April 9, 2020
Create an Awesome Website with Wix – Step by Step – 2019

Create an Awesome Website with Wix – Step by Step – 2019

hi and welcome to another eMediaCoach tutorial. Today we’ll teach you how to build a Wix website for free from start to finish. It’s so easy to create your stunning website with the WIX website builder, perfect for beginners because it’s a simple drag-and-drop interface which makes everything so easy to set up even if you’ve never done this before. We’ll teach you everything from creating your free Wix account, to setting up your website pages, layout, and content. Last week we got quoted $1,500 for a business website, but with Wix you can build a website for free, all by yourself. You can optionally upgrade to your own domain name, which we recommend if you’re running a business, but more about that later. So here’s the website that we will show you how to create with the Wix website builder. Just keep in mind that the content and layout are completely flexible depending on what you want to do. This right here is just a demonstration for teaching purposes, So on the site we’re going to show you how to add your own logo. we’re going to go through the navigation, add your own image slider right at the top, adding basic things like static images, static content, and adding little service icons on a service bar, adding buttons the footer, you have social media. we’re going to link pages two different services. we have an about Us page, we even have a contact page, with a customizable google map, and a contact form so your customers can easily find and contact you. everything you see on the site you can customize are completely to your liking and we’re going to teach you how to we’re going to teach you the skills to do it yourself right now. just follow along so let’s begin. our first step is to create a free WIX account. now we’re gonna actually jump into the first step of building your site with Wix and that would be to first create an account. now this is free and the way you’re going to want to do this is you have to copy the link in the description below and paste into your browser that’s going to redirect you to the correct login or signup page with Wix. alternatively you can go to emediacoach.com/wix that will also redirect you to the proper log in/sign page. so i have the link copied and in my computer guess I’m going to take that into google going to go to that link and it should come up with this page to some hikers and since they create your own beautiful website so i’ll give you all a few seconds to i get that link and get to the same pages all right so hopefully everybody is kind of caught up to where we are and if you are we can go to start now in the center and click that and it’s originally the tickets to a login page now this would be for resisting weeks uses but since we don’t have an account we’re going to want to click Sign Up and with signing up for with account is extremely easy pretty straightforward it’s basically just requires an email and a password and that’s essentially it that’s all you need in fact there’s actually no e-mail verification either like a lot of other sites required where you have to click link to confirm your email which does not actually require that so we’re going to enter in an email of our choice so I’m just going to go with this number and click Sign Up so if you’ve been redirected to this page then you’ve successfully set up your with the count is really that easy we left off on this page here that says what kind of website do you want to create now I that’s exactly we’re going to be going over in this video is choosing the template that’s right for you and the reason why we have this in a separate video is that because Wix actually offers so many templates that can be overwhelming they have every industry covered under the Sun and if you’re on this page you can see right off the bat they have some broader industries of generic business online store photography music designer restaurants the list goes on so from this page it doesn’t really matter what we select so we’re going to choose business here and going to take it to the template page and this is where all the Wix templates our house so what we’re going to want to do or what you’re going to want to do rather is searched the industry that you are in so it can literally be anything so for instance devices dance I guarantee Wix has dance websites and as you see it loaded instantly dance instructor latin dance studio just tons of different sites are focused around dance so I mean that’s a pretty specific topic you that you can basically search anything and they’ll nine times out of ten habit so i’m going to go back on to our page here i’m gonna go back to our business and let’s say you’re looking around and there’s just so many times you don’t even know what to choose and it it can be hard just looking at the covers of what they have to offer here so the best way of going about taking a temple desperate for you is actually hovering over the template itself that you’re thinking about and clicking this view button and when you do this it’s going to take you into a preview mode of this site are as a whole so what it would actually look like this was live online now obviously you have to fill in the blanks with your imagination you know imagine your own content your own tax pictures whatever you want to see on this site but basically this is what you would be looking at if you decided to go with this site and course it can be modified to any extent you desire but this is like an overview general quick look at what you can expect if you chose this template you can also go in the top left corner here and hit this mobile view button and we do that it’s also going to show you a preview of what the site would look like calm on a phone when it loads here and this is pretty cool i mean like you can get a really really good idea of what to expect for this template now let’s say on this is what you decided that you actually really want to go with so you’re on the template you like wow this is this is amazing this is what i really want to work with then it to choose this template is really as easy as hitting this button up here that says edit this site once you click this button then you have committed to this site you’re going to work with this template but of course at any time if you decide you don’t like that template you can change it at your discretion so when you put that out of the site that’s going to take you right into what was called the site editor and you’re going to see that it brings up the entire site in its entirety and you’re now able to completely modify this site with your own content in your own text so you’ve chosen the site ok now that we created our which account and we still sorting through all the different templates that arm which has to offer us we can also to jump into the Wix dashboard and this is the screen that we’re looking at right now when you sign in two Wix every time you’re going to be brought to this initial screen that you’re seeing right here i’m just going to kind of walk you through what you’re looking at and what you can do from the Wix dashboard so I you’re seeing here that there are all these different apps that which has to offer right off the bat and a lot of these won’t go into much detail with but a few that are really worth pointing out our this email marketing apple which is something which called shout out and you’re allowed three of these months and it’s basically any emails that you collect from your website you can actually send a mass email out to those customers or that or that list just by clicking the send a shout-out it’s totally free you’re allowed three months that’s really helpful tool for businesses the other one worth mentioning is this domain mailboxes which this is an area where we’ll go into detail later of connecting your domain or any external emails you might have that you won’t bring into this looks like another one that’s really important especially if you have a web developer working with you is roles and permissions and if you jump in here are you can actually see you can add contributors so that’s kind of nice if you wanted to have your web developer take a look at the site or friends or anything of that sort so another thing to point out on the Wix dashboard is over on the left-hand side top corner you’re going to see manage site and your site so this is the template i had chosen that we did the last part and if you had any other sites that you want to work with so you were building more than one played in weeks you would click this my sites appear in everything that you’d be working on would be under here and as you can see i can create a new site you can be working on two three four plus size whatever however many you want to work on you can do that in with on and you can you know title through them right in the top one here so i can click manage site the 622 the secondary dashboard mrs. specifically for whatever site you have selected so this was the template that I chosen from last time so everything that we see here applies to this website only so you can preview the site again there’s another option to connected domain you can rename your site you can duplicate it transfer it delete the site and you can also go to this site history which is kinda nice you can see different versions of your edited things so that’s kind of looking to the dashboard a twix on and we’re going to jump into the content editor next to get into our content editor we’re going to go we’re going to be in our dashboard here again just after signing in and so let’s say we want to edit this site here the one that we’ve selected and the template that were working with we would just go to you to click my site and select