January 18, 2020
Content Marketing Cycle: Work less and get more sales

Content Marketing Cycle: Work less and get more sales

– Here’s everything
you need to know on how to create a content cycle. – Spend less time in production while still making more content. – This is how it’s done. (fun trumpet music) – Using video to multiple yourself, create content from the
valuable conversations that you’re having. – Today we’re talking
about the content cycle. – So the idea here is to save time, taking the organic
activities and conversations that are happening in your business, re-purposing that into valuable, educational, recyclable content, both the femoral and evergreen. The first initial step
of this is based off of frequently asked
questions and sales calls. Anyone that signs up a
consultation with Dubb, will see that we ask, “is it
okay if we record this call for our own purposes?” So that’s something you can
do in your own business. You don’t wanna record your
calls without asking permission. So make sure you’re getting
permission from the people and then you record these calls and that way you can
actually analyze the call, see what worked, what didn’t, what provided value, what
questions were asked. Based off the frequently asked questions, within your emails, chat support, wherever your questions are coming in, on your social channels, you
re-purpose those answers. So that’s both a femoral and
evergreen content re-purposed, from live conversations
you’re actually having. – Problems that you’re trying to solve and then it goes into production mode. – Even when you’re having
a one-to-one conversation, you’re actually creating valuable content. – The goal of your
video is to really speak to all your audiences. – Person content isn’t just
taking a YouTube video you made and cutting that up into smaller pieces for other social media. Whenever you communicating, that’s an opportunity to transform that into evergreen content. Once you create content,
it’s working for you 24/7, even if you’re sleeping, that
content is still out there, creating value for you. – These could be slides,
these could be videos, they could be emails. Figure out a way to take this content and distribute it across
all your channels, that’s where things get exciting. Little snippets of content
might grow flowers, that people love to consume. Guess what the femoral
content drips down the feed. People consume it, people see it, and then they never see it again. That’s where your
evergreen content comes in. That’s content that exists on YouTube, on your blog, or even
guest posts on other blogs. And if someone’s typing
something on Google, if you have an evergreen asset, like a video, like a blog post, like an article, they’re gonna find that. You’re gonna get more traffic. I remember Darius said something
really powerful one day which was that he’s always
looking to clone himself. Videos a really powerful medium to be able to clone yourself. – Our biggest tip from this video, is that when you create
a piece of content, don’t just use that in one place. It means parse it out so
you’re actually working less, but you get more value. – Really early on in the process, I was having great success with calls and I was like man I
wish I could scale this. You know, I’m not able to have
these personal conversations with people where I’m speaking to them, building that relationship. I’m not able to replicate that easily. Then I’m like wait, we can
do this, it’s just the matter of using video on enough channels to get it in front of people. So instead of having to
email it to them directly, that’s when we began our social journey, you know, we started posting all of the content that makes
sense on all our channels, LinkedIn, YouTube,
Instagram, on all channels. That’s really where we ended up taking it. And it was really just
based on that realization, that there’s so much value
in the communication. Being able to scale that was, initially it was like how
am I going to do this? And I’m like wait, I can
actually take the valuable parts of this conversation
and make it into a video and put that for everyone to see. – One of the problems
that we suffer from a lot, especially in our early days, is that, people need a human touch point to be able to convert, to get
over the finish line, right? So you know we got all this great content, we got these eBooks and we’ve
got this valuable information that we’re providing to people but a lot of them can’t
get over the finish line, they can’t put the credit card in, you know they can’t make that commitment, until they’ve had that human connection. So how do we solve that problem? – Use the content to really
streamline the process to where people, by the
time they get on that call, they’re ready to push,
you know they’re ready to put in their credit card, they’re ready to jump over the line. They just need that last touch. I mean if you can completely
automate your business, where’s there’s no human
touch points involved, that’s a dream, that’s ideal I guess. But in reality those people
are probably not as likely to stick around because they
have not made a connection with someone human. When they have a complaint,
when they have something that’s not working for them,
they’re gonna reach out to that person they made
that connection with and like you’re my life
line here, what can I do? – We’ve got all these
success stories from people, all over the world. I mean it’s been phenomenal
ride, phenomenal process. – With these success stories,
that we have around the world, we can now connect to so
many different people, in every different aspect. You know, eCommerce,
SaaS platforms, there’s so many applications where
video can help people grow. Have our content speak
directly to these people. So we have an entire
vertical for eCommerce and we have success stories related to specifically to how video has helped, eCommerce businesses. Same thing goes for real estate, mortgage, other SaaS platforms. What they’re doing with video, what they’re doing with our platform to help them in their business and when they can see the growth and how it’s worked for somebody else. You end up asking yourself the question, “Why can’t I do that myself?” You know, what’s the difference? They’re able to do it, they
have the same exact kind of set-up, they’re able
to succeed with this. What’s stopping me? And that really ends up
being the final question, like how can I, you
know, leverage, this tool to succeed in my own business. When content can speak to you directly, that’s when it’s really gonna resonate. – I think the opportunity
for a lot of business is to really carve out specific niches, that’s your core audience
and from that you can scale but I think the key is to
really figure out a niche and target audience and to
not try to boil the ocean. I think a lot of business,
they try to boil the ocean, which means they try to cater to every single target
audience, every single vertical, you know big businesses,
medium-sized businesses, small businesses, consumers. – When you have the cameras rolling and you’re creating a piece of content, consider creating multiple variations of that piece of content for
different target audiences. So that way you’re only
shooting for that one day but you get five different
videos out of that, that can appeal to
different target audiences. – When you are creating content, you can’t keep producing the same things, you can’t keep speaking
the same statements. Your vision and your audience evolves, your content needs to follow that. (hip-hop dance music) – So when you make content,
think about the ways that you can parse it
to leverage it across as many platforms as possible. – So take your organic conversations, your conversations you’re already having with your customers and
re-purpose this content. Create valuable, educational, evergreen and femoral content. Thanks for watching this video. For more valuable content, be sure to subscribe and stay tuned. (fun trumpet music) (hip-hop dance music)

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  1. Another great video! Thanks guys.

    @Marcussheridan talks a lot about this topic – They ask, You answer. Dubb is great for helping solo-preneurs do it easily and quickly.

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