March 30, 2020
Complete WooCommerce Tutorial 2019

Complete WooCommerce Tutorial 2019

Hi guys my name is Ferdy and in this video
I will show you, how you can create a beautiful Webshop using the free plugin called WooCommerce. Let me show you what we are going to cover
this tutorial. I will show you how to download and install
WooCommerce. How to create a simple product like this? A variable product where I can choose a different
size, different color. How to create a service product like a Skype
session or a coaching session, whatever you have to offer? How to create a downloadable product? How to create an affiliate product that means
when you promote a certain product or software and people buy it through your affiliate link
you get a commission and how to create a Groot product. So over here I have a product and I can choose
32 gigabytes, 64 and 128 I can choose whatever I want to do. If I add them to the cart, you see it over
here and when I scroll down you see an option over here to add this products to the cart
and that’s because I use the free OceanWP theme, an amazing theme. I can click over here, then I can view the
cart I can change things and all looks really nice. We will talk about categories and subcategories. The side bar in your Webshop with WooCommerce
related widgets, like a cart, a price filter and highlighted products. I will talk about the settings within your
Webshop and we will cover the topics coupon codes, shipping taxes and payment options. At the end of the tutorial you have your own
Webshop and can start selling products to the world. I believe your time is valuable, that is why
I show you in this overview what we will cover and how you can skip certain parts, if you
have done those already. So if you are starting from scratch I will
show you how to get a domain name and web hosting. If you have that already that is great then
you can skip that part. Then I will show you how to install WordPress
and if you don’t have a website yet, I will give you a complete website for free. So you can focus in this tutorial on creating
a Webshop. So if you have done step one until three already
you can skip those parts and learn how to create a Webshop. In the description of the video you seen overview
with time stamps so you can go to a certain part of the tutorial without searching for
the part. In that way I can help people that starts
from scratch and I can help people that have website already, so I can help as much people
as possible. If I go too fast for you in the tutorial you
can click on the icon here and lower the speed of the tutorial. If you like what you’re seeing so far please
like this video and if you want to see more upcoming videos please consider to subscribe
and click on the Bell notification so you’ll get an update when I upload a new video. Now let’s get started. So the first two things we need to do is get
a domain name and web hosting. If you have that already that is great, then
you can skip this part. If you don’t have it go to
and then you can click on the link go to Sitegrounds. I love Sitegrounds. I host all my web sites at Sitegrounds. Sitegrounds is in my opinion the best web
hosting provider there is and I’m not the only one with that opinion. In a Facebook web hosting group with more
than 5,000 members Sitegrounds is mentioned the most as best web hosting provider there
is and I agree with them. I scroll down a bit and there are three plans
you can choose and the best value for your money is GrowBig and the big difference between
GrowBig and Startup is that here you can have unlimited websites. Here you can have only one website and all
the time people are upgrading later because after the first website they want to create
a second website. So I suggest GrowBig and you can always upgrade
later, so over here you can have unlimited websites, enough web space, you can have around
25,000 visitors per month and if you get more than that, then you can upgrade to GoGeek. This is the package I have because I have
a lot of websites but you can also upgrade later, so I choose GrowBig, get started I
click over here and then you can choose a domain name. If you would say and click on
proceed, it will say it is not possible because the domain name is already in use. So I would go for, I click on
proceed and it is still available, congratulations domain ferdypro is available for registration. So over here I need to fill in some details
of course my email address [email protected] and you need to have access to this email
address of course? You need to choose your own password. I choose this one and then I need to fill
in some client information. Where I’m from? I’m from the Netherlands and since I’m from
the Netherlands, I get a VAT over here. So my first name, my last name, my company
name and if I fill in my VAT registration number, the VAT amount will be subtracted
from my total amount I have to pay, zip code without a space over here, my phone number
and I scroll down. How do I want to pay? I want to pay with credit cards. So I fill in my details, I scroll down so
then we go to hosting services. The plan is GrowBig. The data center is in Chicago that’s okay
and the period is 12 months and keep in mind that the first purchase will give you 60%
discount, so if you go for 12 months you get 12 months of discount, but if you go for 24
or 36 months you will get 36 months of discount. I’ll leave it at 12 months you have a 30 day
money-back guarantee so if you don’t like it you can get your money back and then here’s
the domain registration. Domain privacy I use it because if you don’t
use it you get a lot of spam emails from people that say, hey I can make a website for you
and I don’t like that I want to have my inbox to be clean. So I check this, I uncheck this one I don’t
need it. There are tools that can do that for you and
the total amount is $99.35. I confirm everything and I click on Pay Now
then we click on pay now, you don’t pay more but I get a commission and it helps me to
create those tutorials so thank you for that. Your order was successfully submitted and
now it’s completed. We have our domain name and web hosting. Let’s install WordPress. I click on proceed to customer area and Sitegrounds
is offering me some help, but I don’t need any help and I don’t need to add this so I
say confirm. Yes, I confirm everything, complete setup
and there we are and now we need to click on my accounts, go to the cPanel and I click
on proceed and here we can install WordPress. I scroll down and over here I see it WordPress. I click on it, I scroll down a bit and I click
on install now. Right now I will use HTTP, later I will show
you how to create a free certificate so your website will be secure. I choose because that’s the domain
I just added and I can say make the website at or new or test but
I leave it in the root direction The site name I can say Ferdy Korp Media. In the site description I like to say you
deserve to be seen and this is something you can make up yourself, it can be hi I make
websites or I’m a photographer or something you want to say over here. Then my username Ferdykorp. I want to create a password, my email address,
the language of the website is ok and the rest is all ok, so I click on install. It says, it takes between three and four minutes
but it actually takes 10 or 20 seconds, and that’s why I will not fast forward. Now our website is live already. If I click over here, I go to our website
and that is amazing if you Siteground your website is live immediately as long as you
have a dot-com extension and I can also go to the backend, over here and this is where
we will configure our website. We get our wizards I don’t need that, so I
say exit and what I want to do? I want to clean things up, so I click on don’t
show this again. I go to plugins I deactivate Siteground optimizer
and I deactivate WordPress starter then I select them both by clicking here, bulk actions,
delete and I apply it ok and what I want to do? I want to install a complete website which
I have made in a different tutorial, you can make it yourself or you can just import it
with a few clicks and then you have a complete website made with the OceanWP theme and it
also has all the images we will use in this tutorial. So I go to the dashboard and I click on dismiss,
dismiss, dismiss. I close all this stuff and what I want to
do now I want to install that website. So I go to plugins, add new and I search for
all in one and then it’s this plug-in all in one WP migration. I click on Install Now, activate and now we
can import a website with a few clicks. You can get that website over here I hit enter and then I go to tutorials WooCommerce
tutorial. I scroll down and there are some important
links if you don’t want to do that but you only want to have the images I use in this
tutorial then click on this link, but if you want to use the example website then click
over here. You get this for free you only need to leave
your name and email address you can unsubscribe whenever you want to and I say [email protected]
and I click on get this website, and I’m doing this because I want to focus on creating a
Webshop. I’m not on how to create a complete website,
so I say okay okay, because I’m from Europe, subscribe yes. Now I need to check my email. So I go to my email, I click over here and
I confirm my subscription. So here’s the website we can download and
keep in mind that Admin is the username and the password is this one,I copy it I click
over here, so I download the website now I go to the file, I unzip it and there it is. So I go to our website and I go to all-in-one
