April 7, 2020
Dan Brown Teaches Writing Thrillers | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Dan Brown Teaches Writing Thrillers | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Write as though nobody’s
watching because nobody’s watching. Suspense is all about making
promises to your reader. You’re telling your reader, I
know something you don’t know, but I promise I’ll tell
you if you keep going. Writing a novel is
about a process. It is not all about
inspiration and craft. This class provides
practical tools, a roadmap to turn your
idea into a story. Take the pressure off yourself. Every single idea has
been done over and over. You don’t need a big idea. You need big how’s. How do you create tension? How do you build character? What’s the moral gray area that
we’re going to be writing in? There are elements that
must be in a good story– the contract, the
clock, and the crucible. If you’re not sure
what to write, write the wrong
thing a few times and let that be the process by
which you find the right thing. Put a secret in a
character’s back story. Write your villain first because
your villain is the one who’s going to define your hero. There were some dark times
when I wasn’t actually sure I could accomplish this. There will be days you just
don’t know if you can do it. And on those days, what is going
to save you is your process. You do not need to have total
mastery of your subject matter to start a novel,
only to finish it. Write until you’re ready to
show the world what you’ve done. I’m Dan Brown, and
this is my MasterClass.

57 thoughts on “Dan Brown Teaches Writing Thrillers | Official Trailer | MasterClass

  1. The Dan Brown formula:
    – story begins with a murder scene
    – mysterious assassin set up as the antagonist
    – hot female companion joining Langdon in his mission
    – "friend" who helps them is revealed to be the villain
    – assassin guy is actually a sympathetic character

  2. I don’t care about his basic plots and formats. I just wanna know if this class teaches how to research like he does. The most interesting thing about his novels is that he gives interesting facts, information and insights.
    Oh btw, leave professor Landon alone. Please get him a wife or something and leave him alone. Is he 50 or something by now?

  3. I can‘t even describe how excited I‘am about this. I started writing a new book just a few weeks ago and now my favorite author of all time is doing THIS! Thank you, internet! Thank you, universe! Thank you, Mr Brown!

  4. “Write as if nobody’s watching”.

    From the very first sentence Dan Brown just Dan Browned all over the place. Impressive.

  5. If you don't like Dan Brown and his novels, a) don't read them, b) don't post negative comments about him as an author and c) don't sign up to his masterclass. Case closed!

  6. 'you're telling the reader, i know something you don't know…but I PROMISE you…i tell you when you keep going.' the first time i heard this…it is the reason that i cannot let dan brown's books down…i love it!

  7. Also gobsmacked at those criticizing Dan Brown's writing as not being worthy of "Master Class", the company name itself which is a great piece of writing in itself. Did any of the critics create an online e-learning technology platform — this is THEIR idea to do it, not some holy religious decree forcing anyone to take the class. For those who are offended by the title "Master Class" in conjunction with Dan Brown, then go to Oxford or Cambridge or Ivy Leagues and get the Ivory Tower education you are supposedly seeking, for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I personally am excited to learn from a bestselling author for $90.

  8. I wonder if Writer Dan Brown had to get permission from the current Royal Family of Spain in order to use his “Spanish Royals.” Anyway, I really liked his book.

  9. A hawk-eyed hunter I spot this video,
    my smile morphed into a frown.

    In the comments, men of culture,
    call his work dumbed down.

    Men of culture, that they are,
    outnumbered, pushed around.

    By his fanboys, fire and fury,
    to them, true writing unbeknown.

    His legions scream:

    "Do not make fun,
    of renowned Dan Brown"

  10. Great move,MasterClass.I won't buying any of your courses unless you change the title of this course to : How to write the most absurd prose.

  11. can somebody please tell me the name of that @ :23 😂😂😂dont worry. i just scrolled downed and found it

  12. I started reading his books during the time people remembered Dan Brown who has a very controversial ideology, but upon reading all his books I learned how tallented he is on creating a very compelling villain that he had luxury of time frame letting the reader's understand the character's motivation by using cohesive back stories.


  14. First time a Youtube add had actually something that really interested me to consume. Not that i'm really into thrillers (I don't dislike them either, i liked Dan Brown's books, thought) I'm more interested in writting fantasy but i think i can learn a few things from him and some other's teachers.

  15. This was a thousand times better than the Neil Gaiman masterclass. I don't read his books, but he knows what he's talking about.

    Neil Gaiman will put you to sleep. I've never listened to a man who talks so slowly. Ain't nobody got time for that.

  16. …'yeah but'—that 'promise' gets so slippery you ponder whether it was worth reading all that great action just for a 'schlock'ed delivery on the promise, e.g. high-tech computer geeks who know nothing of nuclear physics, (like hired 8th-grader software hacks who don't know hardware, just how to send it commands)…

  17. I want to say, his Masterclass ads have already taught me a lot. I can't imagine how good his Masterclass would be. His works may not be universally liked, but damn. This man knows how to teach writing.

  18. "your villian is who's gonna define ur hero …..!!" for the 1st time in my life i felt guilty for being a good person

  19. oh no dad eco we stop we seizez breaking ground, we ain't none more to do it again , no no, no more we owe us a promise

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