site or you can quite simply to go to manage site and then edit site when you put that that’s going to bring us into our content editor mode and the content editor mode is quite different than the Wix dashboard because unlike the dashboard this is where you’re actually going to be designing your website so I’m just kind of a brief overview of what we’re looking at here and we sort of looked at this in the template but i’ll go into this more detail now I have a blank template because we’re going to be starting from scratch here and for the sake of this video we’re going to look at all the different options we have you really quick so we have a navigation up here in the top left corner and this is showing on what pages were we have on our site I’m additionally we have all these tools over here arm that do different things for your editors so for instance this is background so this will change the entire background of the site so if i wanted to put a picture or a different color to the backdrop of our site you do that here um there’s this plus button which if you click on this it opens up into a whole realm of different options for your website on and these are all different content elements that will go into when we start building the home page here but all these are the basically meat and potatoes of your website and you’re going to take all these to create your website so low that we have the Wix app market and that is something that is used for very specific purposes if you needed something very explicitly so you’re a musician and you wanted to attach soundcloud to your site or you want a live chat on you say anything very specific like that you could probably find it in this Wix app market below that is upload so any media or external content that’s not within Wix and you want to get onto your website on you would do so in this area below that is a few weeks blog if you had a blog on this site you could add that from right here and just start typing away and lastly this is a newer one they just added to his which bookings on your travel website a restaurant anything where you want people to sign up for something on a specific day and time you can add this feature to your website on which is pretty cool and people can schedule their own meetings or whatever they like additionally up in the top again we’re going to move to the top right corner here there’s the different editors so i showed you this earlier you can switch between desktop and mobile to see what your your website will look like on a laptop or you know desktop computer versus a mobile phone you also have these three buttons here which are crucially important you have safe and when you click this that will save every change that you’ve done to your site since you’ve logged in and you want to remember to do that frequently because if you don’t you will lose all your progress so be sure to hit that save button a lot when you make changes you also have a preview button when you click this allows you to kind of just scroll through your website and I look at it as if it were live on google or something to that effect and you can also use this preview button to quickly get through different pages on your website which I’ll show you later on and then the publish button which i’m not going to hit yet but when you press the publish button that will instantly put your site lives to whatever the connected domain you have with your website so that’s looking at top corner those are extremely important and if we just moved back into this area here these are all more specific functions arm to help with building your website so we have the cite button which gives us a lot of similar tools we saw in the top right corner with the exception of some of these down here that will go into later you also have different tools to help you are designing slight so you can add rulers you know you can add the toolbar red lions and having objects kind of snapped to arm different placements and lines on the website which really helps me trying to design you have a Help button up here and then you have the ability to upgrade your site which is one of the last things we’ll be doing our when you’re ready to put your site life let’s look at the content answer now that we’re all the content and their we’re going to actually start jumping into building our homepage and we’re going to first go through the structure and get that sort of down so we’re going to jump right into it here and the first thing that I like to do before anything else is adjust our header which is this top bar up here and when you hover over it it actually will say header so we’re going to click on that and we’re going to start designing our header Morgan’s is just a few simple steps here so if you left click on your header it’s going to bring up these buttons down here how design settings and change hundred design all we really need right now is change headed sides looking left click on that on and when you jump into here it’s going to show you a whole bunch of different presets that exists so we’re going to actually run with this one up here but of course you can choose whatever you’d like so click on that you’re going to see your header changeup here and if you hit preview get rid of those lines and you can actually see that our header now has this kind of shaded bar behind it on you can also jump back into their by clicking on that and changing hundred design you can get even further details by hitting the customized design button down here and if you wanted to maybe have a specific color that you want the background to be of the header you can do that in here by choosing one of the colors they have or you can actually go to add color and now you have the full spectrum of whatever you want to make your header look like that’s a way to change the color you also have the ability to change borders so if you wanted to add one of the top board we can do that you also can adjust the roundness of corners by adding a value in each corner and you can enable shadow underneath the the header by just going enabling shadow with this little checkbox right here so I’m gonna leave that shadow on actually kind of good and we’re going to exit out of that so now we have our header kind of design however we like we can also on right click on it and you can toggle this button right here that says free position and if you think this on this will actually no matter what keep this header right here always armed in the viewers i dont no matter how much they scroll down his site or adjust anything on your site no matter where they aren’t this header will always show up so some people prefer that insight some people don’t but if you want it again you right click it on the header and then select free position or unselected depending on if you really want that her to always show in our case I might have that on please position on because I kind of like the scrolling hunter I’m going to hire set up on we’re going to go to on the page design so we can either do to one of two things you click on the center of your page and it will bring up these two buttons and you can either change your background or change page design so if you change a background that applies a color or a picture to the backdrop of every page on your website arm you can also select specific pages on which to do it but generally that sets it for every page on your website so keep that in mind if we want just this page to our homepage to be on a certain color or have a certain image on the backdrop then we would just go to this change page design and now what i recommend doing actually is having something called no color selected because you can put whatever you want later over top of that I’m however you know some people prefer to have different colors so you can of course pick any color you want but as you see that will adjust just the center of the page which I personally am not a fan of the aesthetic but for some people that might be what they want so I’m going to leave that to know call her right now that our page header and are generic page design set up so now let’s start getting some of our struction done on to create more space on your page say this isn’t enough space so you can just go right down and this is our footer down here on we can click that and this little lot little arrow icon and scroll that all the way down on so we feel we have enough space to work with because anything between this top line and this bottom footer line is fair game for adding content on that will show up on our homepage so i’m going to move this down just a little bit more and I think we’re going to start off with on adding a slideshow so if you want to add anything to your website you simply go over to our left navigation bar here and just go to this add button if you click that we have everything that we could possibly want to add we have buttons slideshows galleries images text on you think of it you can put it on your site so I’m going to start with slideshow because a lot of on websites tended usually have slideshows right in the beginning so if you click slideshow there’s a whole bunch of different options that Wix offers full full with slideshows meaning that no matter what screen you’re looking at the website the slideshow will always go from end-to-end you also have box slide shows that will just stay static in the center of your website and just do it I mean here because we’re going to select a full with slide shows the one of these at the top maybe i’ll go with um with this one here are about a story you just click that and direct literally drag it onto the page here and now that your slideshows on the page on you can actually just completely click on it and drag it wherever we want so our case we want the the slideshow to be at the very top