import. Import from file, WooCommerce, open it and
now we’re installing a complete website using the free OceanWP theme with a home page and
about page, contact page, blog page. I think portfolio page and with all the images
we will use in this tutorial so in that way you can skip a lot of stuff and we can focus
on creating a Webshop and as I said before if you have your own website and you have
your own domain and stuff and you just want to build your website using your own theme
in your own website, then you can go to, tutorials, WooCommerce tutorial and then you
can download the images I use in tutorial. I close this, I close this and I close this
and I click on proceed. I need to go to the permalink settings and
here I need to login, admin and then the password I just copied and then here at post name,
I select it and I say save changes and save changes. Now there are few things we need to do. I go to plugins and I deactivate all in one
WP migration. We don’t need it anymore, delete okay then
you need to go to settings, general and change the title of the website. I can say Ferdy Korp Media and I can change
the tagline again to you deserve to be seen. This is okay, you need to change the email
address, for your own email address and you will get an email, you need to confirm it
and then your email address will be over here and you can change things over here if you
want to do that. I save the changes. What else? I go to the user. Here your profile or over here edit my profile. I scroll down, I can change this one but what
I can do, I can add a new one if I want to Ferdy Korp, email address, first-name, last
name. I can create a password for instance this
one, send the user an email about our account you can do that and I want myself to be an
administrator. I add the new user, then I log out, I log
in with my new username which I just made. Now I go to users, all users and since I’m
an administrator I can delete all the other users so I delete this one, all the content
should go to me, confirm deletion and that’s it. I don’t want to have WP forms so I dismiss
is notice, go to the dashboard, dismiss this and dismiss this. I collapse everything I want everything to
be really clear. So now we can take a look at our website,
looks like this. We have an about page, the URLs look beautiful. You can change all this information if you
want to, we have a services page, we have a portfolio, blog page all made with the free
version of OceanWP and if you want to know more about this or create this website yourself,
then you can go to YouTube and search for Ferdy korpershoek, elementor you can also
use elementor pro that’s the first tutorial where I use OceanWP theme, but it’s a pro
tutorial. Over here I will show you step by step how
I made this website and you can also follow it if you don’t use the pro version only then
some areas of the tutorial do not apply to you. So I huge fan of the OceanWP theme. Another great theme is the Astra theme. I think those two are the best free themes
and they both have an upgrade to the pro version where you have even more options, but we will
work with free stuff in this tutorial. So now we have our website, you can change
your logo, you can change all that stuff and what I want to do I want to start creating
a Webshop. So I go to the back end of the website. I go to plugins, add new and I search over
here for WooCommerce and without hitting enter you see it over here WooCommerce more than
a million installs and I click on Install Now and after that I activate it. Now we see over here run that setup wizard
and you can do it but I like to skip this because I don’t want to install all of things
that I don’t need on my website. So what you can do now? You can go to WooCommerce, status then you
go to tools, you scroll down and your search for create a default WooCommerce pages and
when you do the setup wizard you can do a lot of other things now I all want to do them
a different way, so I click on create pages and that’s it all missing WooCommerce pages
successfully installed. So now if we go to pages, you see the page
cart, check out, my account and shop and those are all created this minute so that’s great
and if I go over here to WooCommerce settings, you see there are a lot of settings and I
want to change a few and then I want to create some products and then after that we’ll take
a look at all the settings. So first the country where do you come from? I come from the Netherlands, but I want to
say over here United States. I want to sell things in the United States
and I’m from California because I like that place. I don’t use the zip code for now and I want
to sell things to the whole world or to a specific country, I can say I only want to
do United States and Canada and I want to ship everything to the same countries I sell
to, but without go through all the locations I leave it as this. I only want to change this the currency here
below. I want to change it to United States Dollars
and this is all fine. I say the changes okay and if I go to my website
I want to have a shop page. I don’t have that over here so I go to menus
over here or you can go to the dashboard and then you go to appearance, menus. We have our main menu over here and I want
to add the shop cart. So I click over here on add to menu and here
it is. I want to have it over here, after the blog
okay save it. If I take a look in a new tab, holding command
or control on the PC here it is shop and says no products. Here’s a sidebar with the recent posts, recent
comments and all that stuff and we are going to configure that later. Now I want to create my first product. How can I do that? I can hover over here. I can click on products or I go to the backend. I close this I go to product, add new and
this product is called a hoodie. Hoodie as said before if you want to follow
along you can go to, tutorials WooCommerce tutorial and you can download
the images I use in the tutorial and if you download the complete website then you have
the images already in your media library. This is a simple Hoodie and what I want to
do now? I want to publish it, only a title and I publish
it. Now if I go to the home page and I go to the
shop page you see our first product, no image, no category only a title. So I click on it and this is how it looks. Again the sidebar here at the left the image
we do not have, the title, no category there are no reviews and there’s not more information. So let’s go and figure this. I click on edit product. Over here we can have a long description. So if I want to have a long fake description,
I go to dummy text, I search for that. I click over here the first link and I grab
this text and I paste it, new paragraph I paste it again that’s it. If you want to have a short description you
can place it, here below, product short description and I say this hoodie will keep you warm when
it is cold something like that. I click on update and if I take a look at
the product in a new tab alt and command or control on a PC, say no image but here’s the
short description, this hoodie will keep you warm when it is cold and here’s a long description. You see there are two tabs now, the description
tab and the review tab that is because of the OceanWP theme has made it like this, I
like it. If you scroll down you see it over here, selected
hoodie and then select options the buying options, so I like it about just free theme
and I hope you like that too. I continue, if I scroll down I see here the
OceanWP settings I don’t want to do anything with that right now so I close that and here
you see the product data. If you don’t see that scroll up, go to the
screen options and here you need to select it. So I close it because it’s active already. Here’s some general information. First the product data. What kind of product is it? Is a simple product what does it mean it has
no different sizes, no different colors no variables, it’s just a simple product. It’s not downloadable it’s not virtual it
is something you can wear. So what’s the price? I think this hoodie is $49 but I can also
do a sale price, so it was 49 now it’s $39 and I can also schedule it so I can say this
discount is only available from today until the next week and then I can advertise for
it like this hoodie is now for sale. Get it, now because cold weather is coming
all that stuff. Then we go to inventory. The SKU number, if this is a hoodie from Nike,
Nike hoodie and I click somewhere, for instance that is this one then it has a SKU number,
this one you can copy it so when people search for this number they can go to your website. You can use it if you want to. I never use this but it can be handy and if
it’s an original product nobody else is selling it than you can filling your own number if
you want to. Do we want to manage the stock? If we have ten hoodies, than I can say I have
only ten and people still order when it is sold, I can say allow but give notification
to the customer or just allow it and then I have to reorder them again really quickly,
something like that. What I also can say is that people can only
buy one item per time so I can enable this and then if people want to buy too it is not
possible. So if I would update it and I refresh the
page then I can say Add to Cart but if I would uncheck this over here, let me see inventory
uncheck this and I update it and I refresh it let’s take a look over here then we can
add more. Here you see it’s for sale so that’s nice. We have the title original price, the sale
price and we have ten in stock so if I would order 11. I have a small problem and if I want to fix
