March 29, 2020
Crypto vs Forex – Which Market is Better for Traders?

Crypto vs Forex – Which Market is Better for Traders?

What’s up everyone, so I’m actually coming
at you from my home office today and im going to talk to you about something that me and
my partner have kind of had going on in the background. So, obviously the crypto market’s been pummeled. And we have a lot of followers asking us how
were staying afloat and if crypto is the only thing that we trade, and it’s not! We also trade forex. So, today we’re gonna take a look at forex
versus crypto, the pros and cons of each and which one I really think is better in the
long run. Alright so, forex versus crypto. The first thing that i think we should look
at is the hours of operation. Because forex really kind of changed the world
for traders, it’s open from sunday afternoon until friday afternoon. The traditional stock market of course is
closed at night so this really opened up a much wider trading period for traders and
that was huge. Crypto is really taking that another step
further and they have the first truly accessible twenty four hour live markets seven days a
week. For somebody just getting into the space that
might not mean much, but for established traders it really is huge to be able to get those
extra two days in. Not just for the trading time but also the
ability to manage positions you already have during those periods. Now, along with the forex crypto battle we
of course have to look at the fact of establishment. Forex has been around for well over a decade,
its an established industry and with that you have regulations, you have oversight,
and that’s one of the big points that comes with crypto versus forex, is your security. We see it all the time with crypto, exchanges
being hacked, losing money, things like that. And the reality is, current situation you
have no legal recourse. The nice thing with forex, being that it is
established and regulated you have legal recourse if something goes awry with a broker. You actually have rules that are in place. Now, with that and the regulatory issues,
the other factor with crypto is that were so new that really were currently in a place
where the way that we trade crypto could very well drastically change over the next two
years as new regulations and laws come in. If you’re trading the forex markets, its
very unlikely that any kind of regulatory restrictions are going to drastically change
the way you trade on a day to day basis. Okay, along with that regulatory framework
that you get with forex, you do get a slight advantage with crypto. I won’t talk too much about the logistics
of it, but the reality is KYC at this point is rather extensive in forex, theres alot
of information that you have to give t6o be able and open an account. There’s a lot of red tape involved with
all that. Crypto isd still in a space where realistically
you can actually trade anonymously. I won’t speak to the legal issues of this,
but to some people that does appeal, and I do understand that. Okay, so one of my biggest sticking points
with crypto, and one of my favorite things about forex is fee structures. Because it’s not regulated, because there’s
kind of no uniformity right now, you just absolutely are getting gouged on fees. Believe me guys, trading crypto when I first
started out, I looked at it and I was like “you’re paying a high fee to get to do
what you want to do”. But the level of excess these fees are is
just bonkers, ive seen as high as 3%. In forex you’re looking at usually your
broker taking a small commission plus your spread which is the difference between the
buy and the sell price. Usually about a pip and a half, which for
you crypto heads in perspective is about fifteen dollars on a lot of a hundred thousand. I mean the difference is absolutely insane. Your talking about you know, somewhere in
the range of about fifteen dollars versus three thousand for the same size trade. It’s pretty clear where the winner on that
one is. The other thing with that established factor
is choices. Crypto has a lot of choices but in a different
way. With the forex market you have tons of options
for brokers to trade through, you can go and look and you can really choose the best one. With crypto your options are very limited,
there’s no real uniformity. Now, you do get more pairs, there are a lot
more combinations of cryptocurrencies that you can trade and that is appealing to some
but, the other downside with that of course is you’re really delegating everything into
a very long only type environment. Going short is not available on most currencies,
its only on a small group of the larger cryptos. With forex you can trade in either direction,
you’re never going to have an issue with that. Another issue we see in crypto of course is
liquidity. This is a huge one. I mean the difference is massive. Forex isjust trading the global currencies
on the market, the average daily volume in forex currency trades is about five trillion
dollars. Crypto on the other hand, you’re looking
between seven and fifteen billion dollars a day. That still sounds like a ton of money, but
the reality is, I’m no mega whale with billions of dollars that I’m moving through, and
