March 30, 2020
Defining Multi-Channel Ecommerce Platforms With GoECart

Defining Multi-Channel Ecommerce Platforms With GoECart

CAROLYN: Good morning. This is Carolyn Conant,
along with Manish Chowdhary, at the second day of in the beautiful city of Denver,
Colorado. Good morning, Manish. MANISH: Good morning, Carolyn.
CAROLYN: So the show has just started. For the second day, the doors have opened, people
are starting to funnel in. We just wanted to grab Manish for a few quick questions before
he gets taken away from us. MANISH: Thank you.
CAROLYN: Actually I’ve already heard this morning there have been a lot of buzz words
going around, different companies describing their version of multi-channel conveniently
shaping it to their product. We have cross channel, omni-channel. How would you define
GoECart’s version of multi-channel? MANISH: Well, I mean, we only have one version,
which is one version [0:43]. [Laughter] CAROLYN: Sure.
MANISH: What we define multi-channel or cross channel is ability to both sell and service
customers, across multiple touch points, across multiple devices, across different port channels.
So that’s kind of our broad definition. By that, what I mean is ability of merchants
to service customers by allowing them to buy from their own website or it could be multiple
store fronts. That’s a feature that GoECart offers, additionally allowing merchants to
sell on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay,, or even on comparison shopping engines like
Google. Additionally, merchants can also have a call center and have customers call in,
both for placing orders as well as inquiring on existing order status through a call center.
Additionally, what we’re really excited about is we’re already working on a mobile
point-of-sale solution, which we hope to talk more about in the coming weeks and months.
I think that will bring that same experience also to the physical brick-and-mortar world
and enabling merchants to provide a truly immersive experience across physical, online,
through their preferred devices, social, mobile – a complete 360 view of the customer.
CAROLYN: Sure. And mobile and social, it seems like we can’t stop hearing those words today.
MANISH: Absolutely. I think mobile is a huge trend, I think it’s here to stay, and we
are committed at GoECart to ensure that our customers are successful, both in the mobile
and social world. We’ve already made a lot of progress on the social side, we’ve got
a lot of exciting social integration already built into the product, and we’re looking
to add more. CAROLYN: Awesome. Well, thanks, Manish. I
know you have to get going but we’ll check in a little later, hopefully with a few more
questions. MANISH: Thank you very much.

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