April 9, 2020
Contractor Marketing – 11 Tips

Contractor Marketing – 11 Tips

– In this video, we’re gonna talk about 11 contractor marketing tips that are gonna help you grow your contracting company
business to the next level. Hi, I’m JB with Marketing 360, and we help small business grow with our marketing and design
talent technology through our number one marketing
platform, Marketing 360. We call marketing and design math. We love math, and hopefully
these videos will help you fall in love with math, too. So make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand. So marketing is crucial for any business, and especially for contractors, but the way that you
market a contractor is obviously different than the way you market a different kind of a business. So let’s talk about 11 specific tips for contractors, and
how these tips can help you really grow your business. Tip number one is to build a highly convertible professional
contracting website. Make sure that you focus on mobile first. Most search is on mobile these days, so make sure your site renders and looks beautiful on mobile search. Make sure that people can see who you are, what you do, and how to contact you within two and a half seconds. Studies show that if people can’t see that within two and a half seconds, they hit the back button,
which is called a bounce. So take a look at that, run
some user tests on that, and also look at your competitors. Click on five, or six, or even 10 of your contracting competitors,
and look at their website. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and just try to determine who you think is best on design alone. And if you don’t fit in the top one or two of those, then you
need to make some changes to your website to make sure that you do. Tip number two is to use a CRM. CRMs are hugely important. With a CRM, you can basically set up a lot of different things like automation so that, when somebody
fills out a lead form on your website, it gets
automatically inserted into the CRM, and other
actions can be taken, such as emails, follow-ups,
sales stages, stuff like that. So using a CRM is gonna
help you be scalable, particularly if you have
multiple salespeople in comparison to your competitors. Tip number three, once your CRM’s set up, set up email marketing
automation for your leads. So when somebody becomes a lead, depending on the type of lead, maybe you have different services that you offer, you can
set up automated campaigns that send ’em additional information on the process, maybe on your experience, some trusted reviews from your company. This is gonna help put you apart from your competitors when they’re in this buying process, particularly if they’re looking at two or three other contractors, really put you on top and help you close that deal. Tip number four is, with your CRM, set up marketing email
automation for your customers. So for customers, you can send ’em things like processes for their project. You can set up review requests, after you complete the project, to build your online reputation. Things like this are gonna help enhance the customer experience, hopefully give you better reviews, build
your online reputation, and possibly earn you future
business down the road. Tip five would be to invest
in your online reputation. Invest in reputation management, because a big factor,
when people are looking at contractors, comes to online reviews. They’re gonna search your business name, and the word reviews, on Google, and see what that looks like. So if you don’t have a lot of good reviews out there, if you don’t have four or five stars all over that first page of Google for your business name reviews, you really wanna focus on that, because that’s gonna be the piece that’s gonna help you earn
the business down the road. Tip six is to get listed
on local directories that are relevant to your business, and also local business sites. There’s lots of other
directories people use outside of Google, such
as Haus, for contractors. So you wanna make sure
you’re listed there, you have a well-optimized listing that has your business name, contact information, your correct address, maybe some photos of your previous work, you wanna really make sure those
things are optimized. That’s gonna help you with regards to your site ranking on Google
Maps and things like this. But also, people use those
sites, so you wanna be there. Tip number seven is to invest heavily in getting on the first page of Google for your top search terms. So depending on the type
of contracting business that you have, it it’s a plumber, you wanna make sure people, when they search plumbing contractor, that you’re right there on top. If it’s a custom home builder, when somebody searches custom home builder in your city, you wanna make sure you’re right there, on top. On the first page of Google, there’s three pieces of real estate. There’s the paid, which is the three or four listings at the
very top of the page, there’s the Maps, which
are right below that, which are gonna show local
businesses in the area, and then you have the
organic listings below that. Here’s the deal. If you can get in all three of those, your chances of getting clicked
on are significantly higher. This is a huge value to your business. I would totally invest in getting there. So spend some money on paid ads to be on top, for the
very specific search terms that are most important to
your contracting business, really optimize your Maps listing by getting reviews, which we touched on, and optimizing your listing as a whole, and then also optimize your website so that your website ranks highly for these top golden keywords, as well, so you can really have three pieces of real estate on the first page of Google, for the best keyword in town. That means you’re gonna get the business. Tip number eight is to
run retargeting ads. Retargeting ads is basically when somebody comes to your website and then leaves, retargeting ads follow ’em around on the internet. So as they’re looking at websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, just browsing news sites,
checking the weather online, all these sorts of
