April 9, 2020

Deborah SLAMS enormous £4M valuation with NO PRODUCT! – BBC Dragons’ Den

So you want two hundred thousand for 5 percent. That’s right So 4 million pounds Yes. I am assuming evaluation of 4 million pounds must have some sales
No We have put it in places but it’s processed product You put it in places, how many?
Five in total A trial product with zero turn over and Evaluation based on future potential can be a little cocktail in the Den Is a hangover already setting in For Peter Jones I am Ok with people investing in business where it’s pretty revenue understand that model How much money have you raised for this business 2 million to date You have spent 2 million.
Yes Where did you get that 2 million from A private investor And he said I really like the idea.
Yes And his company has invested 2 million pounds To date.
And how much of that 2 million is still with the business? It’s all spent So you spent the 2 million Who owns the company? he owns 90 percent, I own 10 Ohh Ok. He is here waiting to come in No Why? He is on holiday at the moment You should brought your investor here He got 90 percent shareholder and it’s not here and that’s, that’s a big thing I need to drink Michael’s admission that he owns just 10 percent of the company that already some

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