February 18, 2020
Daily Entrepreneur Recap Episode 2

Daily Entrepreneur Recap Episode 2

all right this is the second daily recap
now and I basically want to document what I’m doing to grow my business so
that aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from the mistakes that I made or any
insights that I might have now the first thing that I did was I purchased a
liquidation palette full of a hundred and ninety units for a total of a
hundred and ninety-six dollars to my door and that roughly equates to about a
dollar and three cents per unit I’ll probably flip those products back on
Amazon for roughly two thousand dollars maybe more realistically like 1700 to
1800 roughly which might probably end up netting me anywhere from 1k to about
$1400 depending on the specific fees so that’s the power of online arbitrage
guys now I use it to cash flow and grow my content business but there’s no
reason you can’t strictly focus on that and just scale that now the second thing
that I did was I actually went ahead and I scheduled more videos for my second
YouTube channel and I actually have video scheduled all the way up to August
29th there now so I’m way ahead of the game the idea there is to basically clip
other videos that I’ve already put out into smaller more direct segments to
grow more brand awareness and obviously get more ad revenue now is this gonna be
something that’s gonna pay off tomorrow or even next month no of course not but
it will pay off exponentially in the months and years to come
and pay me passively every single month finally I’m putting the last few
finishing touches on the second version of online arbitrage Pro and for the
people that are already in the course that have been patiently waiting I
really think that the added you know time invested into creating the second
version of the course will really pay off so that’s the daily recap guys hope
it gave you some insight

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