right up against our header and as you see there’s a a pink line that shows up in the center and across when you know you’re exactly centered on the page which that’s going to help us later when we start more elements but in our case we’re going to push the slider of the top and we know we hit the header one that pink line comes up we can let go of it the left clip and we now if we click preview we now have a header with a backdrop of slideshow and this slideshow happens to have videos in place which is kind of nice and you cannot title through it looks pretty good so arm we’re going to go back to our editor mode by clicking back to a minute and let’s say we now want to maybe add on the text underneath are our slideshow we can do that but we need a little bit more space first so we’re going to handle back to the footer and click this little tab right here just pushing download now is great a little bit of space but let’s say we want this text to be up against a different background color are then just white so again we could change the page design by clicking on our page and change paint design but i prefer to do it with something called strip so if you go to add over on the left-hand navigation you can scroll down and there’s all these things called strips and you can add images or just colors or they have a whole bunch of different on options with different text here that you can work with so arm i’m just going to actually choose from on the top here just a classic black and again we’re going to click that and hold it and drag that onto our site and now you see we can move it where we need i’ll push it up against our slideshow and i’ll click preview to look at our changes now you can see we have this arm this black bar that goes across on beneath our slideshow so it’s a different color from the white and it goes across on our website so it’s full width and giving us a little bit of a different look here so if you didn’t want black or white on you just click our strip and you’re going to see that this is starting to come seemed most anything on this website if you click on it will always bring up an option to change something so on if we click on our strip it’s going to bring up change strip background so we’re going to click on that and it brings up this little window here and in our case um we just like color but you can also change the strip to have a image or video in it but we’re just going to go with color right now and i think i’m going to actually add our own color do some sort of red here maybe something like like so we’re going to hit add and that actually if you notice that the color palette down hand that red just got added to our color palette which is really nice though it’s like a little shortcut so you don’t have to constantly keep trying to find that exact read it will just always have it here for you look close out of those do not have a registered and like I was saying we want to add some text so now we’ve got a red strip let’s go up to the Add button again and we’re going to actually go all the way the top and select text so there’s a bunch of different options here they have a themed tax different titles are you know all sorts of different things to work with in our case i want this to be sort of a paragraph so I’m gonna grab one of these two you can grab either or doesn’t matter and not sure why they have to actually be honest I’m you can grab either or i’m gonna ground this one and I’m going to try and center it here with her pink line so there we go oh I think that’s not centered there we go we’ve got our texts centered on in our strip here and so I’m I don’t like the black up against the Red so i’m going to double-click into that and you’ll see that all these options come up to change to your text on however you’d like so for right now I’m going to go into that a little bit more later but i’m just going to change the color of it if we go over here sort of like Microsoft Word now these you know options so i’m going to hit color I’m going to change it to a white for us and we’ll leave it at that for right now so if we hit preview we’ve now got a strict with some text a slideshow and a header up here so we’re starting to see a structure of a website come together here arm i’m just gonna click back to editor and i’m going to bring up our footer let’s say that that that’s all we want for our homepage so we’ll drag our footer back up to the top here and um the footer it works exactly the same way as the header does accepted at the bottom so we’ll left click on it and you can change footer design and maybe we want this gray one down here so it brings up all these presets that you can choose from once again some of the quickest great one and maybe want some information down in our footer as well so we’re gonna do the same thing by going up to add and grabbing one of our little paragraph text and dragging it and centering it on our footer and we want center that a little bit better go now we’ve got some text on the footer so we’re going to go into our kind of adding and editing all this content in a minute here but we now sort of have a generic structure of our website setup so we’ve got our header we’ve got some meat like some content going on on the center of our homepage and we have a footer setup so we’re going to move on from here and start actually editing some with content all right now we have the structure of our wiki site sort of set up and down here we’re going to actually start editing the content and adding a little bit more on explicit and detailed object so um again we’re going to start back from the top and work our way down so I’m a lot of times in the header you’ll see a lot of businesses will have a logo or their slogan or a brand name or anything arms either centered or optional actor to the right so we’re going to do that and to do that we’re gonna have to add an image of our logo to the header so we’re going to want to go over to the left-hand navigation again and hit add and we’re gonna go to image right below text and then go to my uploaded images my image uploads right on so we’re going to hit this can take your screen that looks like this and this is an area where we can add any external media to our site that we want on this couple ways you can either do that by hitting upload images and selecting from wherever the file might be under computer or you can actually just move your browser are the way and drag-and-drop on the photo that you would like into our media been so I’ve done that here with the generic logo that I have to bring a window back on and if this is the proper image that you want you can actually just hover over it will click it it will show a checkmark knowing that that is the image that you selected and you can go down to this button that says and the page and you can click that and now your images on your page but it is not in our header by any means at all so here’s what we want to do this is obviously way too big for our header but if you are click on the image itself to see all these little dots kind of appear in the corner sides tops and bottoms of images and you can actually i click and hold and drag that until the image is sized according to what you want so i’m going to think somewhere around there looks about right i might have to adjust again if you click and hold you can actually drag that up into the header and you’ll see when we go into the header here it’ll actually show a a line showing that Center but it also will highlight the entire headers saying attach the header which is exactly what you want because you want this logo to always appear in the header and not anywhere else so we’re going to let go of our quick and drop and it’s going to actually bring up this responsive message that says look great everywhere want to fill the space outside the girl off the grid lines trifle with element and that’s okay because we’re just going to leave on that’s referring to this line right here we’re actually outside of that so it’s it’s just saying that I’m just know that your site going to look for with which is what we want because a lot of on professional websites these days are full with so we’re going to that business hunter there i’m going to maybe just it just a little bit we’ve got our logo on the top corner now and that’s looking good so maybe want to go down to our slideshow here and maybe we want to change some of the images so now we can do that by going and clicking on our slideshow and you see there’s these arrows at the top of your slideshow and you can navigate through them and that’s going to take you to different on slides that you have already so um we’re going to want to go in and change slide background up here and again you see a theme on this window keeps popping up for a lot of different things you can change the color or add an image or put a video there so in our case we want a different picture we can click image and again we can upload our own images too this site but additionally which also has a completely free library of stock closed which is extremely helpful if you do not have a lot of professional photography for your business so if you go to this free from links tab right here you can click that and that’s all these photos that are completely royalty free and you can use them at your site at your discretion I mean whatever whatever you need you can pretty much find it so you can go up to search and you can find whatever you want to say you’re in construction if you search construction looks as a whole bunch of free stock photos related to construction and hopefully you can find something that might work for your business until you can maybe get your own professional photography but the really nice little feature um to you know allow you to have a little more freedom with professional