April 8, 2020
Copywriting for eCommerce Stores – Shopify Copywriting For Beginners

Copywriting for eCommerce Stores – Shopify Copywriting For Beginners

Copywriting for e-commerce. Is it different than everything else? Yes, of course it is before I get into that let me make sure that you go to my Private Facebook group its funnel hacker pro a lot. I put a lot of private content in here People normally pay to get in groups like this. Ask any question you want. I’ll be right there to answer it within minutes So if you need a little help go to funnel hacker Pro Let’s go Welcome to the channel if you’re brand new go ahead hit that subscribe button Click that notification button so you can get notified when I do my upload YouTube is kind of stingy with the notifications So go ahead and click that Bell button. Click the thumbs up If you liked this video, you can always take it back at the end share it with the friend if you want to alright, so let’s talk about copyrighting and just because You can advertise on Facebook doesn’t mean that you should always go that route and for e-commerce My answer is no you shouldn’t so here. I am on similar web and fashion Nova my wife and I were looking at Shopify Extension once and it showed how much money these dudes are making. It was somewhere around the area then this was back then Maybe a couple of years ago something like a million dollars a week, right? I mean they’re they’re clean They’re cleaning up you know four or five million bucks a month is what they’re they were doing then the majority now here you can see that only like close to 8% of their traffic some social then but now but then most of their traffic like 50 to 80 percent of it was coming from Social media and it was coming from YouTube and I’m like man, you know, how did you know? Where is it coming from YouTube? So I went on YouTube and on googled and I noticed everybody was doing Hauls and now they’re doing my husband rates my fashion Nova outfits, but then like that’s new But then it was just all my hope my Nova haul and now you can see Kirby fashion Nova Tryon right so you can see this girl is curvy She’s got some nice curves and I’m actually going to her channel here in a second so you can see that she fed fashion Nova pays them quite a bit of money to do you see this fashion Nova Tryon and his pretty little things is another Tryon place and so they pay these Instagram girls and these YouTube girls quite a bit of money to Do basically review this she calls it a haul but it’s not necessarily a haul is it it’s You know a review of the and you can see what they look like on somebody with a big butt here somebody’s curvy bigger breasts so she’s kind of showing what that’s gonna look like on you when we want to see what the clothes look like on someone that Looks like them right not not just some model enough in a picture and so if you know She’s your viewer woman and you were her size. You would come to her channel and look at how she fits in her clothes So you could buy her clothes as she’s buying and fashion. Nova wants her to do that. And so they’re paying good money And so also Instagram was another place and I noticed Instagram here This girl here was saying that she hears odd fashion I just ran a hashtag with fashion Nova, but when I went to her youtube channel she does the pretty little things as well and she you see here sexy trial and haul and This is from pretty little things. So that’s a pretty little thing is pretty little thing dot u.s Is another place you see they get five percent from their social media traffic But most of the social media traffic is coming from YouTube sixty-three percent. There’s their Social traffic is coming from YouTube why am I telling you this because there’s pretty much somebody that does everything like for computer games like glasses or Whatever you’re selling, right? You know wine house gadgets wine gadgets or whatever whatever you’re selling and you see why come to wine first and What I showed you the other day in another video that I did if you can’t find it’s go look it up was Copywriting in general for Facebook ads was that not everything deserves a Facebook ad? Not everything deserves a Facebook ad Everybody wants to use Facebook that and they think that that’s kind of like, you know, they tell you that one You know, once you buy a hammer everything looks like a nail, I don’t think that for e-commerce right now there’s a lot of money being spent on Instagram and there’s one person that could be your Shiny example of that and that is the I think it’s Kylie Kylie Jenner She’s worth a billion with a B Dollars and the majority of her sales. I know they started on Instagram and he’s still come from Instagram There are quite a few millionaire girl millionaires that just sell their makeup using instrument even go on YouTube or anything else Instagram we just saw that what’s the first one girl’s name Kim Kardashian charges between 300,000 and half a million dollars to post up your products on Instagram that should be a pretty good example that Influencers do work now. I want you to be able to Benefit from that traffic and how I do that I’ll show you real quickly and I use a little little app called pixel meme And what that does is you have a Facebook pixel you can when people click on that link you can add The retargeting link to the link that they click so I’ll make a link here if I make a link here I copy paste a link. It’ll give me a little shortened link with my little Shortener here and anytime somebody clicks