April 1, 2020
CyberMiles – The blockchain made for e-commerce

CyberMiles – The blockchain made for e-commerce

blockchain technology is enabling a decentralized internet and programmable money it is the future of e-commerce however today’s blockchain technology faces two significant barriers it is too slow and its applications known as smart contracts are too limited the cyber miles blockchain solves these problems in one fell swoop cyber miles is a smart contract platform optimized for e-commerce at scale and high throughput cyber miles provides a large library of smart business contracts and computer code which can be triggered executed and transparently recorded on the blockchain without human intervention ensuring the validity and security of the contract this encourages other ecommerce businesses to build their applications on cyber miles and use the cyber miles token CMT as their digital currency CMT can be used to pay for the execution of smart business contracts just like eth on the ethereum network it can also be used to facilitate decentralized settlements between parties just like XRP in the ripple network we will jumpstart cyber miles with 12 million us-based users and more than three billion dollars and annual transactions the blockchain securely records those users identity credit history reputation and transactions now let’s find out how real people enjoy the real benefits of cyber miles technologies Alice wants to get a small business loan to expand our online store on cyber miles Alice makes public or loan requirements using her public key but gives out no personal information since Alice’s entire credit and reputation history are recorded on the blockchain and associated with her public key Bob will be able to evaluate and offer a loan again Bob only reveals his offer with a public key without any private information should Alice accept Bob’s offer they will both enter a smart business contract which is a software program on the cyber miles blockchain they will send in personal information together with digital signatures proving their identities the smart business contract program executes the financial transaction securely and privately without human intervention with trusted data the cyber miles blockchain provides an extremely valuable platform to build and deploy ecommerce and financial applications on the highly scalable and secure cyber miles blockchain

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