February 20, 2020
Cyber SHOW – Выпуск 1 (Kyivstoner)

Cyber SHOW – Выпуск 1 (Kyivstoner)

Hello, everyone. If you want to know what gamers do
in retirement, I have the answer. They do what they like.
And they like making show. Guys, welcome, it’s Cyber SHOW. Let’s begin. [In this episode]
your career in Navi Launch 1.6 and play Aztec. ‘That’s exactly for me’ and will fly there. successful player In the right corner – cs go world champion,
Danylo Zeus Teslenko. In the left corner – galaxy champion,
Kyivstoner. Let’s go! I want to win. Would you enter esports academy
if you were 15-16? We went to IT class in school
and we played 5vs5 or 10vs10. What should Navi do? Let’s be realistic zywoo and guardian xsepower Would Navi be willing to pay -You think xsepower costs 0.5 million? Even if Forze didn’t think about it,
from now they will. Which place will s1mple get this year? Everyone forgot about Liquid I mean top 20 players of the year. Will Electronic be in top 10? Pro100 did good job,
we’re working with them. Guys have high stats, they deserve respect. But is it fair for them to be in top 20 if the team won few events? Hello, everyone. Before watching the show,
Misha wants to tell you about our partner. I have my own microphone. It’s a big organization, you could see it
at tier 1, 2 and 3 events in 2019. They’ve been supporting young players
and new events for a long time. Teams, players and others. I agree with you, Misha. And thanks to this partner
you can watch our new show. Guys, GG.bet is not just…
It’s bigger than your breast. -My breast?
-Yes. Guys, if you’re into esports,
link in the description. GG.bet. We’re waiting for you. There is no youtube show
he hasn’t participated in. Guys, welcome, a singer, blogger, gamer,
Kyivstoner. Hello, bro. -How’s life?
-I’m fine. I go only to my friends’ shows. Happy to hear it. So I have a lot of friends. That’s really cool.
Tell us about your career in Navi. It’s okay. I’m benched now. I’m waiting for someone
to get ill. Are you on the transfer list? No, not like you. Are you practicing? No, bro, what for? Well, I don’t know. It’s just a joke.
Though you can consider me the sixth player. I support them. That’s so cool that you’re always
supporting Navi and cheering for them. I have a question for you.
Today we’ll touch many different topics. Would you enter esports academy
if you were 15-16? Considering the current esports’ state. Of course I would. -Would you?
-Yes. Sure. I would like to do it even now. Do you play often at home? Not now, I don’t have enough time. I have no time. All in all I play often. I’ve started playing cs not long ago.
I used to play dota mainly. -Did you play well?
-Sure. If you were 15-16 years old,
what would you choose: cs or dota? -I don’t know.
-What do you think? Don’t know, I can’t answer it. Well, Dota has the International. You know how I play with my friends?
We go to play dota If we’re losing, we go to play cs. If we’re losing in cs, we go to play dota. I started to play cs a lot only last year. I had tried before but… Why would you like to become a pro gamer?
You know how much time they have to play. Why is it interesting for you?
10 hours a day is crazy. First of all, you meet new people,
visit different cities. You play at least 10 tournaments, I think. Once we had 15-17 events. It was insane. Well, you go to 15-17 countries a year. It’s a routine but… There are many advantages so to say There are many disadvantages too
as you don’t have free time. But if you live the game then why not? Why not? Okay. Tell me, what are you focused on now? Tell us about your projects,
what are you working on right now? It’s music mostly. And films. I played in two films. Films, really? Tell us about it. You can see the first film already
and the second one is still a secret. I appeared in different youtube shows. What was your role in the films? In the first film I had a secondary role. And in the second one I had a cameo. I hope it’ll be nice. That’s cool. I haven’t watched films with you
but I watch your clips. People invite me,
they’re interested in working with me. How much time does it take to make a film? I’m asking
because I’ve never played in one. For a short 23-minute film
we had 5 working days. As I understand it, some people say that one working day is a minute in the film. One working day is one minute? Crazy. Yes, some people really do so. We filmed a 23-minute movie in 5 days
and they had 3 extra days without me. They rented a film studio
and they built there… -Decorations.