photography and letting your site look really nice about having to pay a fortune for it so um I actually like the images that we have in our slideshow right now but I wanted to show you guys just how to add your own images of the slide chef so I’m just going to accept everything but you would have selected your image and it would have changed to whatever you like i’m now we’re going to scroll down here so we’re gonna go back into this texture because maybe we want to change that obviously to say what we want so on will double click on the text and as you see when you double-click it brings up a line editor just like you would see on you know when you’re such an internet or appear in Microsoft Word or anything of the sort so on we can actually edit this exactly how you would involved in something like Microsoft where you can just start back spacing and typing anything you want on it is literally that easy to edit text with which so let’s go ahead and highlight all of our texts and let them type in something like hi my name is right and it is my professional website let’s do something like that so now that we have our custom text typed in and it’s it’s that easy we can adjust this text however we want to sort of showing you this before with the color we can now change anything else you want with it with any of these other buttons so we can fold the text you can italicizing is you can underline it justify it so if you want it centered or maybe right justified you can do that I’m gonna leave this sentence for now you can also add bullet points and our numbers in a different effects to your text so if you wanted shadows behind it or if you wanted you know to be highlighted which is way too much essential you can do that and what’s beautiful about wishing that you can see all this done in real time which is really nice and just noticed i had a typo on special she’s gonna bother me there we go okay so anyways you can also adjust the spacing on object X down here so if you wanted your characters to be spaced out a little bit more you can do that here which actually looks kind of cool somewhat i might need that you can also change line spacing by hitting customize and you can adjust you know how how much about with you want between your lines so maybe i’ll leave that one and a half i’m up if we go back up to the top you have the ability to change the front side so maybe i will go to its size 20 see if that looks ok and then on you can also change your font which which has a whole realm of front and not only if you’re on any other website builder a lot of times you have to you know use CSS or something on those lines to add a font style that you want but Wix allows you to just easily scroll through all full list of different phones you can get a little preview of what they might look like on text and you can just select that and go from there it’s really that easy so I’m gonna find font that I like here is maybe not for this site this is kind of a cool one but that’s a little too big maybe we’ll just leave it at on let’s see how about a couple can’t go along with that so we selected our farm we change the color we’ve added the texting however we like but this looks pretty scrunched up and not so great so arm if your taxes starting to look like this because you are your your font sizes too big or anything of that sort again there’s transform buttons that come up on the side is little dot and you can just drag that and you see that our texts now gets pulled accordingly it’s looking a lot nicer if we drag it to the center so there we go that looks pretty good so I’m going to leave it like that that looks pretty nice but Seimei we if we pull it over just a little bit maybe we want to add a separate static picture here we can do that by again going up to add you can add an image and then you can go to i’m going to go to frequent images and just pull something from there um let’s just go to business maybe i’ll select this show the Brooklyn Bridge add the page and um just because I chose from Wix doesn’t mean that you don’t have to again you can use your own image upload and you get these transform tools again on almost every object in Wix and it’s so nice because you can just shrink or scale that image however you like and then just Center it wherever you like which is pretty great now one thing to know so say on these bolts aren’t actually centered in the page right now saying we like how this is space like we like this little margin between the text and the picture and we don’t want to really change that we can actually select both of these items at one and have them centered perfectly and to do that on your going to click on one of them first Aquaman textures and then for Mac users you’re going to hold command click on if you are a Windows user believe it control-click and if you click those two you’re going to see that there’s a little dotted box that comes around both of our objects and you can choose to group elements and that will actually group them into one object as you see here which is really really cool i mean very easy especially when you start adding a lot of stuff to websites that it starts to become a very very helpful tool so now i can perfectly center both of these objects if i hit preview you can see that that’s looking pretty good so last but not least we’re going to move to the footer and a lot of times you just want to edit the text from the further to say you know copyright whatever the year is just like and we’re in center that text and now we’ve got our little bit of texting or footer of course you can add images or anything else you’d like to the footer just as we did with this image arm if you want you know this a little more of the detailed footer you can do that but basically if you want something simple like this that’s all you can do is just had a little bit of text down there copyright whatever you’re here is and your business needs so anyways this is looking pretty good we’ve got some content edited and we now have the structure and everything kind of down to a science will move on from here alright we have a really good-looking design now with some custom images and custom text structures looking good so one thing we haven’t done yet that’s critically important is i’m adding the navigation in our header which is something we need to do because maybe we don’t want just a homepage maybe we want more than stone itself to do this it’s actually fairly simple we’re going to go over to the Add button again and you’re going to see something at the bottom here called menu and if you hover over this there’s all these different options that wakes offers a lot like usual because they tend to have a lot of different things and you can work with all these different if you want vertical horizontal menus whatever you want you can add it to your site so in our case I’m just going to use just basic text such as plain text I’m going to grab this one click and hold it and drag it onto our head until it says attached to header so i’m going to do that and drop it and now we’re not seeing anything because i believe the text is colored white and that’s not a problem because just like any other on object in our Wix web design here we’re going to click it and now we’re going to go to arm manage menu or the design button which are the two that will want to go to the most our case we’re going to click design because it means get changed our colors here i’m gonna click design i’m going to go to customize design and i’m going to click on Phil color and opacity and this is for our drop-down menu so if you had something behind your you know selected navigation you can do that we’re going to ignore that for right now on I’m going over the text one down here that’s what i’m looking for is text and we’re going to just go to color and change this to black and we’re going to go to click over here and change this to maybe you read because we only have one page right now I which is home and on because we’re on that page it’s selected read because the click color means that if this page is clicked our homepage on the commercial bread and we can also do that with hover to show as you’re hovering over the button suit I mean here in a minute I’m going to make that red as well you can click out of there now that we have our navigation you know arm up here in our headin we now want to maybe start adding some more pages so to do that um we’re actually not going to go over to this section for once we’re going to actually go to the top left corner on where you see I said home up here going to click that and this is where all your pages will fit so we’re going to now go down to add page when you click that it will give you a few different options you can add an entirely blank new page as in what we started with on the homepage you can add a link so if you wanted that button to go to a mother website or another webpage you can do that or you can add a menu header which is on a completely different like pack of pages it says and links under one-on-one clickable header so like this image is showing right here it’s a bunch of different little drop-down so we’re just going to create a new page and then we want it to be about us so to name your page or just double click up here and type as you like i’m going to name it just about and let’s also add the contact page just to keep it simple and if you want to rearrange how these are adjusted in your navigation as you see it goes home contact and about right now let’s say we want that to be home about contact you just grab this little like dot graph here and drag that down and now you’ve got it reorganized um additionally if you wanted to create rock down menus to say we wanted a page under about maybe like an FAQ page or faq page we can do that by creating a new