April 5, 2020

100 thoughts on “Democratic Super PAC Set To Air New Anti-Trump Ads In Key States | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Rachel – why did you interview Lanny Davis when you know that he was working for Dmytro Firtash?

    When Lanny Davis was getting $80,000 pre month from Firtash – did you believe anything he said?

  2. Whoever wrote/produced those ads should be sacked immediately. Swinging with whiffle ball bats. And missing. My god. What Guy said in 20 seconds was more powerful than what was presented in the two ads combined.

  3. Affordable health care…???!!!

    Health care shouldn't be affordable, as an human being, you should just be able to have it…
    Medicare for All….

  4. Two hundred million is pocket change for one of the American oligarchs like Koch and Mercer families demonic plot to overthrow our Democratic republic and backed by the apostate tyrannical Evangelical mockers of God's righteousness and justice, YouTube the plot to overthrow FDR,it is in full swing

  5. Too bad those quotes are out of context. No Demonrat has even a slightest chance of beating Trump. They need to weed out all of the corrupt and evil that infested the party. Sorry Demonrats, until you do just that you will never have a president.

  6. Don't sweet it… give me $1 million and I will insure every American get educated enough to never elect someone like Trump!
    Including making sure he does not Hack the Election or corrupt the Election Administration.
    Actually, Democrats have start sabotaging themselves … except Bernie all candidates claim they want the ELITE to select their nominee!
    Trump won by arguing against the ELITE.

  7. President Trump has convinced his base that he has kept his campaign promises among them: building the wall, bringing back manufacturing, steel, coal, a better health care program than Obama-care, end the endless wars….what has he done besides install a family dynasty of stooges who have no idea how to govern. He tweets. He is clueless about statesmanship. Huckster business man skill set does not transfer to leader of the free world YO! Listen up MAGA people. Your man has failed.

  8. No matter how much criticism Trump receives it will be money down the drain. Trump supporters see these advertisements as more left wing socialist attacks and will harden their resolve to get him back for a second term.

  9. How can anyone consider themselves real Americans when they want a president that cheats America. He doesn't pay his bills, taxes or serve this country. His country is Russia.

  10. Don't just put up TV ads, because one can always turn off the TV. BILLBOARDS! All over the highways in the purple states, and make them as insulting as possible.

  11. Perhaps many of you remember back to the election in 2018 I asked people not to take their iPhones with them into the voting halls because Putin and Trump would try to manipulate the vote counts through the voting machines and our iPhones. Thousands of you heeded my advice in 2018. A couple months afterwards it was revealed that they were doing just what I said they would do.THEY WILL TRY IT AGAIN THIS ELECTION. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PHONES WITH YOU TO THE VOTING HALLS, leave your phone in the off position when you go to vote. Trump and Putin are trying to take the 2020 election through the phone lines again. They had a practice run at the IOWA CAUCUS. That I think turned out very well for them. To assure your vote is not tampered with, turn your phone off and leave it at home when you go to vote. Its that simple. PASS THIS ON..PLEASE !! Our Democracy is at stake. I was right then and I am right this time too. PLEEEEEZE PASS THIS ON !!

  12. I hope the ads help to get rid of this insane president.
    Get out and vote blue. We need to win this election and
    take this country back. I'll be voting against every republican 
    running for the senate or congress.


  14. One commercial ad,you won't see,is a middle aged ,single,male.Trump's,lead," I love the Uneducated. "-Trump.,base,no accountable,like,Dictator,Trump.

  15. Ads should be designed for basic voters who do not follow politics daily.
    Show footage of Trump saying one thing against Hilary, then show him doing that very thing.
    Show trump criticizing trump footage.
    Show Trump has no re-election plans for healthcare, deficit, infrastructure, etc.

  16. So give the proof that the hacking etc. is going on and that Trump is a guilty liar, will you? PUT UP OR SHUT UP. Where's the beef??? Expose the criminal and what laws he has broken and how he should be brought to justice. Ignore the DOJ memo – it's just some crook's nonsense? Yes!

  17. Its imperative that Trump is beaten in 2020!! He's cutting Social Security , medicare , snap programs, the CDC . His new budget is a disaster for anyone but the rich. We have enough nuclear war power to self destruct ten times over but he's funneling even more to what.. nuclear weapons not our military families NO…more weapons. Trump is a sociopath. Putting our money Not to actual space exploration but to military force in space and denies the fact we need to protect our planet and the lives here on earth.

  18. It is blatantly obvious trump* is mentally incompetent. He needs to be removed! Those who enable him will destroy their own careers, like several before them and, or end up in jail. How are these supposedly intelligent people so naive? Are they being bribed and, or blackmailed? This looks more like a dictatorship every day! Many years ago, Kruezchev predicted the USA would “ come, like lambs to the slaughter”. Looks like Putin is trying to make that happen. WAKE UP, Senators! REMOVE the maniac!

  19. Meanwhile in India…..

    120,000 over full to capacity crowd wanting to see President Trump just like here in U.S.A. at Trump Rally's.

  20. Hey guy why does the Democratic centrist party in the house keep passing trumps policies yet pretend to dislike him? You act like your for the working class but you oppose Bernie Sanders. If you want to discuss ego you should check your own first.

  21. Rachael has one fantastic big brain. We need as much brain as we can get….in this republican environment where there are none.

  22. We want Bernie Sanders supporters to attack the do nothing mayor pete, every chance he gets he attacks bernie suitability to be president

  23. The first ad about per-existing conditions is really too soft. The second one is slightly sharper, with Trump slurring over the words: « I can do whatever I want » but I think more emphasis on Trump’s promising one thing and then the opposite, or on his lies vs the facts, would be more striking hence more efficient.