-Yes, so we didn’t have to move somewhere. Is it a comedy or action? Black comedy. You can find it on youtube,
it’s called ‘Kingdoom’. Kingdoom. There is a company Riot which released LoL.
Do you know the game? I know it but I don’t like it. I’ve never played it but when I saw it
it made no impression on me. Though many people
who haven’t played dota don’t like it too. Anyway, there’s the coolest
esports pro league in LoL. It’s very difficult to get there.
A slot costs millions of dollars. Teams pay 5-8 million $ to play there.
I hear Navi want to buy one. The League is at the top level,
they pay you for playing, they broadcast it and so on. Recently they’ve made an announcement
that they’re reaching the final stage of releasing a new game
which will excel cs go in everything. It’ll be a number one game. It’s unreal, people will still play cs. It’ll be just a one-year game.
In 2009 everyone played Point Blank. But anyway everyone returned to cs then. Pubg became popular
but still people play cs go. I’ve heard of another game… There are always new games produced.
Like Overwatch. When you want to play a shooter
with friends you don’t play Pubg. -What do normal guys play?
-1.6 Launch 1.6 and play Aztec. Some normal guys play cs go. No, you and I know about cs go. And other guys of our age don’t.
They know only cs 1.6. But still what would you choose:
dota or cs go? It’s hard to choose.
I would choose the one I’m better at. What do you enjoy more? Dota, no?
Or no difference? I have more fun in cs.
In dota you need to be fully concentrated. Anyway, this game resembles Overwatch. We can see a video on the screen. How this game can be more popular?
Am I playing Serious Sam? -So you don’t believe it?
-Don’t know. Good luck for them. Good health and good graphics. But anyway… There’s another news.
Astralis lists shares on… on the IPO. Did you hear about it? No, I don’t like Astralis. Before that I want to
wish good luck to LoL’s developers. Project A, I mean. But if they produce a great game
similar to cs in some way and invest a lot of money in it,
it’ll be really cool. Esports market will get more money,
so I wish them good luck. But, guys, there is no money in cs 1.6. In cs go the situation is different.
Astralis is listing shares in the IPO. They want to earn 22 million $. Wow. One share is 9 Danish krone.
It’s about $1.20. It’s one share? And the whole esports market
is estimated in 2 billion dollars. No, 1 billion dollars but
it is expected to be 2 in several years. That’s really cool but we’re here,
not there and we don’t have billions. But it’s all ahead. Sure. I want to pay attention to it.
Astralis is on the IPO, yeap. What the price will depend on? Let’s discuss it and give
food for thought for our subscribers. For businessmen watching us:
are the shares worth buying now? If you know much about it then yes.
You bought a share… and what to do with it then? -If the team perform well
-and win events then share prices are rising as far as I,
not into the stock market, understand. If they play badly,
share prices are falling, probably. It must be so. I think if you work in this sphere,
you can try because you never know. If you believe in Astralis
then it’s sensible to buy the shares. I don’t like Astralis. If Navi list shares on the stock market,
will you buy some? If I have money then yes.
Just for the collection, you know. You can go somewhere
and show off ‘I have shares’. ‘Please, give me some shares’ We should find sponsors for Navi’s shares.
How to find them? Give advice for new teams. I don’t know, I’ve never had sponsors.
I did everything on my own. HyperX is not a sponsor, it’s a partner. A sponsor is when you ask him money
and he gives it. And a partner is
‘Here is your money but…’ Do you hear that esports
is an official specialization in Ukraine? Since the last year
in Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture and in National University of Ukraine
on Physical Education and Sport this year Now all nerds will tell their moms
‘That’s exactly for me’ and will fly there. If only it were 10 years ago,
we would have joined them. Esports has been studied in universities
in the USA, Sweden and Norway as an optional subject. And what do you want to say? I would entered university
once again. You know what esports we had?
We went to IT class in school and we played 5vs5 or 10vs10.
I remember those times. There was always a guy who knew
how to do everything on the computer. My esports was in IT class.