page again and now you would drag it but instead of dragging it beneath the about page you would actually pull it to the right and I just see Croesus little arrow like like so and now you don’t see it in our menu however if you hit preview and you go to about you’ll see there’s no effect faq page below our about Us section and not beneath the homework contact so that’s looking pretty good i’m gonna go back home and you know we now have a working navigation with a drop-down and colored exactly how would like we’re going to go a little bit more in depth with the homepage here and the contents on it we have our header setup we also have a slideshow now and we created this trip that could sort of be used as a little about a section almost that you could feature on your homepage but we’re going to have one more section and this is something you commonly see in a lot of professional websites and that is a services trip so arm a lot of time to go to website you see you know some primary services with some icons on featured on the homepage just to give you a rough idea of what their business does and this is something that’s commonly done and we’re going to just add that to our site to to show you how it can be quickly easily done within which there so we go up to the Add button here and of course you want to start with another strip so I’m just going to grab a color even of course to an image or video whatever you’d like but we’re going to go with a colored one here and we’re going to scroll it all the way down as far down as I can go and drop it and that way it falls right below our strip and that’s important because if you don’t put it below its going to throw it above it and you’re gonna have to rearrange things so keep that in mind i’m also going to stretch the strip out a little bit by grabbing the arrow key down here and just resizing it just a little bit so we have a little bit more space to work with i’m also going to click on the strip and then hit change strip background select color and i’m just going to change it to a basic white for right now and see how that looks so we’ve got our white certain place on now basically what we’re going to want to do from here is start adding our service items so we’re going to pretend that we have three services that we offer on this site so there’s a couple ways of going about doing this and one is a little bit easier than the other but it really comes down to your personal preference in terms of design so we’re going to go up to the Add button again and I’m going to show you quickly the easiest way to do this you can go down to something called list and if you scroll enlist a little bit you see there’s news events testimonials are all sorts of different things you can add this block right here they have three of them that are different looks at services so I’m a common one would be this guy here we click hold and drag him onto our site you see we now have three services listed right in a row here now i’m going to keep in mind is that you can’t make this horizontal this has a vertical like this however you can click on that item and click add and manage items and you can go within each service and title on your services as so like this on and then simply by closing out it clicking back your services will be inputted into these these sections here so that’s a really really quick and easy way of adding services to your site however we want to get a little little bit more custom and we kind of wanted to go horizontal not vertical on this site so i’m going to show you the alternative way to doing this we’re going to just hit delete or backspace to get rid of that guy and I’m just going to go about and for doing this the old-fashioned custom way here by going back up to add and we’re gonna pretend that we want the services to be featured in circles so I’m gonna go to shapes here and if I find circle is a circle to click-and-drag circle onto our page I’m going to resize the circle by clicking the quad and kind of bring it to about save 175 by 175 perfect square and it’s going to drag it over to our side here and i said i wanted three services so I’m gonna hit click on this right clip and where to copy and we can paste this object so that way it remains the exact same size the center it and just paste it one more time and this is keeping everything perfectly in line and perfectly the same size as well now we’ve got three little icons right there on that we can work with I now preferably would like to put some images inside these circles on so i’m just going to work with i’m going to go over here to the add again and I’m going to go back to our shapes and see if I can find any fun little icons to put in there so maybe we want to go with some something like something like these gold go with this maybe go grab this guy will center in one circle I’m just gonna make these white as well by clicking on inflicting color i’m just going to for the sake of time and our purpose here i’m going to copy and paste this over onto our other services here so there we go we’ve got three icons set up and what we want to put a little bit of information under each of our three services here so to do that we’re going to go back into ad and we’re gonna grab text like we did before with our about us i strip up there and we’re going to ground a small heading to start we’re going to drop that maybe shrink the size going to double-click that heading and i’m going to Center it for our sakes by clicking that and i’m just going to double click and rename this service one we’ve got service one put here now just kind of push this off below our circle all dragon drops of course you can lightly this out however you like but i’m just going to sort of lay it i centered like so i’m going to copy and peace the items across our services here now we’ve got our three services centered and sort of shaped up on our trip here and we also have put just a little bit of a description below our services as well we’re gonna go back to the ad when we click add text and we’re going to grab the little paragraph here and i’m also gonna just drag and drop and center that with our lines here and there may be a countdown 20 click below on the y-axis that’s really helpful feature by the way see that x and y you can you can see on the grid how far you’re going down so that will give you online every other shape that you use just extremely helpful i’m going to put that time 34 double click i’m also going to Center this text as well and I’m gonna take time copy in case by right-clicking case we’re going to do this across each of our three services just that we have a good solid layout of what we’re talking about here perfect so I’m just going to rename these well service service three so this is starting to come together now we’ve got a picture are three icons here then we have the service title below it and then we also have a little bit of a texture description below are three services as well that starting to look pretty good here now one last thing we might want to do on this is of course optional is we could actually add a button below each of these services that could take us to the page that correspond to these services so say we actually had a service one-page service to and service three-page we could actually create a button that will hyperlink to those pages so let’s do that real quickly as well we go to the add button and there’s actually a such section called button and have a little bunch of different options to choose from so I’m just going to select the top one I like this rectangle lot drag-and-drop and i’m going to Center this below are armed taxes here i’m also copy and paste this button across our other services as well alright that looks pretty good we’ve got on our three services with our descriptions and buttons that are going to link to our service pages here now I’m just going to actually can then click or if your windows control-click everything that i have here bear with me while I do this and the reason why I’m doing this is I just want to have all this censored our trip and by selecting all this we’re going to be able to do that you’re interested in seconds ok so i have all of our element selected now I’m just going to drag this until i see that pink line come up and I know that we’re perfectly centered there we go click off his own and there we go we’ve got all of our services perfectly centered on the strip so that looks pretty good now what we’re going to do is link these buttons to service one two and three pages so first we need to create those service pages and we’re gonna do that by going up to the top left corner with the pages menu and click on that and we’re going to want to click add page so click add page click page and we’re going to call this page service one and for the sake of time you can also click this little arrow icon and then click duplicate so that way we can create two other service pages very quickly here you name that to the duplicate that one more time will rename the service 30 there are three services but if you notice on our navigation it’s showing as a complete line out like that we don’t really want that we wanted to come and drop down so what we’re going to do is click add page again with a new page we’re going to call this one surfaces in general just services and i’m going to capitalize the anthropologist stupid comes around and then what we’re going to do is drag and slide to the right our service pages underneath the services tab so literally just click hold and slide it to the right and you’ll see it forms this line that creates a sort of daisy chain of our three services and they are now all under this one’s name service station so that’s is that I’m going to preview so we can quickly jump back into our home teacher editor again scrolling