April 8, 2020

CS-Cart Shopping Cart Solution. How-to: Customizing CS-Cart 4.2.x

Hello and welcome to a new CS-Cart video tutorial in this video I’m going to focus on customizing a
store in CS-Cart 4. Log into your admin panel and go to
Design, Themes to change the look of your store.
Here you can see the active theme. Themes have styles which can be edited by clicking the Visual Editor button.
A style comprises the color scheme, fonts, backgrounds, and logos. And also other design elements which can be
tweaked in real time. In other words the visual editor lets
you edit the style of your store.
Moving on each theme has a pack of built-in styles. Each of them can be selected and then edited via the Visual Editor.
You can also create an entirely new style based on an existing one.
The style of your widget can also be tweaked separately.
By the way starting from version 4.1.4 CS-Cart features the Responsive theme.
This theme helps your store fit into any screen be it mobile or tablet. The Responsive theme is the default
theme version 4.2.1. Well, that’s it for today. We will be happy to answer your questions in the comment section below, on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for watching.

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