March 29, 2020
Content Marketing Platform Comparison Actionetics vs Ontraport

Content Marketing Platform Comparison Actionetics vs Ontraport

In this video I am going to do this
marketing automation platform comparison Actionetics versus Ontraport. Marketing
automation allows the marketer to automate repetitive tasks, exclude human
error, manage complexity and measure and optimize all marketing actions. It makes
the business benefit from the leverage technology and Big Data provide by two
a/b split testing, campaign optimization, follow-up messaging via auto responder,
behavioral targeting and much more. So, what are the differences between
marketing automation and CRM in marketing- and sales funnels? One of the
main differences between these two types of systems is who they target. Primarily
CRM software is client focused while marketing automation software is marketing focused.
A customer relationship management system saves documents and keeps track
of information such as a clients’ or potential customer names and addresses
including phone numbers and interactions with the customer whereas the mission of
marketing automation is to close the deal with the client by various means
such as deploying marketing funnels and sales funnels to begin with. Let’s begin
this comparison of with Actionetics. Actionetics is Clickfunnels’ marketing
automation platform that integrates with existing sales funnels to render them
with with dynamic automation actions. Actionetic sends and creates
autoresponder emails, follow-up emails, its reacts, packs and buckets according
to preset segmentation and action funnel setup. Now let’s have a look at Ontraport.
Ontraport is an automated sales funnel software that enables professionals to
process content, do advertising, sales and lead and client data management easily
and effectively. The system includes powerful opt-in forms record sharing
capabilities, customer relationship management, A/B split testing,
advertising features and marketing automation, social media integration and
assignment management just to name some features. Ontraport makes it so easy for
users to spread the message and any content without having to get too
technical. Ontraport lets the user publish pages entre pages forms Ontraforms, web forms, membership sites and Ontraport marketplace. It integrates with
WordPress integration and Facebook and it
has split testing capability. Ontraport is marketing automated with two-way SMS
messaging. Ontramail email marketing partner programs, postcard marketing,
PURLs while letting the user monitor everything with its analytics. Organize
has a very powerful CRM which allows business automation with custom objects
and it integrates via secure open API. The metrics dashboard grants insights
in valuable analytic data. Furthermore there is Ontraport Mobile and Ontraport
Projects. Selling is also improved thanks to the Ontraport Sales tools which allow
leads and clients to better see and buy the business’s clients products and
services via custom order forms, subscription management, payment plans
and trials to maximize ROI on any campaign there is the option to
implement one-click upsells and abandoned cart follow-up. In addition it
provides lead management and scoring as well as task management. For how to make best
use of each one of these marketing platforms so that you learn how to
structure the campaign stages click the link in the description of this video.
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