April 3, 2020
Creating a MVP for Your E-commerce Business – Luna Vega

Creating a MVP for Your E-commerce Business – Luna Vega

Hi guys! Luna here. So I’m currently in Maui at Ho’okipa beach checking out all those surfers
and these massive waves. So this year I decided to take my business on the road. As a bonus, I’ll be doing a vlog
of all my travel adventures every Friday. So if you haven’t already subscribed
to my YouTube channel make sure to do so now. What are you waiting for? So in today’s episode, I’ll provide you guys with tips on creating an MVP for your e-commerce business. A few weeks ago, I got an email from Claudia who subscribed to my channel.
Thanks Claudia. And she’s rebuilding her e-commerce business and she was wondering
how comprehensive her site should be. Should she have all the
functionality in place before she launches or just the basics and upgrade from there? Well the good news, Claudia, is
that yes you can get away with having all the basic features and expand from there. Essentially, when you’re launching
an e-commerce business you have 2 options. The first one is to do a pre-sales page. You can do that either with Kickstarter or having a simple landing page. It’s a great way to build anticipation for your product. And also have an understanding as to whether or not there’s a demand for what you’re selling. The second option is to build an e-commerce website. So now I’m not going to into much detail
about all the different platform that you could potentially use but if you have limited
budget, definitely stick to a template. Now when launching, there are 5 features that
you absolutely must have. So here’s the list. First, you need to have a responsive
design and good user experience. Responsive design simply means that your site is optimized for mobile and tablet. Now most platforms have that option these days but make sure to double check. More and more shoppers are
actually buying on mobile devices. It’s absolutely a must that shoppers are able to shop right from your home page. So try to grab their attention right then and there. Second, you want to make sure
that you have good photographs and description of each of your different products. Bad photography will kill your chances
of anybody buying from you. And it also shows lack of professionalism. So invest time and
money in having good photography. Then you want to make sure to have descriptions. Why? Because it also helps with your SEO but it’s also a great way for people to understand
what you’re selling and avoid any returns. Third, test out your check-out process. You want to make sure that all the different phase of the check-out process are properly working. Obviously, set up your merchant account either through Stripe or PayPal. And then additionally from that you need to have all the email automation setup so whomever is buying from
you will have an automatic email giving them information about the product
as to when it’s going to be shipped confirmation that they bought from you, etc. etc. Four, you need to have
prominent contact information and FAQ. Watch my previous episode to understand why having your contact information
front and center is extremely important. Now frequently asked questions are also a must because they will help avoid returns. Finally, you want to make sure that you have a newsletter opt-in option. Try to incentivize people to sign
up to your newsletter by either having a discount or a freebie. It’s extremely important to have
that feature set up from the beginning because most people
who come to your site might never return, so you want to make sure
that you retain these customers and keep an ongoing communication with them. These waves are no joke. Now, be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself. Building an e-commerce site takes time. And the beauty with digital is that
you can start small and expand from there. Alright guys, well thanks for watching. If you found this information useful, make sure to like it and subscribe to my channel. I’m going to take pictures of these surfers. This is insane what’s going on here.

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