on that link Facebook or Google will know a click and YouTube will know that this person clicked on my link and it’ll add them to an audience a custom audience now This is how you benefit from an influencers audience So you might say maybe if you didn’t get any sales, it still doesn’t matter if I had for instance. I probably wouldn’t use Kylie or somebody like that because you can have a bunch of people that aren’t in your demographic I would want somebody that’s way more targeted for makeup And it would be somebody I don’t know Maybe Rihanna cuz she’s kind of a lot more targeted for makeup Kylie is too but But Somebody way more targeted to Hoonah buta beauty girl She’s there’s one. There’s a huge beauty. I don’t wonder how do I know this stuff? my wife follows these people now find out who they are, but She’s really targeted for makeup so what I would do is just give her a link maybe do a giveaway with a bunch of her shit and in and then Anything like that, not even just trying to sell anything But I want her audience in a in a in a Facebook pixel, and I want a lot of her audience So I would pay a bunch of money and I’m talking about even a thousand bucks With 2,000 bucks on somebody not as big as these other people are talking about But I would pay him a ton of money just to get a bunch of their links And know that this works on Instagram I had a guy and I had no idea the power of this he was on he was a TV chef He’s a friend of mine his name is che gravy and he mentioned one of my Instagram Accounts that I have That I use for that for that niche and I got a bunch of his followers come running over there Like wow, you know I had no idea it was that powerful So you want to benefit from those clicks take one of those pixel links give it to them run some giveaways run a sale for a particular product see who purchases pixel the people who purchase and then you get to First of all market to that audience once you have 10 or 20,000 people in that audience Now you can market to that audience. Now you can start writing ads and here’s the thing They’ve already seen your product They already know who your company is through the influencer, which gave you a leg up because that’s kind of like a pass Oh, they’re like they’re referring you You know That’s the best way to get word of mouth is the best way to get Business right people knowing who you are and it’s easy to get that through influencers, right? So in that case, I would go to One of these girls if I had a clothing line, I would go one of these girls and say hey How much does it cost for you to do a review? She might say a thousand bucks cool everybody that clicks on that link for doing a review of my clothes I’m gonna pixel them everybody that purchases I’m gonna make look-alike audiences of those people and then I’m done, right? Same thing goes here, right? I would just keep doing the same thing with pre little things and find out and I would definitely Especially if I had and that’s the big thing here fine influences are already promoting things your competition your competitors, right? it’ll be really easy for you to get their audience that way and so the next thing I would do then is try to Target them on Facebook. So I want to show you this This hangover thing. I talked about the other day in the other video about This wine that filters out Sulfites or whatever it is, and it’s supposed to stop headaches from hangovers. Here’s a great Way to and not necessarily bringing this product in to play in the in the beginning. What I would do is do stuff That’s non branding at East pictures right here I would I would take the name of this out and just use the pictures and use the article to say take the hangover out of your out of your out of your wine period right and then talk about how filters could work and You see here. It says that Chicago-based start up and find a study in here says he was a student at Northwestern University and he wanted to help everyone. Enjoy Purified wine show a study about it. Talk about it here. I like this I they say it’s the Brita filter but but for your wine, you see the mean it removes sulfates and chemica chemicals added to wine as Preservatives and other sediments that might have slipped in during the packaging So while these preservatives are necessary and it’s talking about see this is more informational than sales II admit. I would send that link out first As a matter of fact, I’m lying I wouldn’t I came to this company’s page and once you show you this this is after you collected the information After you already sold people’s stuff you want to start adding value? So I will come here see candles to protect venues from frost shown an astonishing aerial photos I would share that and see how many people clicked on it How many people read the article I would go there first? the next thing I would do is I would come here and I would Send out this article or I will just you know place this whole little article here with a couple of pictures on Facebook Find the people that clicked on it or you might even run a quick video You know those videos with words on it. Some people could just read the video really quickly I would send that out fifty percent of people that watch that video Now you could do what these people are doing because they already know who you are. They’ve already clicked on you from the influencer They’ve clicked in there They paid attention to who you are and on other articles you posted now you could do what these people do now most of the time they’re just