We played cards and that’s it. Our school wasn’t that progressive. Is there any sense
in studying esports in university? You know, there are people
passionate about it. I saw several 14 years old guys
who played so well. Unbelievable. So why not? Who will teach
and who has to teach in the university? Well, who…
There should be subjects like analysts. Do you know that in the USA esports tutors
are becoming more and more popular? Many parents hired Fortnite tutors
because their children lost often Wow. And they earn good money. 50$ per hour. Guys, so what are we doing here? Does anyone play Fortnite? We’ve heard it recently,
so now you know how to earn a living. I’m not surprised
because it was evident years ago. When I watched the International 2016,
the prize was about 8 million. I understood back then
that prize will rise even more. Look, Fortnite is a rather new game
if we compare it with dota and cs. If I need a tutor,
he should be a successful player. In theory. Probably, probably. You’re a father
and you want a tutor for your son. Based on what characteristics
would you choose a tutor? -You’d choose a champion, right?
-A champion or a guy with a good rating. If I knew much about the game
I would tell you who I want. And if you don’t, you’ll see his rating,
comments and so on. -Do you think it’ll be popular here?
-In 5 years. -In 5 years.
-5 or 10. -We’ll have the same situation, yes?
-Maybe. -Unfortunately, we’re behind.
-We’ve always been 7 years behind the USA. Yes, but we’re world champions
both in dota and cs. Dota 1 to be precise. So… But you know,
there is just one team in Ukraine. And how many are in America? In Europe? In Russia? When you said about Ukraine
I remembered one piece of news. I helped my team, pro100.
I trained them. And they won an event in India. Let’s hear it for them, they did good job. Okay, then we have 2 teams. I’m speaking about top teams, bro. Well, they are too… -Do you understand what I’m saying?
-Yes, I do. Danya sent them to India
to win the championship. I got it. The championship is not a big one
but still it’s always nice to win. I hope they’ll give us the trophy. I hope they’ll bring it here. It’s not a top team for today
but we’ll do everything to make it happen. -You say everything right…
-Let’s just count it. Starting with America. EG Okay, Liquid. These are top teams. Who else? I mean cs only. Cloud9. Cloud9 won Major. Okay, Europe now. -Most top teams are European.
-And Russia? VP, Gambit. For now I wouldn’t say
there’s a top team in Russia. Well, I mean… These are top organization.
Avangar and Forze are close to them. Okay, so there are 3-4 CIS top teams. -And just one in Ukraine.
-I mean CIS including Ukraine. Most top teams are in Europe, yes,
but it’s not the most important thing. Are there people who can really teach you? -Of course there are. There are everywhere.
-In esports you mean. -I agree with you.
-Can you teach others? -I? I think I can.
-You trained pro100 and they won. So you answered your question, bro. I had no doubt that I can teach.
I’ve been playing for 20 years. I have so much experience.
Misha has spent most of his life in esports. The thing is that
it won’t be interesting for me… Though teaching cs in university
seems funny. Why not? You like talking about cs. -I think it’s cool.
-Better than being the loader. QUESTIONS Where did you start? Everyone is curious. Bro, I started from the bottom. He raised from the bottom. I just filmed videos a lot
and I still do it now, but… now I have more viewers. I’ve found out that you were
in the music group Griby. I didn’t know it. -Congratulations, bro.
-Thanks. Why did you leave it? What’s happened? -Nothing, I just decided to leave.
-Decided to leave, okay. Before they released their hit song. I got it. I have one more question for Kane and Zeus. You have pro100. You help the team
and want it to be at the top level. You want to create an Academy.
Kane can become a coach there. If everything turns out fine,
how will you choose players for your team? I want Kane to answer it. I don’t want to be a coach,
I want to supervise the Academy and help it form its own direction.
So it’s more like sports director. We’re still working out a plan
of choosing players. When it”s ready, we’ll announce it.
We’re doing it for people after all. Everyone will know it. Kyivstoner, you’re so busy, how do you find
time for games? And how much do you play? If I’m alone, I have some free hours
and no one will say anything to me I mean people don’t bother me
with calls and sudden work then I can play 6-7 hours on weekends. I start in the morning
and play till the night. Cool. Do you make bets on tournaments? No. Only in my mind. Bro, tell me, please. What do you think your chances are
against me in cs? Bro, when I calibrated for the first time,
I got master guardian. But today you’ll play against Gold Nova II. Seriously, what do you think?