that I can scroll down, I go to inventory and I say do not allow. So I update it, I go to my cart I really love
this way of displaying things in OceanWP. I close this, I refresh the page and now if
I want to add eleven things to the cart it says you cannot add that amount so that’s
what I decided. Over here I have ten and we can have back
orders no so if it’s out of stock it is out of stock you cannot order it and that’s why
it’s saying since I want to add 11 it says you cannot do that, but if I would say I want
to add nine it is possible and when somebody checks out any pace then it will say there’s
only one in stock. So that’s great it’s so automatic and I love
that about WooCommerce, so do not allow this. Then shipping, right now the weight is in
kilogram. If you want to change that they can go over
here to settings. I open it in a new tab, I go to products and
here’s the measurement. The weight unit is kilogram and the dimension
unit is centimeters, so I can change it here and also this unit and I can save it. We’ll take a look at this later. So I can say this is 0.3 kilogram. The dimensions I’ll leave it as it is right
now because you can fold it, you can do it in a package and then no shipping class we’ll
take a look at that later, linked products we’ll take a look at it later because you
can upsells things like, hey if you like this hoodie maybe you like this cap because this
cap is perfectly fitting the hoodie so you can upsell. A lot of time people do that and that’s why
they put it in over here upsells and cross-sells. Then we have attributes and we do not use
it for now, an advanced purchase note you can say be aware if you buy this and your
life will change forever. And here you can say enable reviews if I uncheck
this and I update it and I take over here right now we see reviews. If I go to this page again now there’s no
review. There’s additional information the weight,
so I put it on advanced, enable reviews, update, refresh and now you see three tabs description,
additional information and reviews. What else if I scroll down? I can add a comment if I want to, I do not
want to do that yet. I go up and I go to the categories. So right now the category is uncategorized,
so if I go to the shop and I go to hoodie, you see the category uncategorized and if
I click on that I see all products that have the category uncategorized. So if you have a big Webshop it is really
important to have categories and subcategories in order to display the products on your website
in a nice way. So what kind of category is this? This is merchandise, so I add the new category
and I uncheck categorized and then I can have a subcategory so that is hoodies and the parent
category is merchandise. Add new category and I can update it. Now if I click on the hoodie, it says categories,
hoodies, merchandise and if I click on hoodies. I see all the hoodies in the website and I
click on merchandise I see all the products that are under the category merchandise. So again if you have a big Webshop that comes
in really handy. And then if I scroll down we can have product
text that’s a different way that people search for a certain text they can find you through
the text so I can say, hoodie, now add it and I can say black that’s the hoodie is black. And then we have the product image, I set
the product image and as I said before if I go to the media library I have all the images
already over here. So here it is, the hoodie. Hoodie front, you can optimize your images
by training spaces, Hoodie front is a title and alt text I paste it and then I set the
product image. Again I save it, refresh and now it looks
like this really beautiful. So what else can we do? Besides the product image we can have a product
gallery. I add products gallery images and I have this
one, I optimize it copy and at the alt text I paste it. I add it to the gallery and I can add another
one which is the back and if I want to I can also add more so I hold command click, click,
click or control on a PC, you can optimize it then you can add it to the gallery, right
now all those images are edit. I can remove them over here. So we have the front which is the featured
image, product image we have the side and we have the back. So if I would update this and I take a look
I refresh it, then we see the front and we see the side and again if you hover over it
look like that and the back and if you click over here you can see the image like that
and you can navigate like that and this is all made with WooCommerce and OceanWP to free
themes plugins which is amazing I love this and there are so much more things that you
can do with free plugins and we are going to talk about it, but I’m happy already I
hope you are too. So this is our first product title, image. We can navigate through it. We can click on it. We can zoom in zoom out, close it navigate
and with the title, the price, the discount price, information the stock how many don’t
want to add to the cart, SKU, the categories and the tags then we have the description
over here. We have the additional information, the weight
and we have the reviews over here and if you scroll down as I said before you can select
it and you can add more to the cart that’s how it works and when you add things to the
cart, you can see them here. When you hover over it you can remove the
order. Here’s a subtotal. So if I go over here and I view the cart and
then I need to change it over here the quantity, update the cart that’s okay. So I can change it here how many do I want
to have the quantity and then if I update it you see the total amounts. I can’t apply a coupon code we’ll take a look
at that later, the subtotal and then you can have taxes or shipping costs and right now
we don’t have that sort of totals $195, if I click on proceed to checkout I can fill
in my details over here. We can add payment methods and then I can
say place the order then we can pay and then the products will be sent to our address,
so that’s how it works. One thing I want to do if I go to the shop
page, I see sidebar over here that’s okay but if I go to the single page I don’t want
to have this so I click on customize, I scroll down over here I go to WooCommerce and I go
to single product and then the layout I can say I want the sidebar to be at the right
and then to appear over here but I don’t want to have a sidebar, so I remove it I want the
product be full width like this. I think that looks much better. I click on publish and I close it. So now on all the single product pages it
looks like this I like that. So I want to close this. And now I want to take it to the next level
I create a second product and this time it’s a variable product. So I’ll hover here over new, I click on product. I close this and this product is a t-shirt. So again I can have my dummy text over here
or I can just leave it empty. We don’t take a look at the OceanWP settings
and the price of this product is $90.95. There’s no sale, its just 90.95, then I change
this from a simple product to a variable product and if I do that take a look over here what
happens, you see there are different options, so the SKU I’ll leave that empty. I do not manage stock and I do not want to
sell this individually. I leave shipping and linked products I go
to attributes. What I can add over here and attribute? What is an attribute? It can be a color, it can be a size, and it
can be whatever you want it to be. So I click on add and I call this one size
and then I can add values and one value is small and then I need to use a pipe and I
can say medium, I can say large and I can say extra-large and that will be four different
values. So the size can be small, medium, large and
extra-large. I can also say S of small, M of medium, L
of large and XL of extra-large. Then I say visible on a product page and I
want to check this used for variations and you need to check those and then I click on
add, because I want to add a new one and this one is the color. The first color is white and the second color
is black and I use a pipe in between and I say uses for variations. I save the attributes and with those two attributes
you can create eight different variations. So now I go to variations and I click over
here and I say create variations from all attributes. I click on go. Are you sure you want to do this? You can do a maximum of 50 per run, right
now we have eight so that’s doable okay, eight variations edit ok. What I can do now? I can expand them all, click here and now
what I can do? This is the size s, white. I click over here and I want to use an image
which is the front of the white. I set the variation image and there it is
then I go to the second, which is small black and I use, t-shirt black front. I scroll further and white, so it’s like white,
black, white, black it’s XL white and XL black that’s it. If I say this or I publish this and I view
the product in a new tab. It says it’s currently out of stock and I
see no image. So also here at the page I need to have a
product image and I use the white t-shirt and then I go to the gallery and I want to
add the back of the white and then those two. You can change the order. Now if I publish it, I refresh it I see the
white t-shirt like that okay. I go back okay I scroll down again. I go to variations, expand and I want to keep
the stock keeping unit so I say 0002 because it’s the second product. I copy this and then this is version 1. I paste it version 2, version 3, 4, 5, 6,
layers 2 7 & 8 ok. What I want to do now? I want to go over here and I want to set the
price, set a regular prices go and it is 19.95, ok yes, okay then I want to add a category,
