April 7, 2020
Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker | Official Trailer | MasterClass

You need to understand that
everything you do at the poker table conveys information. [MUSIC PLAYING] You can’t be like all loosey-goosey,
having a sandwich, being on your phone. Woo-hoo! Baby, I love it. There’s three basic
characteristics that make an elite poker player. One is just the raw skill. The other is a
fundamental understanding of the mathematical side. The third part is what
I call discipline. In this MasterClass, I’m going
to share things that I’ve actually never shared before. For example, I look at a guy
and say, you’ve got King Nine. You’re a sick human. [LAUGHTER] King Nine! Well, that’s not magic. It’s usually based off
a combination of things. And I’m going to teach
you how to do that. I’m going to teach you
tournament strategy, continuation betting,
picking up tells. So this tell probably
made me the most money. The classic chip glance tell. You notice that? I see those cards, and my
brain is telling my eyes, the next thing we’ve
got to do is bet chips. Most of the time, it’s
totally subconscious. They don’t even know
they’re doing it. Poker is an
intellectual endeavor that is totally skill-based
in the long run. A lot of people can
confuse themselves into thinking that they’re
losing because of luck when it’s actually skill. One of the absolute
best ways to learn is to go over a hand in
depth in a hand breakdown. I bet $1,150, and Alec
makes it just $2,500. I still think his range
can be relatively wide. Now, on the river, you’re pretty
much down to just two options. Is this a value bet,
or is this a bluff? There’s no such thing
as a value bluff. OK? You just didn’t know
what you were doing. You’re going to make
a lot of mistakes. Learning nothing from those
mistakes is the mistake. And when you feel like
you’ve got this game mastered and you’ve got
nothing left to learn, that’s the exact point
where everyone else starts to surpass you. I’m Daniel Negreanu, and
this is my MasterClass.

100 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker | Official Trailer | MasterClass

  1. Daniel, I'm very willing to drop $180 for the masterclass for the year, but will there be anything in there about how to use piosolver, or instructional videos or tips on using solvers? I feel like the games is rapidly moving towards the use of solvers, and you've clearly been utilizing solvers lately. It's just such a hard thing to get used to using, and it's not easy to use at first, there's a huge learning curve at first, but if you included some helpful guides to using solvers or some quick how-to's I would be more than grateful, and it would absolutely make it worthwhile for me and many other to purchase the masterclass.

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  3. The days where one could make a living playing poker are long gone. Now that all the pony's are dead, David here is gonna teach everybody how to ride a pony.

  4. The ONLY reason poker is as popular as it is right now is because of that one year we didn't have Hockey because of the lock out. It's not a sport, it's barely a pass time.

  5. Another attempt of a scumbag to make more money on a side…he class is good as his rake philosophy. man, some people love to sell their souls to the devil

  6. This guy would make one heck of a lie detector. He's spent his entire professional life discerning when people are bluffing.

  7. No lie, nearly everything he mentioned in this video about gameplay applies to Magic the Gathering. I really want to check this one out.

  8. "Ya can't be like all loosey-goosey, having a sandwich, being on your phone, WOOHOO! Baby, I love it!"
    – Daniel Negreanu 2019

  9. I not only watched this ad to the end….but watched it several times! 😀 There is something really refreshing about how he talks, teaches!!! Excellent Daniel Negreanu!!!

  10. Can’t see the price for this unless you register first. That’s not good. I’m guessing $500

  11. If you're loosey goosey eating a sandwich and reacting to things on your phone then wouldn't that make you harder to read since you're not focused on the cards? Your opponents would be like… wait, was that a smile because of a really good hand.. or is it just a really good sandwich.. or did someone send a humorous text.. or what?

    fuckin bread hater

  13. Interesting video. Can I apply this to stocks? Here's actually Romanian, bit does he sound so American. U gotta love where your from dude.

  14. This masterclass changed my life! The other day I finally summoned enough confidence to look at this guy at my table and say “YOU HAVE KING NINE”…well, he had aces. But that’s another story.

  15. Please kindly note that your pervasive ads are very intrusive and irritating – are you not aware of the law of diminishing returns? Now, all I want is for you to go bust and go broke and also go to hell…

  16. The very first thing to figure out is whether you're playing an amateur, in which case the whole game theory pretty much goes out the window.

  17. There is a poker player name lo shing fung, he’s being loosey goosey eating his noodles, went all in with the straight on the turn to paul phua set, and he win it all!

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