, it also covers lead
nurturing which helps helps the business to convert inbound traffic from the
marketing funnel into sales and is supposed to let indirect potential
customers through the sales funnel process while establishing strong
relationships at the same time automated advertising refers to automate online
advertising actions which frees resources for other important parts of
the business which cannot be automated. Shall Act On versus Infusionsoft
compared to help you to find which marketing funnel builder software as a
marketing automation tool is suited best for your needs and requirements. Let’s
start with Act On. Act on is a marketing automation software built for all major
marketing campaign tasks which consists of three modules professional services
act on inbound and act on map the features include lead segmentation lead
scoring predictive analytical forecasting invoicing AV testing
membership site builder social media posting in bulk in social customer
relationship management system sales notifications in real time what could be
improved is the limited customization options of to the user and the limited number of lists that it can be connected within
the CRM Microsoft Dynamics. Act On does not provide website tracking SMS
messaging to a CRM cinching event management quote creation and it does
not have a mobile app. It integrates with lead friendly outlook, Oracle natsu ID,
Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics. It has neither a zippy or norris a less force
integration.Now let’s take a look at Infusionsoft, which by the way has been
renamed to Keap. infusionsoft / Keap – later referred to as Infusionsoft – is used by
over 23,000 small business owners that need their businesses to get organized
save time and increased revenue. Infusionsoft was built exclusively for
small businesses. Whether a business is based online only for a retail
storefront on a physical street or a hybrid version of both infusionsoft
really cuts it. The user is able to use its numerous streamlined integrations to
connect it with literally every third party software use the tool to map out
each step of the sales and marketing strategy as well as automate repetitive
tasks such as follow up. With Infusionsoft it is possible to nurture leads, scale
personal interactions with clients through behavioral messaging and its
marketplace is full of beautiful templates there is also an option to
start from scratch just in case of business wants to create its own
Infusionsoft also allows to centralize all customer interactions and daily
activities in one place get new leads, turn them into customers, sell more
online and collect payment using one centralized system and improved
productivity. Infusionsoft is a cloud-based service that coordinates all
the tasks many companies and entrepreneurs would prefer not to manage
themselves allowing users increased sales stay organized and save time when
processing basic business tasks by automating sales and marketing efforts
of a business. Infusionsoft enables the user to have consistent brand awareness
throughout all campaigns and individualized client experiences this
system is proven to boost reputation provide professional and efficient
service by centralized contact information storage. Infusionsoft
enhances the efficiency of sales groups and eliminates redundant tasks.
Data can be accessed from multiple various devices including but not
limited to smartphones and tablets and is completely secure. The platform fully
integrates with powerful marketing tools to connect with leads through social
media email and offline channels to create engagement interaction and
relationships enrich leads. Infusionsoft provides ecommerce tools needed to
create a storefront or order pages invoicing and collections and do-post
purchase follow-up. Infusionsoft combines all these features mentioned above – all
of which a company needs – into one efficient platform Infusionsoft Pro
automates sales marketing and business processes customizable lead capture
forms allow lead segmentation into smart lists the campaign builder allows
workflow creation that automatically triggers personalized – email sequences
all based on customer actions. Like this clients do feel taken care of and looked
after. feel free to share and subscribe to this channel so that you stay tuned
when it comes to content marketing platform comparison with more relevant
information to come.

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