I’ve been in situations where I cant clear an order through the market because the liquidity
simply isn’t there to clear at the price I want. And that really is something that’s nice
about forex. Now with that, you’re dealing with less
volatility so you’re price moves are going to be significantly smaller. And you know, a one percent move in a day
in forex is huge. In crypto you have big moves, big swings,
which can bury you, but can also be advantageous if you’re willing to take higher risk for
the chance at higher reward. There’s always a give and take with this. Now the way to handle this is through leverage. With forex you generally can trade with much
higher levels of leverage than crypto. Heck, in crypto finding an exchange that you
can go through that offers leverage is rare at this point. With FX, you can go sometimes as high as 50
to 100X, i would never suggest that, that’s extremely high risk, but you can do it. With crypto you’re basically just going
off the volatility of the currency itself rather than your leverage to make those profits. Alright so one of the other things that’s
very much still in development in the crypto world is access to usable platforms. Theres like no uniformity, if you go to each
different exchange youre going to be placing your orders in different ways, it’s going
to have a different format for everything. You know a lot of exchanges don’t offer
things that are basic in other markets, trailing stop, stop limits and things like this, and
in forex, you know a lot of people use metatrader 4, it’s kind of like microsoft office for
traders in forex. It’s a uniform program, everyone can link
into it, multiple brokers trade through it. And there’s a lot of uniformity so it’s
easier to kind of pick up that skill set to trade forex across multiple brokers in one
place. With crypto, I mean I trade on multiple different
exchanges and there’s no doubt, every single exchange that I use except maybe binance and
kucoin have mirrored formats, they all use different methods and it really kind of makes
it a more difficult space to navigate if you’re not familiar with it. Okay, so my last point is the big elephant
in the room which I’m sure all my crypto people are going to bring up. Investment potential. There’s no freaking doubt about it, you
are probably never going to see a worldwide currency double, or half in a small tradable
period. It’s probably just not gonna happen barring
some crazy wild event. Crypto, there’s no doubt, it’s a new technology,
we don’t know where it’s headed, there is huge investment potential here. You know, I’m not gonna deny that, there
is huge upside potential. But the thing with upside potential is you’re
looking at equivalent risk. So if you’re going to take that, you know
hope that crypto’s going to go to the moon, do it. But remember your risk, and always keep that
in mind when you’re trading. So in the end, forex vs crypto, who wins out? Honestly? In my opinion, neither. There’s a reason that we trade both forex
and crypto. In my personal experience what I’ve found
is that I can do better long term analysis on cryptocurrency moves, most of my positions
that I hold in crypto now are usually between three days to a week or two, because on that
scale, you’re really looking at smoother moves. Because one thing that happens in crypto alot
on intraday, is you will see lots of flat, and then massive moves. And the reality is, for day trading, if somethings
drops by eighty dollars in two minutes, the chances of you catching that are extremely
slim. My day trading I’ve really moved over to
forex because the markets tend, excuse the pun, but they tend to trend more. And you know, that’s just easier for a day
trader, you can really kind of pick up on the intraday moves without worrying about
extreme chop, extreme volatility. So, that’s where I stand on it. I like to day trade forex, I like bigger positions
in crypto. I do believe crypto has a lot to grow but
I think that it’s going to be a very interesting industry, but obviously you know been hit
hard right now. SO, you know my partner and I have got some
stuff going on, he was actually in forex for many years. And I’m going to be taking alot of my trading
stuff that you guys have seen, and anything that’s kind of crypto agnostic, and just
talking about trading were going to be moving over to the mydaytradingtutor youtube channel. So you guys can head over there, and all of
my basic trading stuff, talking about indicators and looking at the forex market also, is gonna
be over there. And we’ll also be ramping up the website
which has some very interesting forex products that you guys should check out. Anyways, if you liked the video, like, subscribe,
and definitely go over check out my day trading tutor, we’ll be having a lot of new content
on trading.

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  2. It's not because we're collaborating or anything, but this has to be the most helpful and practical Forex vs Crypto intro video I've ever seen. Great job!

  3. i've really lost a lot in crypto but things that i've learnt, it's priceless its all about patience i guess, i don't want to leave now

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