I haven’t played cs for some time too but… I can get my skills back. If no one disturbs you, I’ll lose. If there’s someone to disturb you,
I’ll win. It’s all matter of luck,
but I believe in myself. Misha, what do you think? I think you have the same chances
but as you’re pro you’ll have a hindrance. Let’s go and try then.
But there is one condition, guys. There are cards with tasks.
The loser draws a card. Tasks are not easy. That wasn’t the deal. I think we’ll clear it our later. I think it’ll be fine. Let’s play. In the right corner – cs go world champion,
Danylo Zeus Teslenko. In the left corner – galaxy champion,
Kyivstoner. Let’s go! I’m so focused and concentrated.
I want to shoot you. I want to win. Get away from me! What’s going on? He’s killing me anyway. Don’t kill me. No. You keep killing me with scout. No. I can’t. I did -76 hp. I can’t see anything. I look…at different screens. Bro, I understand you. Sometimes women disturb. That’s life. But there are rules. While I’m closing
my steam, pick the card with the task. I wanted to steal your steam. A card, please. Let it be this one. I’ll read it. Post on Instagram:
I like Panin, actor who fucked with a dog. -Isn’t it too much?
-You should have won then. You’d better post it. If I knew,
I would have tried harder. Bro, don’t know about you, I played to win. I knew there’ll be some shit. So I did my best. Guys, you know, I like Panin too. He’s a nice guy, I like that stuff too but don’t have enough courage
to film and post it. That was Kyivstoner. Man, you’re the best. Bro, thanks for coming.
I’m so glad you are here. I think we can run a showmatch later. I hope your show will succeed
and you can call me any moment. Bro, you’re the best. Thanks a lot. Lady and gentlemen, we continue our show. We’re going to discuss different topics.
The first one is: What should Navi do? Guys. What should Navi do? Danya, I analyzed the situation. 2020 is very important for Navi.
The Major in Rio starts in 5 months. Before that they play London Blast
January the 31st. And Katowice. Two tournaments! How the hell
they’re going to get in shape? Close in the room for 3 months
and get in shape. -They need practice.
-Why do you think they have 2 tournaments? -Many tournaments haven’t been announced yet.
-Okay then. They’ll play ESL. Let’s calm down
and listen to our chief analyst. There is only one right answer.
I advise them to practice. Unpredictable. Guys should consider it. You know, the question is too general. Let’s be realistic
and speak clearly and seriously. Should they kick anyone? If so one or two? Should they change the roster
and with whom? If not should we believe in the roster?
The last Epicenter was a failure for them. I wouldn’t make any changes
because the team works as a whole so that the result… But do you understand that Navi
as a team and as an organization has very big ambitions.
It’s not a team which wants to be top 5 -It wants to be top 1.
-Then they need to change it step by step. Can it become top 1 with this roster? Do you believe in it? My thoughts are subjective
and can change if I see the progress. The progress depends on how clear
they see their goals and how hard they work, how well they understand where they’re going and so on. Okay, forget about everything.
Let’s compare zywoo, who played Epicenter, with guardian.
Two snipers. Is it possible for guardian
to get to zywoo’s level in these 4 months? I watched Vitality
during breakfast in the hotel and I make conclusions
on their relationships even based on that. They always pull zywoo’s leg,
apex laughs all the time, zywoo always smiles. He’s always positive, he’s having fun. So you want to say if Guardian… He feels like a king of the world. The team gives him those emotions
and atmosphere. Do you believe… I don’t thing Guardian feel so…
relaxed and open You know, zywoo is one of the best players in the world. -Guardian used to be the best player.
-He used to. It was long time ago. I want to say something about Guardian. We know there’s not the best atmosphere
in Navi. It depends on results. When results are negative,
relationships become strained. It’s true. Guardian is not young. -How old is he?