things, they’re gonna see your banner ads for your business. What this is doing is renting space in their mind, so when they’re in this research mode, they think of you first when they’re ready to buy. This is hugely effective because, most of the time, when somebody comes to your site for the first time, they’re in research mode, only actually 3% or so of people
convert the first time. 97% don’t. This doesn’t mean that they’re not interested in becoming
a customer of yours. It just means they’re in
lookie loo mode right now. So by staying in front of them with retargeting ads after they leave your site, when they are
ready to make a purchase, they think of you and not your competitor, and you earn the business. Tip number nine is to build
your brand in your area. And to do this, I would recommend running
targeted Facebook ads in your area. Really pick a targeted demographic, maybe people of a certain
income level might make sense, depending on your contracting business. There’s a lot of demographical settings with Facebook where
you can really pinpoint that down, and then stick within a radius of what makes sense for
your contracting business. Kinda hit that pretty
hard, build your brand. So maybe people aren’t searching today about their custom home, or the fact that they have plumbing
problems, or whatever it may be. Maybe their roof is totally fine today, but it starts leaking tomorrow, if your brand is in front of these people, and you’re building brand awareness, when they do have an issue,
from a contracting perspective, you want them to really
think of you first, if you’re gonna earn that business. So invest some money
in building your brand, and do that via social targeting ads on channels like Facebook and Instagram. Tip number 10 is to get
active on social media. You don’t have to be active on all the social channels, just be active on the ones that make sense for you, which might be things
like Facebook and Haus, might be two big channels
for you as a contractor. If you have visual work, a nice gallery, Instagram might make sense for you. I’d just recommend that you become active on social media because people use this for social proof today. They’re gonna go to those channels, they’re gonna look at those channels, and if you don’t exist there, or you’re pretty weak on the content side, you don’t have a lot of followers, they’re gonna assume you
haven’t done a lot of business. So make sure that you’re active on social media, and
if you don’t have time to do it yourself, reach out to somebody that can help you, and make sure that you’re pushing it forward, ’cause it’s not something you can skip out on. Tip number 11, as a contractor, there’s a lot of lead buying services. I would recommend that you don’t do that, because when you buy leads, you’re actually doing nothing
more than increasing your competition to
earn the same business. And so, to earn it, you’re gonna have to basically cut your price. So you’re buying the lead for a price that’s probably not that cheap, and then you’re also discounting your price, which is make
the lead very expensive. Those aren’t the types
of leads that you want. What you want is a lead
that wants to work with you. So it comes down to building your brand, your marketing strategy, so that you’re generating unique leads for your brand, and your brand alone, so you don’t have to discount your price. You can earn the business easier without that extra competition, and ultimately be more
scalable in the future. So if you have to buy some leads here and there just to get going, I get it, but make sure
that you’re investing in your long-term marketing strategy so that ultimately, you are generating your own leads for your
business, and you alone. Bonus tip with all this, I
know it seems like a lot. There’s a lot of moving parts. I would recommend using an
all-in-one marketing platform, something that has the
email marketing piece, the CRM piece, allows
you to do optimization for organic rankings on the first page of Google, allows you to get into the Maps on Google, allows you to run ads on Google, run ads on Facebook, Instagram, all of these different things, really build the website for you that you need, that’s
gonna be professional and drive conversions. It’s hard to find that, so look
for an all-in-one solution. Marketing 360 is a great solution. Take a look at that. Give us a call if you have questions. We’d love to help you out. And then, the other thing is, be patient, because building your
brand takes some time. Building a marketing strategy that’s going to be scalable into the long-term future. It takes some time. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you invest in it, you trust the process, you’ll eventually get there, and you’ll be the number one contractor in town, which I know is your goal. So if you liked the video, like it, follow, share the content, follow us like this, for more videos like this in the future, to continue your education, and also, text MARKETING to 39970 for weekly marketing tips sent straight to your text message on your phone. (downtempo music)

9 thoughts on “Contractor Marketing – 11 Tips

  1. Good tips! However, to do them all would run about, uh… Ten grand a month! Yes to not buying leads though!

  2. Marketing is only one very small part of getting work, especially for custom builders. Converting is the key and utilising technology to communicate with Clients is the mechanism. In my opinion, doing a great job as promised to the client is the best form of marketing. Word of mouth sells more homes than paid marketing every day of the week. The tips you gave are generally known and were great 10 years ago, however, nowadays the issue with your tips is that most know them and when most know them the cost to initiate and implement is very high.

  3. I was skeptical at first, but you delivered very useful information and I’m glad I watched it all the way through. Thank you very much!

  4. Because so many contractors do not use email marketing or text marketing it sets people apart. For a contractor they can get repeat and word of mouth business from it. Good call!

  5. Thanks for giving me some direction with my marketing, man. I'm in a dry spell and wondering how to begin marketing. Which is something I never had to do before. Thanks again.

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