down now we want to link these buttons to our services page so this would be our service one so to link this button to that page all we have to do is click this little shame right here and when you put this chain this is going to bring up this menu that we can click on which page and if we select this you’ll feel bring up all the pages on our website and you can hit service one when you get done this button is now linked to our service one page so if you click it and now he’s taking us to our service one page and we’re going to do the same thing for the other two buttons as well just by clicking link this service to click link with this service 30 all of our services are lined up we now have a perfect trip with these services and it’s not it’s as easy as that so we’re going to move on to the next section we now have a couple of new pages here about faq and contact page i’ma figure would make sense to add a couple of very common things to the contact agent you generally see and those two things would be a map like a google map and a contact form because those are two you know very generic general things that you want to see in a contact page so I’m and premium of them to go back to editor and again to add anything we’re going to go up to the Add button on our left hand side click that and there’s actually a specific sections for both of these so I’m going to first add the contact form and to do that you’re going to go to this contact button and you see on this a whole bunch of different form options and looks that Wix offers here they have a lot of vertical horizontal layout a little more bubbly more square but i’m just going to go with i think one of the more basic ones right at the top up here i’m going to think i’m going to pick this guy here just drag and drop it in just like the rest of our objects on our site and now to which senses contact form pretty much all set up for you all you really have to do is of course set the email you want on your messages going to so to do that when you click on the contact form is going to bring up all these buttons like normal you’re going to hit this set your email and you can of course set whatever you’d like in my case I have my email putting that but you can have whatever you like and then you just close right out of it and there you go your email contact one is that’s completely up so when people messaged you it will be directed to that email on you can also get a little bit more on in-depth with the design options of the contact form so that by clicking design and then customized design there is all the options like we see on our other tools so but this came in this case there’s a lot of different things like button background so i’m going to change that to our are red and you have the ability to change your borders corner adding shadows and also on what the text in the fields look like but for the most part I just want to change our button color and that looks pretty good to me so we now have a fully functioning contact form on our site and what we’re going to want to add next like i was saying was a mouth that will put maybe next to it so we’re going to go back over to the Add button and we’re going to school down to contact once again because they are both under the exact same field and if you see there’s a map right here and there’s also if you keeps going down the whole list of different uncolored google maps and these r squared you see there’s also as we go down here full with google maps so meaning that they will go across the entire screen that we’re looking at and there’s a whole bunch of different options and it is even further on different map options other than google maps like this online business card however those start to become hot you know paid apps so we’re just going to stick with some of these free ones appear so I’m going to ground this classic a highway look because that tends to be a look for google maps and we’re going to drag this and drop it here and I’m going to get this credit center how i like it i think that looks pretty good maybe a little bit more like so and if you want to adjust where your location you can do so simply by clicking on the object and then hitting change address up in the top class and when you do that you can just literally put in whatever just you like hit the find button and it will take the map will redirect to that address and you can of course name it whatever you want so on this is I believe wix’s office in San Francisco but you can name it to anything like my business and hit the set button and you’re all good to go he’s now got your map and contact form on your contact page alright if you made it this far you should give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve just set up a simple yet very functional and professional looking Wix website all by yourself so we’ve gotten through the structure the design we’ve set up all their pages we’re pretty much ready to grow but one thing that’s really worth noting before we start to connect the domain is looking at the different hosting plans that Wix has to offer so you’re going to constantly be seeing all these advertisements for this upgrade to premium while you’re building your website and while you’re in the dashboard like I like right here where I am now so let’s just if you hit this upgrade now nothing’s going to happen it’s not going to you know throw you into a check out or anything like that just going to show you on the different plans that which has to offer so on with believe not is actually extremely cheap compared to a lot of different plans that are out there when it comes to hosting because you get your site builder along with it you get all these really cool features that you normally wouldn’t get when you’re just paying for hosting by itself so which has five different plans that you can choose from they’re going to walk you through what each one is and what’s right for you know each person so the first one is the most simple on the five dollars a month as right now in 2017 and it’s to just connect your domain and that’s it so if you have your domain www.mylookout.com or whatever it might be you can connect that to your website for just five dollars a month arm and you’re going to get a little bit of bandwidth and a little bit of storage but the down assigned to this is that with ads are going to show on your website and of course not everybody really want once that you know when it’s your own website the next step up is combo which is like they say for personal use however i have used this with some smaller business websites on you’re going to get two gigabytes the bandwidth 3 gigabytes of storage on you can connect a domain and it’s gonna remove those with sad so you basically get everything you could possibly need in this plan for ten dollars a month which ends up being about a hundred twenty dollars years not too bad and to provide the bandwidth is more than enough if you just have some you know some videos and I some media on your site nothing like if your photographer that might not be great if you’re showcasing a whole bunch of videos or photos on your website but if your simple business with just thought some photos some videos on and you know in peace and traffic but nothing out of control this is actually not a bad plan however what I recommend for most everyone is this middle ground plan the most popular one that works states which is definitely for various reasons it’s called unlimited that’s $14 months little bit more you’re looking at more than 260 issue here you get unlimited bandwidth so no matter how many photos or videos or whatever you’re doing I more traffic wise it’s going to be able to handle it for the most part you’re gonna get tenure with the storage which is really good brush if you have a lot of media on your website you can connect your own domain if the ads are gone and you get all these little on advertising vouchers which you can you know do with you are what you like but the nice to have and the planet itself is just gives you a lot more freedom and takes a lot takes away a lot of worries those if you decided you didn’t want to start putting a lot of pictures and videos and maybe a slight started doing extremely well you had tens of thousands of visitors today this plan really kind of puts your mind at ease we’re in the lousy websites really grow without you having to worry about all that extra functional stuff now if you step one more plants ecommerce plan now this is basically the unlimited plan here except for the fact that if you’re a website that i’m going to be selling something so if you’re a jewelry store or you’re a t-shirt company um you would have to select this plan because you’re going it to be selling through Wix and to do that you need this e-commerce plan to enable on that ability to sell through a Wix website so unfortunately you know if you are an online seller the first three plans are completely out of the question for you have to go with this plan but I’m again that’s only for online sellers if you’re not selling online then i would still recommend this unlimited over everything and last but not least there’s VIP which on is everything that you see with all these plans and wine plus you get on basically completely dedicated support and professional site reviews from Wix himself which is you know not very necessary for the common user however if you’re an enterprise situation or you’re a larger corporation then VIP might be the way to go if you’re looking for a very dedicated support from licks so those are the plan option and right now you’re going to go through and pick whichever one you feel is right for you okay we’ve looked at all the plans are sites ready to go now for the most important step of the entire process that would be connecting our own domain