-28. He’s an already formed player
wanting to show himself. There should be his photo with his age. When a young player joins a team
and gets into negative atmosphere He understands he’s young, he has
a lot ahead, he has to prove it to others. Guardian is formed,
he wants a normal atmosphere to work. He has proved everything already.
This year he has as many MVP as s1mple. And by the way… He got one while in Faze.
And s1mple has one too. You said ‘as many as s1mple’. One MVP each. In some games Guardian gets
such important frags. Though he doesn’t get a lot of kills
but these frags are decisive. Often on Dust on T side he plays on short,
gets a kill and CT go on save. Yes, he’s not in the best shape,
he misses shots but he does his job. He’s being bulled online. Yes, it’s pressure, he’s old,
it’s much easier for young players. They’re bolder and tougher
and you can’t change in a moment. I managed to win the Major
when I wasn’t young anymore. You have to forget about everything
and dedicate your whole time to cs. I don’t know how else to succeed. And we don’t know
what’s going on in Guardian’s life. It’s clear he’s not young anymore
so if he’s under pressure it won’t stimulate him,
it stimulates only young players. It will depress him. So Navi… we’re not in Navi anymore. They must see if he’s able to start playing
and if they show their best this year. Let’s see the situation
from the perspective of Navi’s bosses. They have no results.
The last event was a failure. -8 out of 8 on Epicenter.
-5 or 6. They beat Chinese and VP failed. 5 or 6. Still their performance
leaves something to be desired. How high are they in the rating? 9th. -Is it after the Epicenter? So how I see it.
If they replace Guardian with someone they have to get a sniper. Or they can give awp to s1mple
and get a new player. This option is good, we’ll discuss it later,
though I think that’s what Navi lack. Maybe we can fix it a bit
and they’ll listen to our advice. If we replace Guardian with a new sniper what CIS options do we have? People in the comments promote xsepower from Forze. I hear Navi want to take a guy
from Navi Junior after some time Gospodarov. I saw him play and his skills
are not enough for pro level for today. So they have to buy someone. As we know the prices are quite high. Would Navi be willing to pay so much money? It’s worth it. Even if you pay 0.5 million,
you’ll get a 21 year old guy -You think xsepower costs 0.5 million?
-Yes. -Well, no.
-We’ll see. He isn’t worth half a million. Are you joking? I think 300 thousand. When they wanted to buy Angel,
how much did they ask for him? They bought Boombl4 for 300 thousand. And a top sniper, the star of the team
is worth half a million. Even if Forze didn’t think about it,
from now they will. We’re throwing in information. Is 300 thousands official price for Boombl4? There’s no exact figure,
about 200-300 thousands We don’t know, it’s a rough figure. -If Boombl4 can cost 300 thousands…
-Boombl4 can become a captain. He’s a talented player. But what team was he in?
Forze is a prospective team Top 15, they won DreamHack. And Boombl4 was in Winstrike who
had a slot for Major left after other players. Which they lost then. The price policy on transfers
is not adequate. How is it all organized? For example,
the team decides to kick Guardian. And what should the organization do?
Buy someone? That’s what we’re talking about. It starts to listen to players’ opinion
but can’t meet all their requirements. Because, for example,
xsepower costs 500 thousands. What to do? Find the lesser of two evils. I want to understand the next thing.
You said the right words. At this stage players don’t have
a right to want to kick someone. -They kicked me.
-Well, yes and it’s not right. Who should have this right? Manager and bosses. A coach? A coach can recommend to do it.
He can say ‘We need a new sniper. xsepower. Do you have half a million?’
‘No, we don’t.’ You have Guardian. True. It’s logical, I agree. -Teams will come to it.
-It was so at some point. When the situation happened with you in 2016, right? 2016-2017. We made a decision that from then on
no player can change the roster. The decision was made and then violated. Yes, it’s like… ‘You kicked Danya, and now watch out.
Do it again, we’ll kick your asses.’ That’s all interesting but let’s move on. I want to add, Guardian, you’re a nice man. I know you well. I wish you good luck,
work hard and move forward. We advise you to practice. Anyway it’s for you to decide. If you want to become the best,
there are all the methods, just do it and you’ll succeed. The next topic is… Let’s discuss players. The first one is s1mple. S1mple, I want to ask you. Did you ever consider listening to Misha?
