April 10, 2020
Convertkit Review- Email Marketing Autoresponder Overview

Convertkit Review- Email Marketing Autoresponder Overview

in this video I’m going to give you an
honest review of convertkit and show you around
the software my name is Rachel s Lee and on my channel I do a ton of software
reviews for online marketing tools okay so this is my convertkit account and as
you can see lately I’ve been taking my email marketing a lot more seriously
since I started two years ago with using convertkit my list has grown I have sent
out a lot of emails four hundred and thirty thousand emails my open rate I
would consider that pretty low because I wasn’t I was learning a lot I was maybe
getting leads that were not the best leads because of my traffic method so
that’s less of an open rate or maybe I would be a little spammy cuz I just
didn’t know how to be a better email marketer at the time so I would get less
open rates I also didn’t know how to clean my list and clean it from like
cold people so that’s also why my open rates and click rates aren’t the best
but lately as I get better and better email marketing it gets better so as you
guys get better and better that’s something you want to take note of you
want to make sure your emails are delivering and that people are opening
it a lot of people think it’s gonna be based on like the software the
deliverability and that is true but convertkit has great deliverability it
your emails should get delivered as if you’re not being spammy if you’re asking
people to whitelist your emails drag them to you at the main inbox if the
first email that gets sent out people open it so when you have a lead magnet
at telling people to go check their email for the lead magnet and having
them click there’s all these triggers to make your emails deliver better but if
you start spamming it’s just inevitable you’re not going to get good
deliverability convertkit though does not really like like a Philly
at marketing because affiliate marketing is known for spam a lot of email
autoresponders actually will not approve your or they’ll shut you down if they
find out your very first campaigns are like make money online related or like a
MLM they they’re just really strict because they want to protect the
deliverability for everybody so if there’s spammers getting in it’s bad for
everyone if you do want if you are an affiliate marketer looking to get
started in MMO niche um then also just Aweber for that and I’ll link a video
below but if you’re not converting it’s great for like any other type of
business so you can set up different automations and rule some under
automations there’s different rules so I use the rules a lot like when you finish
this sequence you’re gonna move to this sequence or if you do open this you’re
gonna get that and you can actually do that with visual automations also I just
personally never got into the visual automation thing I’ve tried it but I
don’t know I’m just I just think little differently like some people think
visually some people might think with rules so that’s great that there’s both
options forms I like to check my forums to see which of my lists grew because I
have so many lead magnets out on the internet and ways that I’m collecting
leads that I want to see like where which ones are really working my cheat
sheets really working my um Facebook group is really working integrated with
group funnels software which helps me get emails from people that join my
facebook group I’ll put a review video in the description for that below also
and then sequences I got tons of sequences sequences are like automations
and got a ton I love checking the stats on that and then I also have broadcasts
where I will just send a newsletter or I’ll pre schedule things or I will well
y’all either send a newsletter or pre schedule things
so final thoughts on convertkit I like it I use it I’ve tried many tried a lot
and you know what it’s just important that your emails get delivered because
in the end you need to be writing good emails but for a software that’s easy to
use and integrates with pretty much everything I will go with convertkit
I’ll put my affiliate link down below you can sign up for a free trial and
then they charge you based on your subscriber count so that’s also why it’s
important to clean out your emails because if you have a lot of cold emails
why do you want to pay extra to have them on your list okay and if you liked
this video check out my other videos and I would love for you to subscribe to my
channel for more software reviews

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  2. I just barely transferred over to convertkit I had to leave my previous platform so Iโ€™m still in the learning process. I appreciate when you share your knowledge so you can make it easier for a new guy. Thank you keep making your videos Iโ€™ll be checking them out

  3. Always on-point in giving recommendations. ConvertKit is very helpful for my business. Thanks for making me feel that I made the right choice. Keep rocking, Rachel! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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