which is t-shirts the parent is merchandise. I add it, I uncheck Uncategorized and I check
merchandise. I update it, I close this and I view the product
in the new tab and there it is. So the t-shirt the white one is $19.95 but
if I go to small and black, you see the black version which is amazing. What I also can do now? Maybe I say you know what XL should be a little
bit more expensive, then I can go to variations. I scroll down to XL and I say this one is
29.95 and also the black version 29.95. I click on update and I refresh this. If you don’t see the price but you see something
like this product is not available or out of stock then make sure that all the variations
have a stock, manage stock, have a stock over here and have a price. If you don’t have that for instance if I uncheck
this everywhere then it says I don’t have a product. So if you have the problem just fix a price
everywhere and the stock and the amount of stock. So now you see it’s 19.95 or 29.95, so I say
I want to have a size M, the color black and then we’ll say over here it’s 19.95 but if
I say I want the black one but XL then it’s 29.95 and I see I have ten in stock and if
I would say at variations the XL black version only has five in stock left. I update it and I go to the shop again and
I click over here and I say XL black, then you see there are only five in stock. So that’s how you can do everything, have
one item with different variations and different prices, different images and the different
stock. If I buy two and I add into the cart and I
check out and have three in stock left, so that’s how it works. So what’s next? I hover over new, product and this time I
want to add a digital product or a service product and I call this one hour Skype session. Let me be clear I don’t offer this it’s just
for the sake of the tutorial. Here I can have a long description and here
I can configure the product. It’s a simple product. It’s a virtual and if I check that there’s
no shipping because virtual product cannot be shipped. It’s not downloadable because it’s a service
and the regular price is $250 but since I’m in a good mood, it’s now $1.99 per hour for
one hour to Skype with me and of course as I said before this is fake this is not real,
just for the sake of the tutorial. There’s no inventory, there’s SKU 0003 because
it’s the third product I offer and of course it is a stock and don’t mentioned this stock
because it’s a digital product and digital products are unlimited. I’m going to create tutorials about digital
products because I think that is the way you need to go if you want to really make some
money online, because digital products can be sold unlimited times. You know when you go to elementor you want
to buy elementor pro. They do not say oh I’m sorry we’re out of
stock. Now it’s all digital, it’s all code so you
can duplicate it unlimited times, so that’s really handy. I will make tutorials about it in the future,
so this in stock and if I would publish it and I view the product. I can have five hours if I want to but I want
to keep it at one hour. So how can I do that? I go to inventory and I say sold individually,
update, refresh. So I can add it to the cart and I still can
buy other stuff so if I view the cart, I can still have a hoodie and one hour Skype session
so that’s nice. What else we can have linked products, we
will take a look at later, no attributes advanced and here a short description, ask me anything
in a one-hour Skype session. And then I can add a product image, this one. This is me. When I was younger a lot younger four years
ago I still use this image, update. I go to the shop page and there it is for
sale one hour Skype session add to the cart and I have added to the cart already so it
says you cannot do it again. If I view the cart, I have it already here
so I remove it and I remove this but, that’s how you can add a digital product one hour
Skype session Uncategorized so I need to create a category and I add it over here and the
category is services. It’s not a subcategory, I uncheck this and
here I say add a new category, because it has nothing to do with merchandise, update. So that’s how you create a digital product. So I refresh the page over here. Now you see the category services and all
looks great in my opinion so I like it. I’m going to create a new product and I hover
over new, I click on product and this is a grouped product. You can do it with smartphones, laptops or
everything that has different capabilities or different storage size whatever. So let me show you how to apply this through
a USB. So I have here a USB stick and it is merchandise
the category and I change this to grouped product. The SKU is 0004 since is the 4th product. It is in stock and I think that’s it. I can say here choose a USB stick and I can
have product image, this one, copy the title, paste it like that, publish. If I view this I do not see a price. So how will we fix that? I hover over new and I click on product and
I want to create three group products the first one is the 32 gigabyte USB stick, merchandise
and the regular price is 9.95 okay. I think we’re good to go, one thing over here
Catalog visibility. I click on edit and I say hidden so this product
itself should not be shown on its own in the website but it should be linked with a group
product. I click on publish, let me copy this new product. This one is 64 gigabyte and this price is
19.95 yes and also here I hide it hidden okay publish and then the third one new product
and I paste it, I say 128 gigabyte USB stick and this is 29.95, merchandise and hidden
ok, publish and now I go to all products and I search for the USB stick. I click over here and then here and linked
products, I see group products and I search for USB 32, USB 64 and USB 128. And can you change the order? Yes you can, update now if we view the product
you see over here USB stick, the price range 9.95 19.95 and 29.95, 32, 64, 128 so I can
say I want to have five small ones, one medium one and two big ones add into the cart and
that’s how it works. If I view to cart, it looks like that. What you see here is no image. So I need to go back to products, all products
and how I do this quickly. I hold commands click here here and here control
tab, then I go to the first product, set product image. I grab it over here control tab, second one
grab it over here, control tab the third one. I screw up save it ctrl tab twice scroll up
save it and again save it and I close it. I go to the website and I want to view to
cart and there it is. So that’s how you can create a group product
and if I go to the shop, I do see this product but I do not see all the small products because
we have hidden them from the shop. OK let’s create our next product. I hover over new and I click on product and
this is an e-book. I want to sell a downloadable product. So this product is called how to become an
online entrepreneur? I can say eBook something like that, I scroll
down the price is $14.95. I need to use a point. There’s no sale and here again it’s a virtual
product and it is downloadable. So over here I can download the file so I
click on add file. I can choose a name and file URL where the
file is but I want to choose a file I want to upload it. So I click on upload files, select files and
over here it is how to become an online entrepreneur. I open it. I optimize it how to, I copy it, now the caption
I paste it and I say insert file URL. So here’s the URL, here’s the name how to
become an online entrepreneur and here’s the download limit. If somebody bought it you can say you can
download it only three times but I see no reason why you should limit that because if
they want to download it a fourth time they will email you and then you need to send it
manually if you say nothing you leave it blank they can download it whenever they want, unlimited
times same goes over here. I can say you can download this for 30 days
but after 30 days they will email me saying, hey can I download it again, so I leave that
blank, I scroll down here I can have a short description in the past few years I was able
to create online business in this eBook. I tell you all about it something like that,
a product image this one, set the product image. Then I go to the product text and I say eBook
at online marketing entrepreneur. I have to select the category or create a
new one eBooks, add a new category and if I publish it and I view the products alt in
command or control so it will be in a new tab. I can buy five but I want this to be sold
individually. So I go back I scrolled down like go to inventory
and I select sold individually, update, refresh and that’s it. So if I go to the shop page you see it over
here. I like it. Another product is a affiliate product. I hover over new and I click on product, I
close this let me do a small trick and there it is new tab over here. This affiliate product is the elementor page
builder. So I say elementor pro, I scroll down and
over here I select external/affiliateproduct. The product URL I’m an affiliate of Elementor
that means if somebody buys elementor to my unique link over here I get a commission,
but I can also say this is for the Webshop people need to go to this page or to a different
page on and the campaign name is Webshop. So I generate a URL and here it is I copy
it and I can paste it here and the button text is buy now or get it now. The regular price is it starts with $50 or
49.50 and there’s no sale at this moment so at least that and then here I can have a short
product description. There’s a text then I have product image over