name now to do this first and foremost we need a plan that is paid for and often running because we can’t connect the domain without that so as I mentioned select plan that fits right for you however I recommend unlimited on so we’re going to actually go with the unlimited plan and when you jump into that arm select button it’s going to take you to a screen that looks like this that shows you how you can pay for this plan to do a monthly subscription nearly two-year subscription or three years subscription and discount for every additional bit of time you and on so i’m going to end up going with this yearly selection and it’s going to take you to a checkout screen and tom i’m not going to go through this but you of course can go through a drone information also they have promo codes so search on Google for that because you can sometimes find some really good promo codes to get some money i just counted from your total and submit your purchase and that’s all you have to do your plan will be activated automatically ready to go so I max out of that and as you are all filling that out you can pause this video and take the time to love that check out and get your information in there and once you’re done with that will jump back in and now we’re going to connect our domain so to do this on a few different areas you can go you can go to the main and mailboxes or you can quite simply go to left and hit connect your domain now I can’t go very far in this because i just did not pay for the plan however you did so what I’m you’re going to end up doing is go to this connect a domain that you already own so this is assuming that you have bought your domain from say GoDaddy or Google domains or any of those other domain hosting providers if you have your domain bought and ready to go all you have to do is click this connect a domain you already own now it’s showing me that I can’t go any further because i don’t have a pan top plan that a board however on it since you do this is going to take you to a alternate screen that will show you on a menu saying are asking you where you bought your domain from so if you bought it from a godaddy you would select godaddy type in the domain name that you have so it’s a my website com type that in and then all you have to do is follow these steps that licks will provide and it makes it very very easy for you to set up your own a domain name two year which website if you just follow the instructions explicitly that works give you that gives you so it’s not too hard on just solve the direction but this is where you have to go to set up your domain by this point hopefully you have your domain connected to your Wix website after following those instructions and now we’re going to jump into just another area of design and we’re going to publish our website so it gets life so we’re going to go back into the editor here by going up here selecting our site and we’re going to click at its site to jump back into our content editor and so now that your domains connected one our website open back up this is when you’re going to want to finally hit that publish button so when you click publish boom their site is officially live and you can go to that domain and that give it about 24 hours because sometimes it doesn’t automatically connect but it should be live within 24 to 48 hours so now that your site is completely life we’re going to look at one other aspect of design that you probably want to do to make your website really stand out and that would be on editing a mobile view of your website so we’re going to go back up to this mobile button that I discussed quite frequently we’re going to hit this edit mobile view and so you’re going to see on Wix we’ll try and adjust the content to fit arm on a phone for you so this is what the mobile editor looks like and you can again just drag-and-drop every item as we did in the desktop editor you also have ash much briefer on navigation section on the left hand side you can change the background there’s also this mobile button you hit this and there is a lot of different things you can do i switch the feet the way year site look you can add a back to top button you can also add something called mobile action bar which is this little guy outside turn it on on there is a section that will come up with a whole bunch of different options at the bottom of your mobile website so as you see down here there’s like a little mobile bar a call option email a GPS finder all these little things that you can add to your mobile website if you would like i’m gonna leave those off for now but this is a look at the mobile editor so we’re going to start going in and actually on anything our site again to make it look nice on a phone let’s start reading the mobile view so i’m actually I’m pretty happy with how Wix auto laid everything that was on our site into the mobile do it actually looks pretty nice officials on the phone but there’s just some things I want to tweak and rearrange because more often than not especially if you’re dealing with more complex lights as you start to build later on things can kinda get jumbled up or they can be too big or too small and they get you know misaligned on the mobile do so let’s take a look here are the first thing i want to start with is this text is moving text around so maybe we want to just adjust my slideshows tax and just kind of Center it a little bit more because that was sort of floating up at the top so we can just simply drag and center that although that doesn’t look 27 there we go that’s looking a little better i’m nothing we can do is drag our menus so everything is touching each other’s with the header arm we can also you know adjust our logo sighs again just like we did in the desktop editor however that’s looking pretty good so I’m going to leave that let be another thing down here is text a lot of times can be way too bigger way too small when you’re dealing with the mobile view I’m so in this case it’s a little bit too big so just like in the content editor in the desktop view we’re going to double-click on the text and you unfortunately can’t change any of the texts in mobile view you have to change in desktop however you can change the size of it on the mobile view and something very important to keep in mind is that when you change anything on a mobile view that won’t actually affect the desktop view it it only will only explicitly affect how it looks on the phone not on the laptop so it’s almost like a totally separate site builder even though it’s still your same site if that makes sense so I’m gonna leave the center but i really just want to shrink this text looks a little bit nicer so maybe something like that you can just drag-and-drop the font size you can also change the color a little bit but that looks pretty good now on compared to what it was i’m just going to Center and again and i’m often rearranged our full time to bring this text down and center that as well so our mobile view is now looking pretty good on our homepage here and you would do the same for any other page that you have on your website a lot of the mobile editing and Wix is just basically a lot of dragging and dropping and resizing on but basically that’s as far as the design goes when it comes to on the mobile view now something important to note is there are a lot of things that might not show up on your mobile view and the reason for that might be because of this little guy over here on the left side there’s something called hidden elements and in our case nothing’s hidden however um if you have more complex website and there’s maybe some videos that are flying everywhere on your desktop version they might not show up on the mobile version and if you want them to show up you could unhide them in this section so for instance i’m gonna hide this load along purpose and you can hide things on purpose by clicking on them and then selecting the hide element and when you do that you’ll see it automatically opened up this hidden element tab here and it will show us everything that isn’t showing on our mobile editor right now so for instance that logo I just hid if we want that to show we were just moreover this little I symbol here and click show element and it will put it there for us so keep that keep that in mind um another thing we’re going to want to look at in terms of design is the mobile menu and this is on one of the trickiest things on the mobile editor but it’s one of the most important things as well because it’s completely different than the navigation that we see on our desktop so on it’s the video shows these three little lines you can click on that and you can hit on this design little on paintbrush here and we can go to there’s a whole bunch of preset designs but we can just go to customize design and it’s going to show you all these different previews so if you click this guy’s the top any of these five selections this is how your menu would look like if someone opened it on the phone so for instance if we hit on selected this one when somebody goes to hit those three little bars this whole window will open up on your phone with all your different pages so in our case i think i’m just going to leave it simple like this since you only have a few pages and you can change the menu however you like you can change the color of all the different things so like this icon here the little X you can maybe make that red arm you know are selected page you can also change that to maybe a read on you can change your text color you can change how the text is aligned all sorts of different things and then you get this is in the open view if you had closed it goes back to these three bars and you can even change how these three bars look Sophie 13 bars to be read you can do that as well you can change the