posting they’re posting up stuff like See you see BuzzFeed posted them up CNN posted them up. This guy’s come a long way the route just as a side note Let’s break away for a second The route that this guy took was really incredible because what he did was he just went out to news outlets He was on little local news channels all over the country in the United States of America He was a little local news channels and then he wouldn’t you see with the CNN then he with the BuzzFeed He just kind of went that route versus advertising and he did a really good job It was a long grind, but now I see that see he’s on medium Everybody’s doing it and he’s also an Amazon. I’m gonna go to in a minute so and you see Wine wine filter benefits why it’s my new drinking accessory Perfect headline right here, right? So says we filter our taps and shower here. So why wouldn’t you also filter your wine? Now you don’t have to put the using the product right here, but I like that headline right here, and that’s perfect Okay, that’s exactly how you would want to position your product after the influencers have already given you that Leg up giving you that social Proof or whatever saying hey This guy is okay, and they’ve given you that referral now You can come in with articles like this First and I in my other video I talked about being news II so you see how important it is to be news II here but after that once you get those people to Respondent and click on I really want you to understand you need to target the people that clicked on that ad Remember they click on you on Instagram or YouTube? Then they clicked on you here on Facebook. Now, you know, man, these people are interested They’re warmed up. You can send out anything here Alright, so here it is 48 hours only say $50 on the angst and wine glass gift collection with the code gift Gift away and so here is one example of an ad that you can use So this is the normal as you see people run But this is after you’ve been already been referred by an influencer and then you’ve warm them up with those couple of ads I tell you then you can use these ads if you want to be a little bit more slick than this right here I would use this ad format, but I would add a little bit more copy to it. And where would I get that copy? I would come right over here to Amazon and I knew I knew that I would find something here So here this person was talking about it was recommended by a co-worker And they wanted to refine their dietary lifestyle and eating a very clean and eating very clean and alcohol is one of those things that most people to stay away from Especially if you need to repair your gut stomach or intestines now in CA I want you to see this repair your gut stomach or intestines or have Digestive other digestive issues that’s important right there and I’m gonna get to the life-force ate in a minute, which is right here Let me just take a break from that to show you the life for say this these 8 things are what people expect to do Just stock like imagine buying a car and what do you expect on that car? No matter what you expect a windshield right you expect tires You expect a bumper you expect windshield wipers you expect a radio And seats, you know These are all the things that you expect in a car right now the extra shit like tires our rims You know special color, you know rims or whatever are you know? Extra speakers for extra loud music or tinted windows or a rap or you know funky colored paint or something like that Those are all extras but what do we want just to be able to live? That’s what the life-force a it is. So they want you want to be able to survive survive They want enjoyment of life a life extension Enjoyment of food and beverages freedom from fear that supposed to be pain and danger sexual companionship comfortable living conditions And care and protection of loved ones and social approval these type of things, right? So what you want to do is position your ad with one of these things that you know They want so enjoyment of food and beverages is one thing but I want to do this whole pain thing Freedom from pain and danger and they want to be healthy They want to be comfortable and they want to have enjoyment of life and life extension. And that’s what this is talking about here So you want to repair your gut and stomach or intestines or other digestive? It’s issues and maybe you you know You have those problems, but you still want to drink wine and enjoy Drinking wine with friends in moderation and that’s what it says here And it says so my compromise is to filter my wine and enjoy glass without all the toxic chemicals in it So you see that now this wine is really organic, right? He there’s no really Toxic chemicals, but I mean they’re saying area so that’s good enough, but that is copy in itself So my husband I filtered a bottle of red and a bottle of white and had a glass each and not only did the wine Taste crisper and smoother, but we did not get a headache whatsoever for the grogginess the next day that is an ADD right and putting that in your ad and just kind of making it short little punchy sentences, but restructuring this in an ad is exactly what I would do and then I would say 48 hours only say 50 bucks on the filter use the code gift away shop now and click this link That’s exactly what I would do for copywriting So let me go through this over again just to make sure you understand The first thing I would do is I would go and I would talk to an influencer about my product I would get that influencer first