December 9, 2019
Daily Entrepreneur Recap Episode 3

Daily Entrepreneur Recap Episode 3

welcome to the third daily recap guys
now I’ve been doing these videos so that other aspiring entrepreneurs can get a
behind-the-scenes look at what an entrepreneur x’ day looks like so that
they can learn from any successes or any insight that might occur so the first
thing that I did was I actually recorded a retargeting ad for the second version
of my premium course online arbitrage Pro to point out in a nutshell that ad
will be shown in front of YouTube videos to people that have viewed my online
arbitrage Pro tutorials but have not purchased the course and this is the
most important task that I have for today
which is why I put an emphasis on it in the beginning because having the ability
to purchase customers at scale is one of the most if not the most important
things to growing any business the next thing that I did was actually wrote
landing page copy for about ten of my new courses for my second unum II
instructor profile and the reason I’m creating a second one and uploading so
much content there is one for more core sales obviously but also to as a kind of
case study for everybody in my passive income accelerator program to prove that
my first instructor profile wasn’t some stroke of luck and they can replicate it
speaking of case studies I’m about to leave and go list some more ecommerce
stuff on Amazon eBay posh market Macari for another case study for my online
arbitrage pro 2.0 course but I really hope that this recap gave you a little
bit of insight one key takeaway is notice that I didn’t do 20 different
things I focused on a few things that I needed to get done then I did them well
because one key mistake that I used to make when I started was I focused all my
attention in different places too much and all that led to was a lot of stress
and a lot of things done poorly so maybe pick two to three things that
are the most important for that day then focus on those

12 thoughts on “Daily Entrepreneur Recap Episode 3

  1. hello Bryan I want to register on W4 affiliate and i'm a biggeners so you know any video explain this
    bit . And thank for all

  2. Very true about having focus. I like to have one core task for the day and If I can get that done, I'm happy, everything else is supplemental to that and a bonus, but no rest until I get the core thing done. Usually, start off with smaller achievable things than move onto the core task. Helps build momentum that way.

  3. When you focus on too many things you end up getting over-whelmed and doing nothing. Love this video concept man, would do this myself eventually! Subbed for more 🙂

  4. Hey, Just got approved for Max Bounty but the landing page for the campaign I like is all Spanish are some campaign just not available in English?

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