April 7, 2020
Destination Not Working – Google Ads (2019) / Destination Issues Troubleshooter [English]

Destination Not Working – Google Ads (2019) / Destination Issues Troubleshooter [English]

If you have a Destination not working disapproval
in your Google Ads account it means there is or there was something wrong with your
landing page. Let’s see how to find the problem. First of all make sure you use a Google Chrome
browser. Google Ads is optimized for Google Chrome
and besides this it has a great tool to check your website and find the disapproval reason. If you don’t have a Google Chrome on your
computer pause the video now and get the link from the description of this video where you
can safely download it for free. If you already are using Google Chrome browser
and have your disapproved ad in front of you then click on the blue headline of the ad. Here. It will redirect you to your landing page. Now you click on the 3 dots in the top right
corner and choose More tools and then Developer tools. Make sure you clicked on the Network tab,
here, on the top. Now you just need to refresh your page as
it is to get the result. If you have anything here marked with red
that is definitely something that Google considers as a problem and it prevents you from mrunning
your ads. Another way to find potential problems with
your website is to visit uptrends.com. It’s a website monitoring website which has
some free features. SO here on the top click on the Free Tools
and then go to Uptime Check on the traffic light icon. And here you got a box you can paste your
URL. So now we go back to our disapproved landing
page. Copy the URL and then paste it into Uptrends
and then Start Test. It could take a while. Until it loads it’s good to know that it’s
really important that all the advertised pages must be able to load from everywhere on the
planet. So we don’t need to target the whole world
from Google Ads, but the advertised pages must be reachable from every possible location
and this is a very strict Google Ads policy. So this is what Uptrends can check for you
for free. And if you see here anything with red it means
that from that location your URL is not reachable. And this is definitely a disapproval reason. YOu can also find the link to uptrends.com
in the description below this video. In the next videos we are gonna talk about
what to do if my newly created ads got stuck in Under Review and how to make sure that
my accouont is protected from invalid clicks.

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