here which is this one, product tags elementor, elementor pro, WordPress page builder and
then over here I can add a new category like I say WordPress themes is actually also a
theme builder so it’s also a theme. If you take a look at and you
go to resources. Then over here I use WooCommerce with all
those affiliate products. So enfold, click on more details and then
you go to the product page, now over here you see my affiliated link. So if somebody buys is through my link I get
a commission and that’s really nice that’s affiliate marketing and that’s what you also
can do using WooCommerce to create a Webshop. So here’s my affiliate link. I click on publish, I view the product elementor
Pro the price, this one of the best page builders, get it now or no reviews. If I click on get it now they go to a different
page Elementor with my affiliate link with a campaign name and if they click on pricing
and I think I like it I want to buy this then I get a commission and that’s how I do this. I go to to shop, over here you
see six different products a simple product, variable product, group product and downloadable
products or a digital product, an affiliate product and a server product which is digital
and not downloadable. Here we have the shop page and by default
you can select it by average rating, newness price high to low, low to high. So if I say I want to go from high to low,
I see this the most expensive one after that this one and this one and so forth. We can view more products or all the products
but we don’t have that much products with only six. I can change the view like this and I can
do this as a visitor. So you have some nice options over here and
here at the left we have a sidebar. Now let’s configure the shop page. First I can go to customize. I scroll down to WooCommerce. I go to archive because this is an archive
page and Do I want to show the products or only in the categories if I say categories,
you see this but keep in mind that those settings are OceanWP related settings. So if you have a different theme it can be
different settings so let me put this back and I want to go over the main settings. One of them at archives is the layout right
now we have a sidebar here at the left, I can place it at the right or I can remove
it, but I want to have it at the right and here we have a few different options. How many products do we want to show? How many columns should we have? So if I click over here we can say 4 5 I’ll
leave it as it is. So here are more settings but since not all
the themes have the same settings I will skip this and I want to take a look at the sidebar
over here. I click on publish, I go back I, go back and
I close this. Then I can go to widgets and then over here
we have the WooCommerce sidebar and there’s nothing and if there is nothing then automatically
you will see all the default sidebar widgets, search, recent post, comments so if we take
a look at the shop page, you see over your search, recent post, recent comments etc. So what do I want to add over here at the
WooCommerce sidebar? Let me see, I would like to add the cart over
here, I can drag it all the way over there or I can click on it and I select all the
way over here. The WooCommerce sidebar and I say add widget
and there’s the cart. I can say hide if the card is empty, so I
check that I save it and if I refresh the page you see this over here. This is everything I’ve bought. So if I would close this, I can also do over
here, and then the cart should be hidden that’s how it works. So if I buy something add to cart, you see
it over here inside bar that can be handy. What else do I want to have? I can collapse this over here. I can take a look over here. I can add a Facebook like box if I want to. Why not, and then the URL I go to Facebook,
I go to my page remove this area, copy the link I can paste it over here and keep in
mind that this Facebook like box comes with the OceanWP theme that’s why I like the theme
so much. You can also get it as a plug-in, add new
in a new tab, you can search for Facebook like box and you can choose one, but if we
think and I should do that and I refresh the page. What has a Facebook like box area has to do
with a shop area over here? Because I don’t want to distract people by
liking me. I want people to buy things. So I just want to show you what is possible
and what I like is the price filter. So I want to edit, filter products by price,
again this one is selected now I click on add widget and it is saved automatically. So if I refresh this. I can filter all the products over here by
price so the cheapest is nine dollars which is USB stick and the most expensive one is
almost 200 which is the one hour Skype session. So if I have a budget of $100 I can drag this
to $100 and then I filter it and then over here I see everything between nine dollars
and $100. Maybe I think the lowest amount I want to
spend is 25 dollars, 24 I filter it now we see everything in between $24 and $100 pops
up over here. So that’s really nice over here. What else can we do? Let me take look social share Twitter all
those which is we can use but there are also few WooCommerce related which is over here. So I want to show a few products, so I add
the widget products. I can say random products or featured products. How many do I want to show? 5 What do I want to show? And if I want to feature a product I go to
all products. I open it in a new tab hold in command or
control on a PC and then here’s a star, so if I would check this now it is featured,
that’s it. So I will select a few this one and the t-shirt. I close it and I select over here, I want
to show all the featured products. Hide the free products and show hidden products,
I save it. Now if I refresh it I scroll down, I see here
the three featured products. You can also say just show five random products,
order by random, save it and if I refresh it. You see over here to USB stick and if I refresh
it again exactly at the same place you see the t-shirt. So that’s what you can do, you can change
the amount to 3 save it, refresh, but if you have a big shop and you have a certain sale
you can feature a product or you can show only the sale products over here and the great
thing is if you put something for sale for a certain weekend or a certain week or a certain
amount of days and you say over here the sale products, then automatically when the time
arrived that the product is in sale, it will be automatically shown over here which is
amazing. So if you combine it you can say show all
the products On-sale and order them random. So maybe if 10 products on sale but it will
show three random sale products, so if they refresh it they will see three different ones. So I like it and now I have a small shop so
this is not really necessary but if you have a big shop this comes handy when you buy something
and this comes really handy and you can also add more plugins and stuff and I will create
tutorials about that because I’m in the season of creating WooCommerce tutorials. I’m also going to talk about drop shipping
and certain great plugins that you can use which are WooCommerce Shop. This is a really basic video about how to
configure the shop page and how to configure the settings. So having said that let’s continue I go to
the back end and then I can go to WooCommerce settings. So here we are at the WooCommerce settings
and here we can configure our website even further. There’s one really important thing that you
need to do, that is go over here this dismiss this message, If you see that, no that’s not
that important but I think it looks better if you dismiss it. So if you see that you can just dismiss this
and you should put there your real address because based on that address the shipping
calculation will be calculated, so for the sake of the tutorial I’m from California. This is my address okay then over here we
talked about this before selling locations. Where do you want to sell? You can say sell to all countries to the whole
world or sell everywhere except for Burkina Faso for instance, I say Burkina Faso because
that’s a place I’ve been or two specific countries but I like to sell it to specific countries
Canada and the United States. The shipping locations ship to all countries
you sell to I think that makes sense so I leave it as it is. Default customer location, you can say shop
based address or Geo locate and what does it mean? If you enable Geo location in your WooCommerce
settings, shipping taxes currencies and conditional content will be chosen based on the users
IP address. So if I’m from the Netherlands and the website
does not sell to the Netherlands it can hide the products for instance or it can say we
do not sell this to your country and using Geo locate it will be done automatically. So I really like it I enable it. Do we enable taxes rates and calculations? Yes. Do we enable coupons? Yes, so I will talk about it later how to
create a coupon to give discount to give a certain percentage or a certain amount discount
based on a few conditions, we’ll talk about it later, calculate coupon discount sequentially
and says over here when applying multiple coupons apply the first coupon to the full
price and the second coupon to the discounted price and so on. So if I buy something that is $50 and I get
10% discount I have a coupon code about that. So I only have to pay $45 but also at $50
I get free shipping. Does it mean that I get no free shipping? Because of the discount I do not have $50
anymore or should the discount be applied after everything is calculated. So if you turn it on that will be the case,
