April 3, 2020
CS-Cart eCommerce Website Software. How-to: The Admin Panel

CS-Cart eCommerce Website Software. How-to: The Admin Panel

Hello and welcome to CS-Cart.
Before you is the user interface, the CS-Cart Admin Panel. It includes useful and handy menus
for clear navigation and quick access to the most frequently used parts
of the Admin Panel. Let’s have a closer look at it. The first thing you see is the top navigation menu. The blue area allows you to operate
with the inner structure and configuration of your store. It includes add-ons, administration routine,
store settings, design and layouts, current language, currency, and logged in
admin profile. If you need to view the storefront you can quickly open it by clicking
the “Cart” icon in the top left corner. In CS-Cart you can also manage your stores
from this menu. In Multi-Vendor you can manage vendors. This area is all about the daily tasks. Orders, products, customers, marketing
and promotion tools, website content. No matter how deep you go, you can alway go back to the homepage
by clicking the “Home” icon. Some elements of this menu are marked
with “A” letter. It means that this functionality is provided by an add-on. To manage them go to Add-ons, Manage add-ons. In the right corner therre’s a quick menu
for quick access to the chosen features or pages. Using this menu you can quickly add
a new product or view certain page. You can edit its contents by clicking the “Edit” button. Also there’s a search form. It enables the quick search for products,
orders, users, and content pages. Finally, this bar shows where you are and
what you can do in the certain page. Right now before us is the Dashboard. It contains
the summary of the recent activity in your store: latest orders, search items, and sales, as well as the synopsis, the store inventory,
and general user statistics. If you scroll down, the menu and the bar
will follow you and stay on top. Another element of the Adfmin panel is the sidebar. It shows additional information or search fields. Moving on, it’s very easy to navigate around
the Admin panel. You can go back using the “Arrow” button, or specify exactly where to go to
using the dropdown menu. On the product detail page you can also navigate
between list of the previously chosen products usign the arrow buttons. Moving on to actions, in CS-Cart “Plus” button is used
to add something new, be it a product, order, currency, etc. Conversely if you want to add, delete or change
one or several items altogether, including some extra features use the “Gear” button. Some elements have the “Gear” button, too. You just need to mouse over them. You can sort items by different parametres
by simply clicking the corresponding field. Sorting items is available on the products, orders,
and customer’s pages. In CS-Cart the properties of certain items are grouped
by tabs, depending on what they are meant for. You can esily switch between the tabs
by clicking on them. Next, let’s have a closer look at
some specific and useful features. Some elements of the Admin panel have tooltips,
useful tips on how to use a certain feature. If you see a question mark, just mouse over it
and you’ll see a tooltip. On a product detail page you can fill in your product information in different languages. It is also applicable to other elements, such as
categories, banners, or pages. If you want to change the language of
the whole Admin panel, head over to the top navigation menu
and choose the necessary language. Well, this is it. We hope easily get acquainted with the Admin panel of CS-Cart. If you have any questions, please, use the comment section, Facebook, or Twitter. Thanks for watching.

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