April 9, 2020
Creating an eCommerce Inbound Marketing Strategy

Creating an eCommerce Inbound Marketing Strategy

hello again and welcome back to our
video series the complete guide to inbound marketing for e-commerce I’m
Ethan Giffin your host founder and CEO of Groove Commerce
and if you missed our first video click on the little thingy here in the window
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tweet at us at poof commerce I’m very excited to talk about part 2 which is
creating your inbound marketing strategy so in order to create your inbound
marketing strategy we really need to mine your customer database to get some
insights on how and why they buy from you really thinking about a couple of
concepts that we’re going to use to build your ideal by our profile the
first of those concepts is called RFM recency frequency and monetary that
we’re gonna touch on in just a few minutes and next we wrap in the for
buyer modalities and that’s really thinking about two different accesses
first off are they a slow buyer a fast buyer or the illogical buyer or an
emotional buyer and within that there’s for buying types for example a fast and
logical buyer would be considered competitive they want to know why your
solution is best and they want to know how quickly they can get it from you
right they’re gonna buy very fast and waste very little time a spontaneous
buyer might be a fast buyer but also an emotional buyer they’re gonna wake up
this morning and say I want this widget where can I get it they might not buy
the best thing for them but they’re gonna buy it fast right then we get into
our slower buyers a more humanistic buyer is a slow buyer and an emotional
buyer who’s very unstructured in their decision making right but they actually
make emotion-based decisions so they want to know who used your product or
solution right so the types of people that endorse your products were your
manufacturers are very important to them do they see it in magazines what types
of pictures do you use on your website all of those factors are going to
influence that and then you have a methodical buyer right there a very slow
and logic-based buyer and they’re gonna take their time to come back to your
website two three four times and maybe look at other review websites
to build their frame of mind around the purchase so those are the four buyer
modalities from there we move into really kind of planning and scheduling
both your editorial and offer calendar we talked to many mid market
tailors who still don’t have an overall calendar you need to think about twelve
months of the year and wonder your highs and lows of purchases are there industry
events that influence purchases right if you’re going to compete against Amazon
you need to really get organized and build all of that together in one
document for yourself and then next we want to think about how do we identify
and implement automated workflows these are things that some of them might come
off your head already we’re gonna talk about more of them as we go but these
are things that work for you while you sleep using automated tools online like
HubSpot this is things like abandoned cart post purchase follow-up email
welcome series and many many more that we’re gonna talk about as we go through
the next stages of the sales funnel with you I hope you’ve enjoyed this video so
far and I hope you stick around for part three

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