April 8, 2020
Customer Centric Marketing for Entrepreneurs | BabsonX on edX

Customer Centric Marketing for Entrepreneurs | BabsonX on edX

an entrepreneur looking to expand your brand
and your market base? Spend a few weeks with
me, Beth Goldstein, as we explore the world of
entrepreneurial marketing focusing on customer-centric campaign design. Don’t worry, you don’t have to run a
business to benefit from this course. I’ve designed Customer Centric
Marketing for Entrepreneurs to help you think like an entrepreneur. To creatively assess
opportunities in the market, and then to discover
how to best approach potential customers to determine if your
idea can be turned into a sustainable business with paying customers. This course is designed for business
owners, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, basically anyone
interested in understanding how to use customer discovery tools,
that will help you deliver solutions that customers want. How often have you seen a really cool or
unique marketing campaign and wondered, would that work for my company? It might be a Facebook ad, or
perhaps a post on Instagram, or a campaign asking you to
participate in a product release event. Social media and online
marketing tactics have given us access to consumers
all around the world, and a view into the marketing strategies
of companies of every size. However, it’s not uncommon to feel
confused, and sometimes overwhelmed, by the myriad marketing solutions
and options available today. So how do you decide if social media,
direct sales, or running an event is the right method
for your next campaign? Join me for Customer Centric
Marketing for Entrepreneurs, starting November 27th on edX.org. And we’ll spend time exploring how
you can quickly define customer needs, identify the right marketing
approach, build a brand, and reach potential, and
even current customers, in the most effective
and efficient manner. And don’t worry, you won’t need the
budget of a Fortune 500 company, or a large marketing
team to be successful.

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