April 2, 2020
Content Marketing Platform Comparison Actionetics vs Drips

Content Marketing Platform Comparison Actionetics vs Drips

in this video I am going to do this
marketing automation platform comparison actionetics versus drip. why marketing
automation and what to expect from a CRM and email marketing software. The roots
of marketing automation can be found in email marketing. Those systems allow the marketer to automate repetitive tasks, exclude human error, manage complexity,
and measure and optimize all marketing actions. It makes the business benefit
from the leverage technology and big data provide by A/B split testing
campaign optimization follow-up messaging via autoresponder behavioral
targeting and much more. So, what are the differences between
marketing automation and CRM and e-commerce funnels? One of the main
differences between these two types of systems is who they target. Primarily CRM
software is clienting focused while marketing automation software is
marketing focused. A customer relationship management system saves
documents and keeps track of information such as a clients or potential customer
names and addresses including phone numbers and interactions with the
customer whereas the mission of marketing automation is to close the
deal with the client by various means such as deploying marketing funnels and
sales funnels to begin with. The common CRM campaign management feature in
e-commerce is to run and track marketing campaigns
directly from the CRM system instead from marketing solutions built for just
that purpose. Obviously a CRM is not as feature-rich as a core marketing funnel
platform but at least it can also automate messaging and build various
marketing campaigns and campaign stages for specific segments of the client
database. Shall actionetics versus drip compared help you find which
marketing automation platform is suited best for the needs and requirements of
your e-commerce business. Let’s begin with actionetics. Actionetics is
clickfunnels’ marketing automation platform that integrates with existing
sales funnels to render them with. With dynamic automation actions actionetics
sends and creates autoresponder emails follow-up email.
it’s reacts, acts and buckets according to preset segmentation an action funnel
is set up. Now let’s take a look at Drip. Drip is the first e-commerce CRM. (ECRM)
built for establishing personal and valuable customer relationships that
turned into profits. How to make best use of each one of these marketing platforms
so that you learn how to structure the campaign stages click the link in the
description of this video. Feel free to share and subscribe to this channel so
that you stay tuned when it comes to top marketing automation platforms with
further relevant information to come.

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