April 9, 2020

9 thoughts on “Designing for the Web with Flutter (Flutter Interact ’19)

  1. I love what is being done and can't wait for a release version. When I put one of my apps on web, I ran into three issues. The biggest cloud firestore didn't work with web so I had to rewrite that part with a different plugin, the second bug I hit was I had to write code to interact with stripe directly instead of using one of their libraries, it sounds like you may have fixed that issue with your third party plugin part. Finally the scrolling physics are off compared to web browser scrolling for listviews. I hope that can be fixed because it's pretty jarring how different it is. Other than that, I was able to get the app working so great job, especially for such an early preview edition!

  2. Flutter web is great but What about server side rendering, indexeddb,localstorage and SPA. Flutter uses route so it pushes one screen on other. Any thoughts on integration with existing javascript library, how does flutter manipulates the Dom? Also has Flutter integrated with WASM?

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