April 5, 2020
CS-Cart eCommerce Software. Features: Store Import

CS-Cart eCommerce Software. Features: Store Import

Hello and welcome to a new CS-Cart video tutorial.
In this video I’m going to guide you through the Store Import process and show you how
it works. Say you have a shop running on CS-Cart 3.0.6.
Everything’s nice and proper, and… Here comes CS-Cart 4, with some new features,
one of them being… Right, Store Import.
Obviously, you’d like to upgrade. Because, well, that’s progress.
As a matter of fact, it’s rather easy to do. What you’re gonna need is your primary, currently
working store—let’s call it the primary store,
and a clean, freshly-installed on the same machine as your primary store, CS-Cart 4—that’ll be the new store.
Now, what we are going to do is import all the data from my primary store—3.0.6 Ultimate—into
the new CS-Cart 4, so that I could use and benefit from its cool features.
First things first, since Store Import works as an add-on, log in to the admin panel of
your new CS-Cart store and go to Add-ons→Manage Add-ons.
Scroll down and find the Store Import add-on. Click install.
Seeing the notice, go to add-ons and click Store Import.
Now, enter a full path to the directory of your primary store.
In my case, the path is the following: Please note that the primary and the new store
must be installed on the same host. Click Validate.
Double-check if everything is correct. If all is good, click Import Data.
Sit back and wait until your data is imported. Depending on the amount of it, it might take
either a couple of minutes, or a couple of hours. As you can see, the inital data import is
successfully completed. Everything I had in CS-Cart 4 by default has been
deleted and replaced with the data from my primary store.
The peculiar thing about Store Import is that it doesn’t transfer your store’s design.
So, on this step, you can leave this page and customize the look of your future store
according to your needs, or reproduce your primary store’s design.
You can spend unlimited amount of time doing this. Your primary store will still work, receive
orders, and sell normally. Pay attention to the text on this page: first
of all, if you’re an Ultimate user like me, prior to proceeding to customizing your store,
you have to change the Storefront URLs to the new ones, because now they are bound to the primary store, and the error in the URLs may cause problems. Besides, you won’t be able to customize your
new store. Also, you have to go to the Languages section
and set the correct Country value for each language.
This will enable your new store to work properly. I’m going to switch to the theme editor built in CS-Cart 4, which you can find under Design→Themes in your admin panel, and reproduce the design of my primary store to use it in the new one now.
Well, almost nailed it. Let’s return to Store Import now and proceed
directly to the next step by clicking this button.
On this step, you can actualize data since the latest import.
If your primary store is alive, up, and running, you may need to actualize data.
Actualizing data allows you to update your store since the initial data import. Actualizing data and Store Import are pretty
much the same. You can actualize data as many times as is necessary. Let’s click Actualize data.
Having actualized data, you will see this notice.
Now, I’m ready to complete my Store Import. Well, that’s pretty much it.
Now my CS-Cart 4 looks very much like my primary store, both in- and outside.
I’m now ready to go live and sell happily. Well, that’s it for today.
We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments section below,
on Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks for watching!

5 thoughts on “CS-Cart eCommerce Software. Features: Store Import

  1. Great software! Great tutorial! Used it for years but the Store Import doesn't work for me. It hangs up midway through the cloning process at step 2 when updating from 2.2.5 to Tried adding 2 files requested in the install documentation for just this case and now it doesn't load at all. Been trying for days and had no real help from support even after they took 15 credits for nothing as they never resolved it. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks.

  2. i have problem with twitter social login. after i click on register by twitter button its showing me this.:- "Error Authentication failed. The user has canceled the authentication or the provider refused the connection"

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