so then I have free shipping and after that 10% will be subtracted. I don’t use that and then the currency over
here United States dollars and I leave this because this is the way it is shown. I save the changes and then I go to products. I dismiss it again. The shop page right now, it shows the shop
over here, the shop page so I can select a different page but I like the shop page so
I leave it. If I add something to the cart over here for
instance it is edit over here I do not go to the checkout page because if I want to
buy a lot of stuff and every time after I buy something I go to the checkout page I
don’t like that, so redirect to the cart page after a successful audition I don’t want that
because and every time I go to the cart and then I need to go back so if I click over
here you see an update over here that’s enough. So I uncheck this, enable AJAX. Add to Cart buttons on archives yes, that
means if you click it will be added automatically over here, you don’t go to a new page. The measurements you can decide it I use kilograms
well actually in the United States I think use this one or this one, I use kilograms
and the dimensions units yards, inches millimetres, meters, centimetres I use centimetres. Do we enable reviews and show the verified
owner label on customer reviews, I like that because it means that the person that is adding
a review about the product. Reviewers can only be left by verified owners,
yes. Product ratings, yes we enable stars and star
rating should be required yes. If I uncheck this you don’t have to leave
the star rating and now it’s mandatory. I save the changes and then here at products
we have general and we have inventory. Do we manage stock? Yes, hold stock for 60 units so if something
is edit to the basket but it’s not yet but so for instance I have 10 hoodies in stock
and somebody adds five hoodies to the cart, but does not buy it yet therefore sixty minutes
it will be shown in my web store that I only have five hoodies in stock left unless after
60 minutes, he still did not buy it, then it goes back to ten so I can say ten minutes
I think ten minutes is enough to shop on this page. So I enable it and I can leave a blank to
disable it. Notification, enable low stock notification
yes and enable out of stock notification. First your email address where you want to
be notified and if I have two hoodies left then I get an email like, hey there two hoodies
left please fill up the stock. When I’m out of stock 0 then I also get an
email like hey you’re out of stock for this product, and I can check hide out of stock
items from the catalog so it will be removed from the store, so everything that you see
in the store is in stock. I do not check this, stock display formats
right now if I go to the hoodies we have 10 in stock. I can also say only show quantity remaining
when you have only 2 in stock. If I save it and I refresh it so it only says
in stock and when I have 2 in stock it will say I only have 2 in stock and maybe that
can be a motivation for someone to buy it like oh no it’s almost out of stock I need
to get it right now, but I want to be transparent. So I just say always show the quantity. I save the changes and I go to the third tab
and products, downloadable products, file download method so if you click on the download
link it will be downloaded by four so it will be downloaded immediately and I always use
this, I never use something else. Wow, it looks too complicated for me so, downloads
required to login so if you buy an e-book but you want to check out as a guest and not
as a user, then you cannot download this. You need to create an account when you buy
something in order to download e-book. So if you turn this off it’s not necessary. I like people to sign up to get an account,
so I turn this on and then grant access to downloadable products after payment of course. I save the changes. So over here we have text, we’ll take a look
at later shipping same story we’ll take a look at later and payments also, because those
need some extra attention. So I go to account on privacy, allow customers
to place orders without an account I don’t like it but maybe you like it so you can buy
something as a guest without creating account. Allow customers to log in into an existing
accounts during the checkout, so maybe they bought something and they would come back
later and then they want to pay and then I need to fill in all the information again
over here, I go through the checkout but then you can say somewhere here login and then
they don’t need to fill in all the same information. So I check that, account creation allow customers
to create an account during the checkout yes, allow customers to create an account on the
account page, no I rather have them to create an account when they buy something. When creating the account automatically generates
a username from the customers email address yes so their account name will be [email protected]
or so the email address that people leave is the email address that they need to log
in. When creating an account automatically generate
an account password yes and they can change it later on their personal page in this website
when they have an accounts. Can people remove their data from orders and
can people remove data to download? I both uncheck this and then the privacy policy
page. Do we have it? No, I should create one, privacy policy and
then here at the checkouts they need to comply with the privacy policy. I don’t have the page yet I hover over new,
hold command click on it or control on a PC and I can say privacy policy. I publish it. I close it and then I refresh this page and
I can select it privacy policy and you can have your text if you buy something that you
need to comply with our privacy policy. So you can change this text if you want to
and how long should the personal data retention stay active and if you leave it it will be
just or eternal. I save the changes, that’s that then I go
to emails. I leave this all as it is and over here from
name, I can say from Ferdy Korpershoek or from so people know hey it’s
from the website I just bought something from email address [email protected] The header image if I say the changes and
I click over here I see an example of an email. Those are the colors of WooCommerce, so I
want to change that, first I go to media and new tab and I searched for my logo, I can
search for Ferdy but I see it over here already and I use the blue one and here I grab the
link and I paste it over here and then the footer right now we see the site title. We have the base color and if I take a look
over here, I want to grab this blue color, copy it. Here’s the color picker from Chrome, it’s
an extension for free. The background color I wanted to be white
which is ffffff, body background color also this one, body text color 444444 and I save
the changes and now if I take a look at the example, it’s like this I like it and over
here it says for the Ferdy Korp Media, which is the site title. I can also say thank you for your trust in
us something like that, save it, refresh thank you for your trust in us you can change whatever
you want to change here. I see a lot of emails over here, a new order,
cancelled order, a fill order and all those emails go to my email address. I can manage it. I can say there’s a new order from I can change the heading and if I really want
to dig deep, I can view the template and I can change this over here and that will change
the email template but I don’t think its necessary I think WooCommerce did a great job. I save the changes and let me see I go back
to emails, those three go to me and all those can go to the customer for instance if the
customer wants to have a new password. This email they get and I can change it. I can change the subject right now it is password
reset for and I can say lost your password, no problem
mate I can change it if I want to but I’ll leave it as this, email heading, password
reset instructions, email type HTML. So I leave it all as it’s but you can change
it if you want to. Then we go too advanced and the cart page
is this one cart, checkout page is the checkout pages all make sense so I don’t change that. The terms and conditions so we can have a
new page in a new tab and I say terms and conditions or is this one. I need to fill that in over here, I view the
page terms conditions so I save it and then I select it again, here terms and conditions
force secure checkout, yes and for a few plugins you need to have SSL especially when you have
a Webshop, so we turn it on. I uncheck this and check out endpoints you
can change this if you want to but it’s all fine this is all great and account endpoints,
orders if you want to change the word orders here so for instance you go to,
you can change it to something else you want to but I think this is all perfect so I say
Save Changes and that brings me to the following. We’re going to add HTTPS, right now here at
settings we have general, so I want to create a free SSL. So how can we do that? I close those two and I go to
since we have our web posting there, if you have it somewhere else there’s a slightly
different procedure probably, if you use SiteGround you can follow along. I login and I sign-in, I go to my accounts
go to the cPanel and I search for let, let I type it in over here and then I see let’s
encrypt or you don’t type something you scroll down and you’ll find it that’s security, let’s
encrypt and here it is ferdypro, let’s encrypt SSL ferdypro. I click on install ok that’s it, I refresh
the page, then need to wait for a while and then you see it over here ferdypro and then
