December 9, 2019
Daily Entrepreneur Recap Episode 1

Daily Entrepreneur Recap Episode 1

so I’m gonna start recording these daily
recaps because I think that they’ll really be helpful to aspiring
entrepreneurs to see exactly what an entrepreneur does on a day to day basis
and then maybe give you any valuable insights that I might have learned now
the first thing that I did is actually recorded five lectures so far for my
online arbitrage pro version two of the course and that should go live probably
in about a week or two max now for those of you that don’t know I actually have
two premium courses the first one online arbitrage pro basically talks about
online reselling and making a profit from flipping products from one market
place to another it’s more short-term cashflow oriented and the second one is
called passive income accelerator program and that basically teaches
long-term passive income strategies with online content now the second thing that
I did is I actually clipped an old YouTube video into a brand new
Skillshare course for more revenue and this is something actually teaching the
passive income accelerator program to that a lot of content creators don’t
actually realize is available to them for example the old YouTube video was
titled something like eight mistakes that new creators make that are killing
their channels and that video was about 20 minutes long in its entirety and so
what I did is I clip that down into ten different lectures the intro excerpt and
then eight different mistake each individual lectures and then the outro
basically what I’m doing is I’m repurposing content from one platform to
another to make more money then I went ahead and I filed for a new wholesale
certificate or a resellers permit or a resale license whatever you want to call
it there’s many different names for it there’s about 10 depending on whatever
state you’re filing in and the reason I did that is I actually recently changed
my business name from BG media innovation to invert media and I
actually had a wholesale certificate before to do online arbitrage and Amazon
private labeling but it was for a sole proprietorship and because I didn’t want
to file and continue to have to file two different taxes one for sole proprietor
and one for my business I want to just put them all under the same umbrella of
invert media and a question I get fairly frequently that is very relevant to this
is how do you come up with a great business name and to that I say just do
it don’t overthink it don’t overcomplicate it to be honest I hated
my business name for the first two years of its existence but you can always
change it in a few going forward and think about some of
the successful or most successful companies in the world their names don’t
actually mean anything it’s just what you now associate with them for example
Microsoft Amazon Apple I mean what is what does Apple even mean it doesn’t
have any relation to laptops or tech or computers or cell phones it only means
what you associate with it now so don’t sweat the small stuff instead
just pull the trigger instead of wasting about a week or two trying to come up
with the best business name possible before you take any action so that’s
basically the daily recap now I’m gonna go ahead and film more lectures for
online arbitrage Pro try to get a lot of that out and then the fun stuff always
comes after dinner which is the editing you know clipping the videos clipping
the content repurposing it for other platforms and making money with my
content business now if I had a team like Gary Vee obviously somebody else
will be doing that throughout the day but because I don’t that person is me so
that’s basically it guys hope it helps

7 thoughts on “Daily Entrepreneur Recap Episode 1

  1. I like that, don't sweat the small stuff, Apple has no relation to laptops lol simple brand names that you can always change,. Invert Media sounds cool to me bro good choice!

  2. Loving these videos bro 👌 totally agree on the name part I struggle with that on everything i try to start 😳😂 even my Youtube channel I’m gonna change

  3. I love the point on business names. I think I first read it in a book. $100 start up or zero to one..

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