April 8, 2020
conneXion Munich – Interview with Steen Jacobsen Head of Strategic Partnerships at Valitor

conneXion Munich – Interview with Steen Jacobsen Head of Strategic Partnerships at Valitor

My name is Steen Jacobsen. I am heading up
our Partnership Department in Valitor International. We´re very excited to be here at the LS Retail
event today. We are a pan-European payment provider, so
we deal with both the e-Commerce platforms or gateway, and the POS gateways. So it´s
really an interesting journey for us also to be with LS Retail, that we are embracing
the whole unified commerce journey and products. It´s a new partnership that we have with
LS Retail and obviously we want to show our good faith and that´s one thing. You need
to be part of it – you need to see all the amazing partners that are here, all the good customers
as well. We learn a lot to be here, we get a lot of exciting questions.
And put a face on the people that we speak with on phones, Skype and whatnot, so it´s
really, really, really important to be here. Secondly, we have now introduced our mobile
POS device from Pax which is gaining a lot of attention, and we get to show just that
off here. That´s a huge milestone for us. The unique part of it is that we have a – it´s
actually part of the whole customer journey, experience that in a little store, like we
saw very well explained by LS Retail yesterday, you have to be where the customers are, you
don´t want to wait in line, it´s popular with pop-up shops. You have to serve them
outdoors and whatnot, so you don´t want to make the customers have to go to the bar or
to the till every time. We have this mobile POS device that is actually an extension of
your shop, and then the customer can be handled and can pay in a nice manner. It´s Android-based
and it is very flexible so we´re really looking forward to again embracing this journey with
LS Retail and have their software there. Very happy with it, very happy. It´s both
on the business side. Yesterday was a really good day, today has also been a very busy
day – so we´re very happy. We heard some keynotes, talking about using this solution
has gone live which is very exciting for us and that created a lot of traffic. And then
the social part – always good to be in Munich, isn´t it – the social capital of Europe,
I would say. Good event and – yes – simply very professional. Very good to work with
LS Retail to be honest.

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