February 25, 2020
CS-Cart eCommerce Platform. Features: The Widget Mode

CS-Cart eCommerce Platform. Features: The Widget Mode

Hello, and welcome to a new CS-Cart video
tutorial. In this video, I will explain to you the Widget
Mode, introduced in CS-Cart 4. With the introduction of the Widget Mode,
CS-Cart can work both as a standalone shop and as a widget. The widget mode allows you to embed a CS-Cart
store into your website or blog. The widget works as an embedded Java Script: you just
pick up the code, insert it, and you’re ready to go. You can embed a store into any popular CMS,
like WordPress, Joomla, Bitrix, and many others. So, to demonstrate how the Widget Mode works,
I’ve made 2 demo websites on different platforms, into which I’m going to embed a CS-Cart store
now. First of all, log in to the CS-Cart admin
panel and go to Design→Layouts. On the left, you will see your Widget Code
straight away. You can use it as is. However, it’s better
to create a separate layout for a certain website. This way, you can tweak each layout to fit
with certain websites and your own needs. Let’s create a layout for my WordPress-powered
website. Click the ‘Add Layout’ button,
name it ‘WordPress Store, copy data from the main layout, select ‘Fluid’ to fit the store
into the page properly without scrollbars, press ‘Create’, and make some changes to it. For instance, let’s remove the top panel and
a footer, and leave the main content only. Here we go. Now, I’m going to log in to my WordPress admin
panel, go to ‘Pages’, and create a new page for a CS-Cart store. Now, I need to copy the Widget Code from the
Layouts page And just paste it into the page source code. That’s it. Let’s save the changes and test
the page by adding /pagename to the address Here it is! I’m ready to sell right off the
bat. Now, let’s do the same thing for my other
website. I’ve chosen Wix to build it. Here you can see Wix HTML Editor and the website
itself. I’m going to create a separate blank page
for a widget. Now, I click Add → Apps → HTML. I have created a separate layout for a website,
in which I just moved some blocks around and deleted the top panel. So, I need to copy the widget code and insert
it into the HTML window. Ta da, here’s the store! Let’s preview it
as well. By the way, we are currently developing a
Facebook app which will enable you to sell directly on Facebook, by simply entering your
store’s URL. Well, that’s it for today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you
might have in the comments section below, on Facebook, and Twitter. thanks for watching.

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  1. Well it doesn't work for us. We used the code and integrated but somehow it doesn't show up. Instead colorful moving icons appear

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