November 19, 2019

15 thoughts on “Create QR-Code Business Cards for Free

  1. @burnsy96 one symbol can encode theoretically up to 7,089 digits (numeric only) or 4,296 characters (alphanum) or 2,953 bytes. in practice this is usually limited to a few hundred bytes (due to available space, printing resolution, scanning distance, scanning method, etc).

  2. @ASAF612 You are welcome! The online barcode generator may also be helpful. It creates meCard, vCard, Dacebook, Linkedin, Twitter, SMS, Wifi, … 2D codes.

  3. @karenr0823 Thanks for your comment! Please try a "vCard" format as well. It depends on the software decoder which format works best. Awaiting your feedback!

  4. hello . it can be make identity information and personal photo in the QR code . and the app read it and show the information and showed the photo ?

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