He has bright ideas. We all know
that a sniper shows the best stats Device and zywoo play with awp and as far as I know they’ll be top 1 or 2. We’ll talk about it later. And we all know S1mple What place will he get? I think he must be after zywoo,
device and elige. He’ll be 4 or 5. Elige won 3 tournaments, MVP,
a lot of stats Everyone forgot about Liquid so fast
though they won a million in almost no time. Elige must be top 3 and s1mple top 4. Must be. What’s the main reason, Misha? In 2018 S1mple took a sniper’s role. -It wasn’t easy for him.
-Indeed. With this role he could be
most helpful for the team. And with this role he reached his greatest achievement. S1mple always wants to be number one
and he deserves it. In 2018 sure he deserved it. In 2018 I saw how much he practiced. He was really into cs and practiced a lot.
Now I don’t follow him that closely He’s still practicing a lot. I watch FPL
and Spirit practice a lot individually. Yes. Somedieyoung, chopper and others. And I look how many hours they have on FPL. S1mple is the only one from Navi
who practices. If you want to be the best, you need
to sacrifice everything and do your best. He can be one of the best players
with another role or make an effort, get awp back
and become the best. Do you understand
how much it changes the system because it’s easier to buy a rifler
than a sniper. There are few top snipers in CIS
and you can find a cool rifler without problem. It can be a good option for Navi. But anyway a sniper requires hard working. So we say to s1mple
‘If you want to be top 1, consider that top 2 players are snipers’. So next year you can try
to get your number one post back (the post of hltv’s president) so you should return to that role. And it will be easier for Navi
to buy the fifth rifler. First we advised Forze
the price tag for xsepower and now we’re showing Navi a different way. Don’t pay those enormous sums
and save the money. Let’s talk about the list. There are a lot of cool players,
we should look at their roles. What positions they play on. Will there be any replacements? I mean top 20 players of the year.
Don’t know why you thought about transfer. Ah, top 20 players of the year. -Electronic must be in top 10.
-100% They have cool stats. They’re like top 1 and top 2. Okay, did you notice
that Flamie as a midfielder on some maps doesn’t feel the game? And for a long time. For example? Well, on Mirage, for example. They said they didn’t practice this map
a lot and he didn’t play well on A. We’re giving advice to Navi now. I advice them to make him midfielder on B. He’s controlling B with Electronic, right? Who? Flamie and electronic. I saw Flamie on A. S1mple and electronic control B. And Flamie on A with guardian
who misses shots. What a strange decision
to send two strong players to B which can be controlled by one. The question is to the manager. To Glade and others. Guys, it’s silly, look at Mirage. Now one player can control B and play 4A. Why did we always send Electronic
to difficult positions? He thinks fast, he feels the map,
he understands the info he chooses difficult positions for himself. And sending him to B is wrong. They could send Flamie on B
as a midfielder. Electronic by the way was a A midfielder
on Mirage when it was our strongest map. We won a lot of tournaments with him on A. Where did I play? Connector? You played in Connector,
electronic was a midfielder on A. I liked to play in Connector. They often switched positions with flamie,
they couldn’t decide who’s midfielder. So these are our advice,
but it’s for you to decide. Let’s go to top players. To be honest
considering the team’s achievements… Who’ll be in top 20 from Navi
and who won’t? Electronic and s1mple. I wanted to discuss this matter.
Guys have high stats, they deserve respect. But is it fair for them to be in top 20
if the team won few events? That’s the question. So they had high stats at early stages
and at decisive stages… Yes, exactly. Often it was so. On Major electronic destroyed everyone
in the group but not in the decisive match. Yes, that’s important, really. But still,
who do you think will be in the top 20? -The first place is…
-We already talked about it. Zywoo or device. But I want to say… I’m sure it’ll be device. I think he deserves it. He deserves it more. The fact that Vitality won Epicenter… How much stronger is Astralis
than Vitality? Much stronger. Zywoo has 5 MVPs
so he pushes the team forward. You prepared for today. I read it too. -How many MVPs does device have?