you can select an action HTTPS settings. You need to turn them both on say ok, ok that’s
great then I go back to the general settings so the dashboard settings general. I change this to an S HTTP HTTPS save the
changes, I need to log in again and it can take a while but then you see HTTPS over here
and this area will be green or if you click over here that you see that the connection
is secure. So that’s how it works. It can take a while before this is active
but when it is you will benefit from it so that’s how it works. So we’ve covered all the settings and we have
covered the SSL, let’s continue. So what is next? I go to the shop page. I click on customize I scroll down a bit and
I go to WooCommerce, then I go to archives and over here I can show the products or I
can show the categories and if I choose to do so I see eBooks, merchandise, services
and WordPress themes but I don’t have an image, so I close this I don’t save it. I go to the backend to products, categories
and then over here eBooks I click on edit and I want to upload an image or add an image
and since we’re talking about an eBook, I select this one, I update it, I go back to
categories I can also open them all in a new tab, so I open this one in a new tab holding
command, control tab and merchandise, upload and I select this hoodie, over here hoodies
I select a hoodie, t-shirts I select front of the t-shirt white one, services that’s
my Skype session and then WordPress themes I use Elementor Pro and I update it, that’s
it command W, control W. Now if I go to the website, I go to shop, I go to customize,
I scroll down to WooCommerce, archives and if I say categories then I see images with
categories I think that looks better, I closed it again without saving. Now we’ve done that it looks a bit better. I want to clear my cart so I remove this and
I remove this. Now I want to add a coupon code, so I go to
the backend to WooCommerce, coupons and I create my first coupon code. The coupon code is 10% and the description
is optional, you can say get 10% off using this coupon code or you get 10% off using
this coupon code. The discount type, fixed cart discount so
you get a discount for the complete cart or you get a percentage or you get a fixed product
discount so for a certain product you can give a discount. I use percentage over here, the amount is
10% and when you check this you get free shipping, so if I will remove all this stuff say zero,
just use something else, only check this then I can rename this to free shipping and just
get free shipping when you use this coupon so maybe you have an email list and you say
you know what the next 24 hours or next 48 hours everybody that uses this coupon code
gets free shipping, so you don’t need to have a space, enter free shipping and you get free
shipping, so go to the web shop and buy it now, but I said I was using 10%, so I bring
this back to percentage 10 uncheck this. I can also say this is a valid until the 16th
and then we go to users restrictions, you need to spend a minimum of $50 in order to
get the 10%, I can say $10 and the maximum is $100. You can check individual use only so if you
check this you cannot say I have a 10% discount and after that I also have a $10 discount
and after that I have a 30% discount. If you check this you can only use one coupon
code for time you want to buy something. You can also exclude sale items, so if I take
a look at the Webshop, it is not applied to this one and to this one because I checked
it that exclude the sale items. We can also say this for a certain product
so only for one hour Skype session for instance and you can search it over here, one hour
then you can select it. I close it or you can exclude products like
it’s only not for one hour Skype session. You also can add categories or exclude categories
and say this is only for certain users which you know that have paths for $1,000 on your
website, you can say to those people it’s only for you. So I can put all those email addresses other
people that pass for a lot of money. Things over here and say hey you get an extra
discount coupon. Then we go to the third tab over here you
can say only the first 25 people that you’ll use it can apply it, so after it is used 25
times it is not valid anymore. You can say you can only apply to 3 items
so if you buy five items, it will be applied to three items only and you can say every
user can use it only one time. So if I publish this and I go back to users
restrictions you see it’s not for one hour Skype session. So if I go for the hoodie. I add it to the cart and I view the cart,
I say 10% apply the coupon code. Over here the price is still $39 but over
here you see 10% is subtracted, so now it’s $35 but if I remove this and I go to the shop
and I get the one hour Skype session and I view cart and I say 10% and I apply the coupon
code, it says the maximum spent for this coupon is $100 so that’s the first thing that’s not
correct, but if it would be until $200 it would say this coupon code cannot be applied
to this item because over here we excluded the product. Let’s check it, 10 % apply the coupon code,
sorry this coupon is not applicable to selected products. So that’s what you can do. Let’s create another one, so I click over
here at coupon and I say $10, you get $10 discount using this coupon. I leave you the really simple, fixed cart
discount 10, publish and now if I refresh the page let’s close this. I get a different product this one again,
Add to Cart, I view the cart and I say 10% which gives me 10% discount. If I say $10 it says it’s not possible because
this item says only one item can be applied to this product and if I say $10 and I apply
the coupon code, it says sorry coupon code 10 % has already been applied and cannot be
used in conjunction with other coupons, but if I remove this one and I say $10 and I apply
the coupon, you see $10 is removed, so one more I add a new coupon. I call this eBook and I want to say fixed
product and $5 usage, product and it is eBook from an online entrepreneur I publish it so
I go to the card to the shop and I go for eBook. How to become an online Entrepreneur? I publish it, so I go to Cart, to the shop
and I go for eBook Add to cart, view the cart so I have the coupon ten dollars but I also
can say eBook apply the coupon code. Now you see the coupon code is applied successfully
we have ten dollars and we have the eBook, so eBook costs only $9.95. So that’s how you can apply coupon codes. Okay let’s take a look at Texas. I go to the back end to settings and then
we go to the tax tab, prices entered with tax. If I go to the shop you see that the price
are not with tax. So if I would say yes it will be shown with
tax, so it will be a little bit higher the price. I say no, calculate tax based on the customer
shipping address or the customer billing address or the shop based address. I like the customer shipping address, then
the shipping text class standard or based on the cart items or you can have reduced
rate or zero rate I use this one because some items have a different taxes class, so I want
to change that per item, round the text at the subtotal level instead of rounding per
line I like that, so add to cart you see the Texas over here instead of here at every product
so I check that and display prices in the shop excluding tax in. This by prices during the cart and checkout
including and display suffix we can say VAT and display text totals itemized or a single
total, I say itemized. I say the changes and now we need to go to
the standard rates. I click over here and let’s take United States. I click on insert row, over here if you see
the asterisk over here it means everything so all the countries all say it’s all the
postcodes everywhere, so if I would say the rate is 10 and everywhere in the world a tax
rate of 10% will be applied. So I can say US, then you see united States,
state code only California for instance and then all the zip codes and all cities the
rate is 10 the text name can be VAT or California Texas. The priority is 1, what does it mean? If I would have different Texas again in the
United States and that’s a Texas over all the states just for illustration purposes
and the text name is USA Texas. So if somebody buys from California and 10%
Texas will be added but also 20%, then here’s the question which one should be applied first? If I make this one and this one too and I
say compound Texas and I buy something that is 100 dollars, then the total amount will
be $110 and after that is calculated then this taxes go over it, so I need to pray 20%
extra over $110 and if I say this, then I don’t have to pay taxes over the Texas. You also can take a look over here that explains
it so I hope you know what I mean. This is a Texas also applied over shipping,
yes if I turn this off then the shipping has no Texas. I leave it on remove this row and I think
that is okay. I save the changes but we also have reduced
rates. So for instance, the US California and this
one is 5% the tax name is CA Taxes books for instance, not over shipping and I save it. Now if I refresh the page, there’s no Taxes
applied. How come? Because I’m from the Netherlands and it’s
because of geo-located, it sees I’m from the Netherlands, so if I would remove this and
this one it means in all the world I need to pay 5% but in reduce rates and with the
standard rates also I remove it, I say the changes and I refresh it and now you see the
taxes is applied, and if I go to the shop. The taxes is not applied. So I can remove the VAT. I go to tax options or I can say exclusive