  24. Unfortunately you need big money nowadays to compete with the GOP & their alt. reality media (FOX) ,billionaire oligarchs & industry insiders so, …..
    More power too them !
    VOTE TRUMP OUT IN 2020 !!!

  25. Priorities USA
    If Trump had his way, 133 million people with pre-existing health conditions like Amy might not be able to afford insurance while big corporations get huge tax breaks.

  26. Priorities USA
    If Trump had his way, 133 million people with pre-existing health conditions like Amy might not be able to afford insurance while big corporations get huge tax breaks.

  27. Priorities USA
    If Trump had his way, 133 million people with pre-existing health conditions like Amy might not be able to afford insurance while big corporations get huge tax breaks.

  28. Priorities USA
    If Trump had his way, 133 million people with pre-existing health conditions like Amy might not be able to afford insurance while big corporations get huge tax breaks.

  29. I don't understand how anyone's behind Trump. He can do whatever he wants and people will still support him… If anyone is looking for a little comic relief, please check out my adult parody book, Grumpy Trumpy. Partial proceeds are being donated to the IRC, which aids in humanitarian crises..https://www.amazon.com/Grumpy-Trumpy-Bad-Hombre-Parody/dp/1651757887/ref=sr_1_14?keywords=parody&qid=1582678972&sr=8-14

  30. @Michele Engel – "These ads need to state the facts…" ??? These Liberal Propaganda Ads are ALL Dishonest Anti-Trump BS. We don't expect any Truth coming from this Democratic Super PAC. These Ads are geared to Mislead the American Public against our Duly-elected President. It's a travesty that Corrupt and Dishonest people of the Left are so Morally Bankrupt to the point of Spewing FAKE, FALSE and Misleading propaganda in order to Stir up the Fragile Emotions of Easily-manipulated Liberal DOLTS everywhere. It is Totally DISGUSTING!

  31. We have to vote out as many Republicans as possible to change this – they are promoting and enabling trump and Barr.

  32. I would love to see Dems run ads of people who voted for trump in 2016 and who are changing parties now to vote for Dems because of all his lies and how they affected them.. Are you listening DNC?: Those are the ads you need to run..

  33. Oh I see. A stupid pac. Cause you think millions of people are as stupid as you who work for MSNBC are. Get a clue. Your lies are all without any real credible evidence. Just speculation because you feel it goes against your ideal as to what is right . What is right for you , dosent meet the standards of the true majority of the leagle american citizens. So the true majority can and will ignore , your pathetic lies. We are true to our country . We will not be swayed by any interlopers, who seem to belive that there are no true american citizens ,left in thease United States of America. Do not tread on me. And curb your tongue when you preach your lies against this Republic. For your getting close to opening a Giant can of Whoopass. Be of good faith. And be ever vigilant. And forever belive in the Constitution of thease United States. For we are the Republic. And we shall overcome , any and all incursions upon this land. Be they an externally or internally provoked aggressions.They shall ,and will be dealt with in an aggressive manner. For we must and will protect the rights of the people of this Republic under God. We will not let a piece of shiff, nore the tantrums of the allowed to stay far too long progressives. To shape the direction of America. Nore will we allow our own belifes to be overlooked by a few disrespectful, overbearing progressives ,who belive in nothing but what thier handlers tell them too. We know what makes up a man . We know what makes up a women. Any thing else is all made up. There are only two,2,genders. The last two people on earth, would be the last two people on earth. If they were both males. Or they were both females. Argue me that you hopeless people. For you are not only arguing with the word. But you are deceiving yourself.

  34. The 2nd ad was chaotic, unfocused, hard to follow, and ineffective, & I have had graduate studies in media analysis. The general public probably will.find it even harder to follow. In fact, it did N0T effectively link Trump with any of the problems. It only linked him with power. Americans actually LIKE president's who are comfortable holding power. I would say the 2nd ad was so badly done that it is either worthless or counter-productive.
    Why show him bragging rather that hating or not being able to talk linking two words together or unable to link two ideas together?
    Don't show him powerful; show him failing at stuff. He fails at stuff all the time.

  35. The biggest winner in this Election Cycle is the economy these fellas both republicans and democrats are spending huge bar the effects of corona virus the economy is going to finish the strong in 2020

  36. The money they spend in ads all these politicians could feed the world with the donations. Insane. They should keep money out of politics

  37. Trump so easily lies to people because he doesn't respect them. He so whopperly lies to his base because he despises them like the rest of us.

  38. I hope people stop thinking of states being battleground or not. Texas could really flip. Louisiana regularly elects dem governors, the votes are there to win it, the left voters just give up and they dont have to

  39. Gonna be fun to see Bernie and the New Dems start cleaning up the shitpile these corporate aristocrats have turned DC into…..there will be be a lot of shrieking, whining, and job hunting.

  40. They need to be airing in every state..and tell his clan why he's complaining about Iran not fighting ISIS anymore.. Because he slaughtered Soleimani and Mohandas, the Generals who were commanding the front line.. So their militia were re-called to protect their own borders.

  41. The first ad is fairly effective. The second ad is cluttered and confusing and does not effectively communicate the destruction 45's policys have done. Though I don't support him, look to Bloomberg's ads for how to communicate this message.

  42. First ad is good. Second add is to scattered. Too much in the ad and people won't hear the individual points. Stick to one or two issues per ad tops and people will get the sound bite.

  43. He gave the Democrats enough verbal ammunition last time to sink his boat but they didn't use any of it. They were playing nice, tRump was playing dirty. So don't be dopes this time. Use what he says against him, do it with videos of him saying his nasty rhetoric, and do it often, more often, and all of the time.

  44. Let me just point out that the "trailer" the Dems put out featuring Adam Schiff during the impeachment trial was probably the STRONGEST ad I've seen Dems put out. They may want to put it in heavy rotation..EVERY WHERE

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