of all to run some type of giveaway And after that I would get that influencer to sell one of my products and use a link I would pixel those people build up a Facebook and Google because you can use Google display ads and for you can use you can retarget them. Also on YouTube I would retarget those people with my ads the first thing I would do now that I have this social proof this social referral and I got Some type of some swag and clout from these people. I would then go on Facebook and Retarget them with a little bit of value and the first thing was I would do like an ad like this about taking the hangover out of your wine and Learning why? Wine gives you a hangover and then I would talk about the college study a real quick article just like this when I would do Right there on Facebook in a long-form ad I would get the people that click on that I would retarget the people that already clicked on my shit Right, and then I would after that I would come with an ad like this Talking about how I fixed it. So first I present the problem Right, then I turn around the next day and everybody clickers all automatically done the Facebook ads as soon as they click On this they’re gonna get retargeted the next day with this ad right here that right There is how you do your copywriting now if you notice though, it’s the same thing I told my wife earlier and it kind of freaked her out – I Didn’t concentrate on what I was saying More than I concentrated on the process and the system the actual Funnel and I used the right people in the right place if I was just to go onto Facebook right now and try to advertise a wine filter I probably would flop and the reason being is because I don’t know who wants my wine filter, but by transferring this person’s influencers Audience by getting that audience to my own and making it look like audience now At least I know who wants who’s interested in wine who’s interested in my clothing who’s interested in my car parts? whatever you’re selling at least you know that they’re interested in whatever it is that you have because you transfer use transplanted that audience and you’ve kind of cloned it from the influence you shared it her audience are their audience with you now, you know who you’re targeting and now you want to just make sure that you take them first and create the problem with a nice ad and educational ad I would have made this a video personally one of those nice little like BuzzFeed type videos, right and After I made this little BuzzFeed type video then I would retarget 50% of the people that watch that video with this ad with this Information that I just went and Perry didn’t this is called the parrot. I just went and found somebody that gave a good review And I got this this technique from Jay Abraham. I got this review on Amazon Fashioned it up and reworked it as an ad and then added my call to action Added this to my call to action at the bottom shop now That’s exactly how I would do that. And now the copywriting you asked the copywriting part is here, right? And this was really easy. You see if you see the copywriting becomes really easy if you just pay attention to what The people want right and that’s where the life-force 8 comes in and you want to give yourself These are called angles and you want to give yourself three angles for every ad campaign that you do because one angle may not work So I used a headache angle, right or I use the gut angle, right? That was another totally different angle here the gut angle I use a headache and a gut angle and the other one could just be I don’t know just for kicks and giggles sexual companionship Chicks will like you if you get this fucking wine filter, right? You never know But I’m just saying use those three Different angles right of different ads and still find somebody that says it when you do your research Remember we talked about that word in the last few videos and all of my copywriting videos. They all include that word Research you have to do your research man. You got to stay on top of this thing every day You already know that do your research read your books? Understand this life force. Hey, this is a really good start for it for you ecommerce guys And how I laid this out try and I guarantee it’ll work If you have any questions Just shoot me a comment down below If you know somebody else has an e-commerce store in town for five store that needs some help with copywriting share this video man Click the thumbs up if you like the video and also subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so I’m pretty sure you’re gonna dig what I have. I’m putting out videos every day, man. Remember this whole fucking thing about Entrepreneurship this whole thing about making money online Copywriting it’s an everyday thing man. So let’s get started right now. No excuses. No explanations. Let’s get it done

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  2. I learned from doing IG influencers you have to check how they got their followers because a lot of them are in follower groups.

    When I 1st started I lost money paying for someone with 2mill followers. I can’t remember the name of the site but you can past their IG name and it will show you the growth of the followers.

    I have used micro followers (10k-300k) in the past had that works and you can get them for almost free. I’ll offer them free products or a discount at the store.

    I have 10 micro Influencers that I rotate over the month.

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