April 7, 2020
deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production | Official Trailer | MasterClass

deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production | Official Trailer | MasterClass

This is a cardinal sin of EDM right here. Dive in and say “Hey I’m a trance DJ and I can hit one note but a bass drum on it and that’s my tune”. This class is just a good primer for anyone wanting to get into the production of electronic music. This can all be done correctly with minimal amount of software which is why you can have a kid make a dance hit on a laptop. Using an SSL G series compressor on a dance music kick makes no sense whatsoever. Ninety percent of my time is just goofing around and trying to come up with something. That’s the way I go about making music because I’m just completely like I want my first chord to go there. That’s my life right now because if I could just play it I’d play it but I can’t so I have to draw it. If you’re not naturally comfortable on stage, from my own personal experience, you should try putting on a helmet. That covers your face. So you don’t have to see anyone. I could teach someone how to get, you know, from nothing to something. When you come up with an idea that you’ve never actually heard before or have never heard anyone do that’s something really cool. This class is designed for you to develop your own style and developing your own sound. If you can impact one person with your music then it is pretty much worth it. Sometimes it happens in five years, sometimes it happens in 10 years, sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. But it’s definitely one-hundred percent not going to happen if you don’t go out there and try it for yourself. I’m deadmau5 and this is my MasterClass.

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  1. 𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐀𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐨𝐧 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞 𝐈'𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧. 𝐎𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝟐 𝐭𝐡𝐨.

  2. okay, 2 questions if you or anyone can answer in detail…..

    1. Do popular EDM artists "make" and "create" all of their own beats
    completely from scratch, or do they use royalty free presets, or both or
    a combo of both or ???? I'm WAY confused on how instrumental EDM
    artists sell their songs and become so popular when some of their beats
    are the coolest things i've ever heard, and sometimes not, and sometimes
    sounds… well, sort of familiar. 🙂

    2. Do EDM artists doing
    huge and epic LIVE concerts use their own or other music?…. HOW and
    what music are they using?? I'm way confused. I see them in videos DJ's
    and mixing and sometimes scratching music – but is it their own or
    someone elses? How are they actually doing/dj's the music? Is it their
    own songs they are playing and mixing live?

  3. Does anybody know what kind of instrument he's playing at 0:50? It sounds so trance-like. (I'm guessing basic saw bass?)

  4. It's not some "way of thinking" that you must do, in order to stop being nervous. If you really think that, then it's just gonna feel like a freaking chore to remove your nervousness. And it's simply not true. It's actually some "way of thinking" that had caused you to be nervous in the first place. That's exactly why you're nervous, it's because you are "doing" a certain thinking in your head. But simply not being nervous, is the lack of a "way of thinking". There is no thinking at all, in not being nervous! I mean, you look around and see a bunch of people, right? Great, so what? You see people all the time, don't you? It doesn't mean anything, it doesn't affect your nerves, until you make it mean something to your nerves, until you create some expectation or fear in your head. You see, nervousness only comes when you actually start "interpreting" it, when you start "thinking" into it, instead of just observing the facts as they are. Just think about that. Once you realize this, it should be a lot easier to simply not be nervous anymore. Unless of course you're being chased by a hungry lion, in which case you probably should be nervous.

  5. Just a warning: this masterclass lacks a lot of technicality and it feels aimed towards beginners who are huge fans of Deadmau5. You will certainly learn his approach, which is not even recommendable for most beginners.
    More experienced people would feel like they are watching a Deadmau5 in-the-studio documentary. So it's all about managing expectations, don't get hyped on Joel's reputation and the word "master" but understand that you will get the honest Deadmau5 experience.

  6. When I saw this add I was like meh, Armin van Buuren's looks way more interesting but that was because I barely knew who deadmau5 was…..Now I was curious and I discovered some beautiful, AMAZING songs from this dude. Now it's really hard to decide. I really like deadmau5. He's gonna be the new Freddie Mercury. He makes long beautiful tunes.

  7. I wish I could do this, but $90 for a SINGLE class that’s really short, I mean I guess it’s Joel and he’s one of the best DJ’s so…

  8. 10x better then the Hans Zimmer class. Hans just spends all his time talking, and not really teaching. Deadmau5 teaches. Going through sounds, techniques, drums, etc. Much better.

  9. "This class (…) minimal amount of software (…) laptop" -> says this with a shitload of gear in the room and quite the sophisticated software shown…. LOL

  10. When it's a Deadmau5 video there's always those little crying babies hating around because he roasted their favorite artist x)

  11. "because I'm just like" and makes a hand-gesture that is impossible to interpret other than by guessing.
    and he seems to be angry about something because he puts in a few swear words.
    tell me again why I would PAY to spend hours watching someone make incomplete phrases and show signs of unexplained anger?


  13. Something about this fucking ad seems so satisfying to watch. I don't know if its the fucking guy geeking over EDM or what, it's just oddly satisfying.

  14. — Takes of gimmick mask while saying..
    "This is a Cardinal sin of EDM right here"

    That's all folks you need to know folks.

  15. Bullshit! There’s no cardinal sin of music. It’s all about being creative and inventive. So don’t try to tell me there’s a wrong way to make music.

  16. i was halfway into this and had to give up. the only thing i took away from it is that you definitely don't need any musical knowledge AT ALL to get rich in the music industry. deadmau5 illustrates time and again that he understands nothing about music. he doesnt know what chords are , he doesn't know what chord progressions and keys are, he has no idea what a 5th or a 7th is. the video where he builds a song from scratch is riddled with incorrect information. the whole thing is just super cringy. he says fuck a lot and boasts about his label. you dont learn much from this course. he is just a hyped up kid with a lot of synths in his studio because why not. invest in the armin van buuren one instead. literally night and day.

  17. Wtf, Why would they censor the cursewords? Do they have any idea the videos that are available on YouTube? I just think it’s stupid.
    But regarding the content…
    I know nothing about electronic Music. Never heard of this guy before until this ad popped up in front of me. After a few hours watching videos and trolling google… I discovered more about the genre… And most importantly discovered my interest in the BADASS GEAR!!!

    I build guitars and amps for a living, and have an extensive electronics lab. The music isn’t exactly my thing… But it’s growing on me… And damn the beautiful analog & modular gear! I was never aware of this stuff… And after the past few hours looking around… I’m definitely going to build a decent size analog synth. Based on the minimoog D.

    This guy seems cool and genuine… I also watched and enjoyed the “Linus tech tips“ tour, of deadmau5’s gear and Studio… (I enjoyed it all except for Linus. Who seems very annoying)
    I deal with pro Musicians Who studied music and playing their entire lives… Many of them well-known and highly regarded. But This is the complete opposite side of my world… as he stated “a kid can make a dance hit on a laptop”
    there’s something awesome and accessible about it. I’m glad I saw the ad.

  18. "Sometimes it happens in 5 years, sometimes it happens in 10 years, sometimes it doesn't happen at all. But it's definitely a 100% not gonna happen if you don't go out there and try for yourself".

  19. i love that right when he says "thats why you can have kid make a dance hit on a lap top" they just show all the software that he uses

  20. "…This is a cardinal sin of EDM right here, dive in and say "Hey I'm a Trance DJ", and I can hit one note and put a drum base on it and that's my tune…"

    i fucking hate this ad

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