April 4, 2020
Day 32: My Members Have Built An E Commerce Business!

Day 32: My Members Have Built An E Commerce Business!

Hi members day 32 of the 90-day health and well-being journey and Just heading into the gym, so I’m not coming out of the gym. I’m not sweaty or anything, which is a good thing So I’m just heading heading on in Today, I just wanted to – it’s Monday. I wanted to talk to you about The pleasure that you get when you see your members advancing and achieving and really doing things This morning in my inbox. I received a notification that There was a new sfm video that’s been created And it was a notification from import experts which is a division or part of the sfm DEA program the silver program where you can Create a business and e-commerce business based on a product that you want to develop yourself and you can actually source that from agencies in China and they created this incredible video this morning, which was in my inbox and In that in that video was Sameer her and Faizal they became gold members Was last year and I’m just trying to think I actually met them in Phoenix for the first time So I think it was about a mid last year actually, it was it was June last year that they became gold members and they have Just dedicated themselves to the process of finding an area that they want to develop an area of an online business that they want to build and create and develop and Just do that over You know all that time and they won the trip to China This was last year based on the amount of units that they sold they did a Program they promoted and sold these units and they sold the most units and as a result of that they want a trip to China and I saw the video that because they had a trip in January this year and I saw some Aharon fires all being interviewed briefly on that video So it’s very satisfying and it’s really amazing when you see people that you’ve introduced to this program To embrace it and to be so successful in that process of building and creating their own future I just love it. So This is a very brief share just before I go into the gym, so it’s day 31 Everything’s on track. You would have seen my result yesterday down to 68 point 4 kilos, which is awesome and I’ve got two thirds of that journey to go So that’s my share today day 31 and I’ll check in with you guys again tomorrow. Bye everyone

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  1. The biggest issue with building an e-commerce business and wanting to source products from China is knowing where to start? and where to source to those products from!

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