-Two. Three. He got MVP on Major and ECS. His team dominated and he’s their leader.
He’s a cool player, one of the best. But is he the best? Misha, it’s all subjective. Keep quiet. Let him talk. Zywoo will win with a big margin. Zywoo has the highest rating
on LAN tournaments with the best teams. S1mple is the second. 1.31 – zywoo, 1.29 – s1mple. And device? Then it’s clear, it’s zywoo, not device. Why do you say so?
And if team’s achievements are more valuable? We’re talking about individual rating. So I think… There are two points of view. Okay, guys, each says his list. By the way Misha analyzed
everything right, I agree with him. Last year he had more MVPs,
more victories but who got the first place? S1mple. Last year device had more MVPs? Of course. And more victories. More MVP and more tournaments. Okay then. I must say that S1mple performed
super cool last year. Individually he had insane ratings. Yes, this year his results are high,
but not so brilliant as last year. -This year 1.29
-and last year 1.37. That was crazy. Do you remember he was about to
break the record in China? He had 1.50. Yes, he could do if only he… Okay, guys, I think we don’t need to
discuss who else will be in top 20. -It’s not that interesting.
-We respect elige too. Yes, we respect him. I respect many players on pro scene.
Dupreeh showed good game from time to time. Yes, he’s not that stable but… All Astralis will be in top? Twistzz performed well this year too. NAF. -Someone from EG?
-Cerq and Brehze. I’m 100% sure about Brehze. All top teams all in all. And fnatic?
Maybe Krimz? -Does he have any chances?
-He should. Well, he’ll be in the list. Mousesports? Woxic, ropz. Ropz for sure. So it’s all top teams. Okay, we don’t know the places,
it’s up to hltv. We have one more important topic, guys. I would like to say… We’ll say who deserves respect but… Which team according to our
expert opinion will dominate in 2020? What is the first championship? Let’s see. January 2020, Leipzig. 31st of January, London Blast. It’s just a group stage. Group A Faze, Mibr, Liquid, NiP. Group B Astralis, Complexity,
Navi, Vitality. We can discuss this group. Not now. Yes, it’s too early. Okay, let’s discuss
who’ll dominate the whole year. Guys, out of those teams
which showed potential last year at the end of the year especially.
Mousesports, guys. I think
they have cool relationships in the team. Not all roles are decided yet, frozen doesn’t
show his best though he’s talented. Woxic is not stable though
when he’s in shape, he destroys everyone. Ropz plays like a genius. He’s very smart and he’s a good player.
Karrigan is a good leader. ChrisJ is a support,
he often shows cool game. For me it’s a real team. Now Mousesports are top 2,
Astralis are still top 1. I really like them but I don’t know
what will happen next year. I hope that in 2020
there will be no dominating team. Fnatics are rising now. They’re showing
progress, they decided on the roster. Vitality. Zywoo. Don’t forget about shox. I think
Mousesports will lose their positions. Astralis dominated
but they were beaten this year by Liquid and other teams. I think next year
they’ll dominate even less. For me Astralis is something insane. You beat them and they still get up and hit back. I didn’t expect them to win
so many tournaments this year. And what tournaments! They’re the greatest cs players. In cs go history. We were unlucky. We wanted it so much
but they stopped us. Yes, we wanted to. -We were top 2.
-We lost to them the final of London Major. We were top 2 everywhere the whole year. I lost three finals. If we analyze it right then Astralis… are the best what cs had. I believe that next year
Astralis won’t be top 1 with big margin like it was last year
and last year but one. -If they’ll be top 1 we’ll be in shock.
-And we’ll close the game. They are on the IPO. We’ve discussed it. We’ve discussed it
but it’s still a very important moment. It shows me that managers of this project
are ready to risk and move forward. They understand they’re making trends. Astralis signed a
contract with Juventus. It disappointed me. Why? I wanted Juventus to work with us
but it chose Astralis. Probably because they’re the best. Juventus is the best. I want to say that
if I were Astralis’s manager I would think about the next thing:
if the shares depend on the results then I need to motivate the guys somehow. When everyone got to know
that Astralis are on the IPO the team got new energy
and started to play even better. Maybe they were told ‘if you win,
our share prices will rise and you’ll get some money’.