of the VAT, so no VAT added, so if I save it, a refresh it. It’s looked like that I don’t like that
so I remove it, save it, refresh so I go to the cart and there it is added. So if I go to standard rates and I change
it to 20 percent, you see this number is even higher like that. So that’s how you see that is applied, Save
Changes and for instance books in the Netherlands are 6% of Texas and other things are 21. So if I would be from the Netherlands, I would
say 21 over here save it and the reduced rate is 6% and I know that this is an eBook so
I will not ship this or whatever but for the sake of this tutorial if I edit this product
and it is a real book, I can go to the settings and here a general I scroll down, taxable,
tax class, reduced rate. So update and now if I view the product its
14.95 but if I go to the cart it is with 6% edit so that’s how it is done. And over here I see the total includes $8.19
CA Texas and 90 cent CA Texas for books estimated for the Netherlands and Why for Netherlands? Because I put on geolocate and I have no country
code, so it’s not restricted. If I would say US again then it would not
be applied. So that’s how it works. It can be a little bit complicated or also
can help. I go to the backend and I remove the selected
rows. I go to standard rates and then I again go
to plugins, add new, leave this and I can search for automated taxes and you can choose
this one. This one has a higher rate, here you can see
how many Texas you need to pay and it says save hours every month by putting your sales
tax on autopilot. I click on install now, activate it. TaxJar for WooCommerce is almost ready, connect
your TaxJar account. It costs money but then this will do everything
automatically for you I highly suggest you do it because if you need to put all the taxes
for every state here, it’s a lot of work. So let me see I think TaxJar cost around $17,
TaxJar are per month I’m not sure, pricing $17 per month yes, then everything will be
automatic. So I highly suggest you do that and if you
sell one product for $17 per month, than you’re good to go and I think you can be more optimistic
about your Webshop if you make around $100 per day and it is definitely worth getting
this plugin. So let’s take a look at shipping. I go to the back end and I want to go to plugins
to deactivate TaxJar, deactivate it. Now I go to WooCommerce, settings and shipping
okay I can add a shipping zone over here at shipping Zone and since I’m from the Netherlands
and the website notices that I want to show you how it works. I will fill in the zone name the Netherlands. Let me see where I am Europe okay that’s great
and I can add shipping method. There are a few flat rate, free shipping and
local pickup. I pick on flat rate, add shipping method. The flat rate is really simple I added it
and I say it costs $10 no matter what you buy if you buy for $10 or $200 it is $10 of
shipping cost okay, but now I need to go to in general again because I’m not selling to
the Netherlands, so I need to say Netherlands like that, save the changes and now if I refresh
the page it says it’s a flat rate of $10. So if I add a few of these update cart and
still is $10 and if I would say I only want to have one, update the cart also $10, but
we can add a few conditions. So I click on edit and I add a shipping method
and this time it is free shipping. I add it and then I edit it free shipping
requires a valid free shipping coupon can be an option or a minimum order amount or
a minimum order amount or a coupon or a minimum order amount and a coupon. I like a minimum order amount and that is
$50, save the changes. The normal rate is $10 unless you buy with
a minimum amount of $50. So if I refresh this I can now select free
shipping, but if I would remove this one it is below $50, now it is $10 again. So if I have to update the cart, of course
I select the free shipping. So that’s how it works. Now $78 if I select this one it is 88. There’s also a different method, let me show
you I go to plugins, add new I search for easy shipping rates
or a table rate is one install now. I activate it, then I go to WooCommerce settings
and I go to shipping and I remove this over here okay. Then I go to shipping options, I uncheck this
one, save it then I go back to shipping zones. I add a new shipping Zone. I call this UPS for the Netherlands and I
add a shipping method and here stable rate which we just edit. I add the shipping method and I click on edit
and there it is. I can do it based on the price or based on
the weight, so I click on add new and I enable the shipping method and the method title is
weight or UPS. Handling fee $2 not taxable and now I do it
based on the total price, so the minimum value is 0 the maximum value is 19.95 and shipping
rate will be $5. I add a new one based on the price from I
mean this is 99 this is from 20 until 49.99 and then it is, you know what this one is
10, this one is seven and lets add another one 50 until 9999999 yes – 2 because it’s
– the shipping handling fee which means from $50 it is free. I save the changes and let’s refresh the cart. I refresh it so it is now more than $50 and
it says shipping UPS but there’s no fee. If I say only one hoodie and I update the
cart then it is below $50, now it is $7 but if I remove this one and I buy something that
is less than $20 at the shop, see view to product line by one of these, add to cart. Now it is probably it is $10 and buy a second
one still ten dollars, I buy a third one and now it is $7 and I buy six of them and it
is free. So that’s how it works based on the price
I don’t know but the handling fee seems not to be working I don’t know what’s going on. So this can be zero I can remove this, delete
selected rates and then I say UPS, no handling fee, no Taxes and I add a new rate based on
the kilograms minimum of zero. The maximum of 0.99. The shipping rate is ten dollars, but if something
is heavier than one kilogram you know what this is five dollars, and if it is between
one and two 99 and it is 10, and if this between three and fifty it is fifteen. So I save the changes and if I take a look
at a product or products, just to illustrate it to you I go to the hoodie and I want to
say that I have an inventory of 100. So it gives us a bit more freedom to buy more. if I go to shipping it is 0.8 kilogram per
product, it’s not true in real life but let’s play along with it. I remove this, I go to the shop and I add
one hoodie, Add to Cart, I view to cart, right now it is five dollars. Why? If I take a look WooCommerce settings, shipping,
edit you can change this per country so you can add another one and another one. I click on edit, so it is five dollars because
it is between zero and one kilogram. If I add a second one update it is ten dollars. If I add a few more nine it is fifteen. So based on the weight you can decide the
price and that’s great. So you can do it based on the price or based
on the weight and then you can also decide where it is like this in the Netherlands is
like this in Canada it can have a different price, so that’s what you can do. Now we go to payments and there are a lot
of payment methods you can use Paypal, you can use Stripe, and you can use the bank. In this case I will use PayPal, so I click
over here on setup and it’s quite easy enable PayPal standard. The title is PayPal, description pay via PayPal
and my email address is really simple you can just sign up at PayPal with your email
address. Let me show you, you can sign up over here
personal account or business continue and then enter your email address continue sign
up and use the same email address over here – [email protected], enable PayPal sandbox. It is used to test it so you can do that and
this is all fine with me receive your email also [email protected] You need your paper identity token you can
get it over here. I will make a tutorial about PayPal. How to integrate PayPal with your WooCommerce? And the shipping details, yes this is all
fine, live API save the changes. Then I click on payments again and this one
is enabled those are not enabled and with PayPal you can also pay with credit card,
so if you have a visitor with people they also can use credit cards. So I will log out, again about a lot of subjects
I have more in-depth tutorials you can find them on my YouTube channel. I go to I go to the shop, I want add a few sweaters
or hoodies, updates cart go to the shop. I also want to add a few t-shirts middle of
black and I want to have to add on to the cart. I want to view the cart ok I can use a coupon
which is 10%, apply coupon and there it is. Proceed to the checkout, I can leave my details
over here and I agree to the terms and conditions. I apply privacy policy, I want to pay with
PayPal and if you have more payment methods you see them over here, here you see by the
way what we have you, can ship to a different address. I click on this one and then on proceed to
PayPal and then I can pay over here and when I do that this amount will be added to my
PayPal account and they will get a notification you will get an email that you have a new
order and then you need to ship everything to the client. So that’s how it works. This is the basic tutorial about WooCommerce
but I have a lot more tutorials about payment methods, about Taxes, about drop shipping
websites it’s going to be amazing so. I want to thank you for watching this video. I hope you learn a ton of stuff, feel free
to like this video and to subscribe for more upcoming videos. I hope you have a great day, you will see
me next time bye-bye.

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