size and the with out of three bars anything you like you can do it in this design out of there right here so once you have your mobile design all set up and it’s looking the way you want to you can save it and you can hit publish now and if you go and look at your site on your phone you should see that it looks like this instead of on the desktop version which looks like that so go ahead and try that out for yourself take a look and we’ll move on from there we’re back in our desktop and you’re here so now that we have our mobile design done or domains connected everything is all set up our websites live and ready to go we’re going to look into just a little bit of some of the advanced features that Wix offers for dot you know higher-end developers or for you the users on that you might want to use as you start getting more comfortable and familiar with your Wix website in the future so a lot of these can be found over in the add button and if you go down two more there’s a whole bunch of little extra things that Wix offers that you might not need or know about in the beginning here but might come in handy later on so for instance on they under add more they have an area where you can embed an entirely different website into your website which is kind of a nice little tool if you had we’re trying to promote a different ones that you had a anything this or I’m you also have an HTML code option so if you want to add your own custom coding to your website you can do so through this block here and I’ll show you what this looks like if you click and drag it and drop it onto anywhere on your page and look like a gray square first but if you hit this enter code button and then bring it up this little block and you can use this little block to copy and paste or are right if you’d like any HTML HTML code you would like it will accept anything and everything I such as I friends h1 tags body content anything you can think of that code in HTML will work in this block if you’re using javascript unfortunately as of right now which does not support that it’s something that’s been pushed for a long time so hopefully in the future we’ll see that but on I’ll show you for example if you wanted to add an h1 like a title you can do so in the custom chrome and hit update and hard to see up again starting our background here but there is in fact a word that’s a title right there so rh1 code has worked and that’s again just HTML code feature that which offers so it’s nice forearm produce developers for anything specific that needs to go on the website alternatively we also have an option for flash player so the enemy of you know video very specific code videos you can add those two website you also have a webmaster login that i added to our footer here you can drag and drop that in there and this basically just allows you to sign into the backend of your website without actually having to go to wix.com so it’s kind of a little ease of use feature if you’re if you’re a webmaster or the developer of the site is also a member login function that you can actually website if you had subscribers for on you know specific people that could only go to specific pages on your website so you had a promotion going on and you wanted people to sign up or you know enter their email to get to a certain page you can do that with this block right here and lastly there is something we’re talking about our anchors and anchors can be used to be placed on a page on such as this you drag and drop it and arm what the anchor allows you to do is navigate to a certain part of the page by hitting another button elsewhere so say we’re on the about page you can click it attack a button or anything of the sort on that page and it would automatically scroll you right to this line right here where the anchor text is place so that kind of a nifty little feature that is a little more in depth but you can use it certainly in the future for if you want to have a little more stylistic scrolling or on navigation on you website last year we’re going to focus on for our Wix website is we’re going to briefly cover a little bit of what wakes offers when it comes to SEO tools for search engine optimization now if you’re unfamiliar with search engine optimization this is a bomb a process of technique a whole field that allows you to I help your site better-ranked on major search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing so um Wix actually offers quite a bit of different features to help you accomplish that and arm there’s a few words noting more than others so i’m going to show you those right now on if we go up into our desktop under here and go to our top left navigation with their menu again if you click these three dots right here there’s going to be something that comes up that says page SEO and if you click that you can actually go into the section that is completely devoted to adding different things that will help your site i ranked on Google and other search engines so for instance you can do this for every page that you have on your website this is our home page we can name this page whatever we want in the title year so this filling out this line right here is accomplishing a meta title so metadata is what google looks at arm from a back-end standpoint and can help your site ranked and this this isn’t anything that anyone will really see unnecessarily arm on your website this is more or less for Google’s sake so on for instance the mana title we can type in you know something along the lines of professional business services and then maybe a breaker and then whatever your business Candace so that would be an example the medical you could put on for your homepage so obviously this would be whatever you do followed by your business name and then you can add a meta description by saying this is my business and this is what we do actually and maybe add a location in wherever and then on maybe saiful data call to action tono and that would be a solid meta description to have right there so now that we have a title a description you can also add keywords if you like however he was sort of a dying art in the SEO world i still think they’re worth putting on your site but why not to actually help is starting to become another story but you could put in you know different words related to what on your you you do whatever your services so you can just say our business services and then use a comma to separate those keywords and then so on and so forth so I’m that is a keyword section and then if we go down we also have the ability to edit our page URL so this is the actual URL that we would provide people with to get to our page so i’m going to go up the homepage for this one and go to the about page and hit page SEO and you can completely edit this URL to be whatever you want to see the about page you wanted to be about you wanted to say maybe web design if you do but design you can create the URL to say web design and that is now you’re about a GRL and that can are you know slightly help with google understanding what your page is about as well so that’s kind of a nice guy easy way to change the complete URL of your different pages pretty helpful I’m additionally when it comes to SEO there’s not a little more advanced stuff you can do if you go up to the top you can hit sites and go down to site manager and when your insight manager when it loads there’s a section for SEO here you can click that and this will give you a whole bunch of different settings and options for SEO so for instances which is SEO wizard which will help can you cite and tell you what you can do to you know better enforce it for google there’s also a lot more advanced settings such as on other codes so if you wanted to add google analytics code or on if you had maybe google search console on tags you want to add here or anything of that sort this would place it in the header code of your website and this is unfortunately the only area you can do that so this is important for developers or you know if you have analyst for websites i want to add tracking codes this is where you would do that I’m you can also do 301 redirects here and those would be used for if you were coming from you’re redesigning your site and building it in Wix when it was maybe built in HTML or WordPress or whatever beforehand you can redirect all your old domain names are your all and sorry excuse me all your old URLs to the new URL of your website you can do that simply by on hitting this get started and all you have to do is paste your old URL and send it to whatever that page that correlates with in your new website and hit save it’s pretty straightforward so that’s a look at the SEO on Wix and once you’ve done that you now have a fully functioning website with optimized pages ready to go for search engines well that’s it that’s all we have for you officially if you have made it through this entire video you set up your your website for desktop or mobile it’s looking great it’s optimized for Google to some extent and your website is basically ready to go keep playing around with keep tinkering with the different options they have and you’ll get in no time Wix is very intuitive very hands-on which is very unique compared to a lot of web builders out there these days which still use a lot of coding or you know you’re not as visual based as quick so that’s the nice part about it and the more you use it the better you’ll become with it but i hope this gave you a and overlook of how to use with a little more thoroughly and got you on the right path to becoming a licks expert this video was brought to you by eMediaCOach.com and we thank you for watching us make sure to upgrade your plan premium and we’ll see you in our next video, take care.

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