Well, that’s in theory. Motivation. Astralis deserve respect because
nevertheless their victories they continue to fight,
to set new goals and achieve them. It’s very difficult. Not to lose motivation. They deserve respect. But which team will
dominate next year? Each name one team Evil Genius, by the way.
They were top 1 not long ago. We forgot about it. They won two tournaments and became top 1,
that was enough for them. But they were stable even before that. Hltv considers three or four months. One month of vacation. Then major, two tournaments and that’s it. Can Evil Genius be top 1 next year?
Does anyone believe in them? I think they’ll fight for high places
but they won’t be top 1. Who will be top 1? Who deserves it? Now it’s easier to say that
top 1 will remain unchanged. Astralis. But I hope they won’t. Okay, who but for Astralis? -Mousesports.
-I don’t think so. Though now they’re top 2. Okay, what’s your opinion? I named Astralis
though I think that no one will be top 1. You picked Mousesports and you? It’s easy to pick Astralis. I didn’t say Mousesports will be top 1,
I said I liked their game. -Okay, let it be Liquid.
-100% not. Why? They won a million and that’s it? They don’t look like top 1. I wanted to pick them so much. Scroll and pick another one. -The list is short.
-Pick Navi. It’ll be more prospective. For now I don’t want to pick Navi
to be honest. These are just guesses so let’s move on. Okay, I’ll choose Vitality. Just to name them. You chose Mousesports, Astralis
and I picked Vitality. You can repeat a team,
it’s not a competition, Who do you like? Who do you see top 1? Mousesports for me is a team
which made progress. But I don’t see this team as champions. Everything depends on individual skills. I thing Vitality and Liquid
have good individual skills. But I don’t see it in Mousesports. I want to say that Karrigan did great job because every team he played in succeeded. I wanted to finish my thought
about Mousesports. They grew up and so on but in cs psychological confidence is
important. Let’s remember where they started. The team Tyloo. They are not even in top 20 Tyloo were wining 15-8 in China
and wanted to send them home. Maybe there wouldn’t be this situation
if they played more carefully. And how is it connected
with their confidence? They won the tournament. When you win tournament you were
about to lose, you become more confident. And you get many other things too. You start to believe that you can win
at any moment. You feel impunity. You’re fearless. It’s your victory. That’s what important in cs. One more advice for Navi:
win a small tournament. Anyone. Like pro100,
they won 2 small tournaments. -Are they confident now?
-At least now they believe in themselves. For now they won more victories
than Navi this year. Just two small tournaments. Navi should win a small tournament. Pro100 did good job,
we’re working with them. They should play Dreamhack
just for confidence. When we started to play with Electronic,
we went to Dreamhack. Win a small tournament. Yes, guys, maybe you should calm down
and win a small tournament? There’s Dreamhack in Leipzig. -Yes, 100 thousands…
-Flamie likes Leipzig a lot. Don’t set high goals from the beginning. Of course, you’re ambitious.
What Leipzig, what are you talking about? Are you joking or what? Choose a tournament
which you’re sure to win. A victory gives a boost, confidence. And we want you to win. How many
tournaments we won last time running? 3. The third one was a rather serious one.
It was Cologne, if I’m not mistaken. We won Astralis.
And we started everything from Starladder. Then China. So, guys, you need a victory. Let’s wish everybody Merry Christmas. Guys, happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Let’s show our gratitude to cs gods. Decorate your Christmas tree,
eat salads, drink champagne. Cheers. I have a little left. What did you have?
I have a tea. I saw you water, aha. And giveaway, right? Which giveaway? Guys, we have a cool keyboard by HyperX. hyperX are awesome guys. -They have the best keyboards.
-Yes, that’s true. You can win this insane keyboard by HyperX. What do they have to do? Guess who will be in the 10th place
of the Top 20 players ranking. Not the first, second or third. The 10th. Who is the first, will get this keyboard. Keyboard. Good luck to everyone. Thanks, everyone! It was Cyber SHOW!

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