March 29, 2020
Deliver Ads to the Right People, Right Places

Deliver Ads to the Right People, Right Places

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(light scratching) Hello there, I’m Marika, and thanks to my friends at Facebook, I’m here to explain the science
behind digital marketing. Let’s talk about automatic placements. Now, you probably spend a lot
of time on the ads you create in your quest to convert
clicks into customers. With so much time and energy
devoted to your ad campaign, you probably wanna place those ads into the most optimal channels, right? When you let your advertising
platform place ads for you rather than manually
choosing where they appear, that’s called automatic placement. So instead of manually deciding to deliver ads on one channel or another, you can let the system
decide where you’ll get the most value based
on your campaign goals and deliver ads accordingly. Automatic placements are designed to automatically deliver your ads where they’ll give you
better overall performance. So what makes automatic
placements a good choice? To answer that, let’s back
up and talk basic economics, supply and demand. Don’t worry, I’ll make this quick. When the amount of corn
available in the world goes up, its price goes down. When it’s the opposite and
there’s less corn available, the price goes up. How does that relate the digital ads? Here’s an example. Let’s say Jasper’s
market sets up a campaign with a goal of increasing conversions from potential customers,
like our friend Susan. But instead of using automatic placements, they set the ad to run only on one surface and then, (gasp) oh no! They don’t see the increase
in conversions they wanted. Why? Well, there’s a good chance
the ads aren’t getting placed where Susan actually spends her time. Jasper’s market might
think she’s on one channel, say a mobile photo sharing app, when she’s actually elsewhere, like her local newspaper’s website. But with automatic placements, Jasper’s market has a better chance of finding Susan wherever she is. Not only will the number
of possible channels where Jasper’s can reach Susan increase, they’ll also be taking
price of price efficiencies on lower costs ad placements, which brings us back to supply and demand. The most channels the
system has to choose from, the greater the supply of impressions, and the lower overall
price of the campaign. So here’s a pro tip. Begin your campaign with a wide reach to uncover hidden opportunities. For example, if you’re a hip chocolatier and you want people to order some lovely organic chocolates from your online shop, automatic placements will
help get your message out to people on all the different
surfaces in a platform, making sure your ad gets
the best possible result for your business. So, take action. Research the digital
advertising platform you use and look into your
automatic placement options. Opt into automatic placements
anytime you want to get the most cost effective
delivery of your ads. And for more on the science behind digital marketing, keep watching. (upbeat music)

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